Monday, July 2, 2012

Confessions of a Gamer Wife Week Two

Hey y'all!
So so sorry I haven't been keeping up with my successful little entre into a series!
I have a horrible time with scheduling things on Mondays,
first with my group giveaway,
then a giveaway with Rae,
by the way, are you the winner? a Rafflecopter giveaway
But this Monday is all free and clear to pick up where we left off!
If you want a catch up/refresher,
go see the last time we spoke on this topic.
Now, onto this week!

That's right, this week we're talking about celebrations. When you're married to a gamer, celebrations come in two forms.
Normal celebrations themed to your particular flavor of gaming/nerdiness.
& countdown celebrations to new games/gaming events.

The easier to describe are the countdowns.
Every year I'm aware of when E3 is, and last year I even watched it.
I also know the date of new game releases weeks in advance.
I'm almost ashamed to admit that we had the countdown numbers on our calendar for Skyrim. (one of my favorite game series)
We also had one for Mass Effect 3. (My husband's favorite)

Along with these countdowns come an overwhelming need to clear one's schedule.

It's a sad affair, but I'll admit, that was me.
I warned people ahead of time, that if they don't hear from it, it's because of Skyrim.
That I'll be too busy finding every little thing I can thieve my hands on to bother answering your texts.
That I'll be learning every bit of dragon shout I can so I can be the resident badass.
That I'll be breathlessly sneaking through mansions to pull off feats of stealth that honestly should not be possible.

Remember my Noob Toob Ninja declaration?
Well I am also 'famous' for feats of ridiculousness when it comes to stealth.

In Oblivion, the game prior to Skyrim in the series,
I'm calmly sneaking through the ultra high security nose bleed it's so tense fortress, on the last quest I have before I can claim notoriety of being The Grey Fox.
{Please hold your judgement, for even I'm mildly ashamed as I type that)
And as I pass through a door (you get a loading screen every time this happens)
I'm suddenly nose to crotch with a guard. (crouching is fundamental in sneaking)
Both my husband and I literally freeze and hold our breaths as he stands there.
All this hard work, all this blood pressure inducing tension to sneak through the entire thing and it's about to be blown over something I have no control over.
But as we stand there, my face literally against this guy's unmentionables,
A tense moment passes, before he calmly mutters 'damn rats'
and takes the time to walk around me, and continue on his way.

A similar excursion occured in Skyrim,
where I'm sneaking through this mansion (that by the way had like seven different things you had to do to pull off your quest right)
looking for this man who has this key.
I'm assuming that he'll be asleep, pick pocket him, and be on my happy little way.
I have to search the entire dang place,
passing numerous guards and squeaky floors,
before I finally find the room this guy's supposed to be in.
It takes me several moments to realize he is not, in fact, in bed, but crouched in a corner.
Well shit.
Pick pocketing someone who's conscious is obviously more difficult.
And should he alert the guards, well, again, all that work for nothing.
I approach him, and can't seem to get beneath his radar enough to do it,
I talk to him, as if it isn't totally bizarre for me to be there in his room,
he confesses someone is out to kill him (i believe, it's been a while)
and remains cowered in his corner.
At this point, I'm totally confused as to what I'm supposed to do,
So, as a last resort, I stand, looking at him straight in the eye,
and pick pocket him. He's staring straight at me, but miraculously,
does not react. Apparently I patted down his pockets in a way he did not mind.
He watches me crouch down and slink away to head on out,
and somehow I am still victorious. I still can't quite explain it.

NOW! Moving on from said tangent. SORRY!

Now don't even think you know the half of it.
There are also downloads to celebrate and look forwards to.
New content, expansions, new characters and maps.
All these things are also legitimate reasons to plan your week around.

Understand how this has so taken over my life? Well. Here's part two.

Celebrations themed to your nerd flavor:

In case you didn't see it, I mentioned in my post dedicated to my husband
the birthday cake I made for him last year.

Yes, that's transformers vs zombies. Two of my hubby's favorite things
It combined two of my husband's favorites.
Transformers vs Zombies.
And bonus, he got all new toys to take home.
He was totally delighted, and I'll admit, it was pretty fun to make.

Enter this year.
I promised to update everyone on the cake I was making this year.
I felt the need to top last year, so instead of using toys,
my mother and I did our first experiment with fondant.
It went really smoothly and I think we pulled off a pretty awesome cake.

Remember Mass Effect mention? Eh?

This is a somewhat cartooned version of one of the new weapons available in Mass Effect 3 that my husband was gaga over when the first previews came out.

The orange glowing bobber on his arm

He was able to recognize it right away, and he had another one of those totally heart melting little boy excited smiles on his face when he opened his eyes.
That's why I do this.
That's why I participate in his gaming world.
The excitement, the treasure he takes with it, and the willingness he has to open up that world to include me.

Stay tuned for more delightful adventures next week!


  1. your so adorable! Thats so sweet! Gamer wives/girlfriends rock!

  2. My husband is a gamer. I completely lack the hand eye coordination. I get where you are coming from though.

  3. Love the cakes!! Nerdiness AND cake = w1n.

    I stumbled on your blog tonight and cannot wait to read more.