Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Incredible Years

Today is my husband and my anniversary.
Two years ago today we plunged into marriage headfirst without a breath between us.

Do you remember Robin [our pastor] telling us, within moments,
that he thought we were going to make it?
That no matter that we'd been dating for three months...
deciding to get married in a week...
He had faith in us.
That faith still runs deep inside me.
So deeply that I never question...never wonder...never doubt.
I never do any of those things because I have an unflinching certainty that we're the real deal.
Soul mates.
I didn't even know if I believed in that word before you.
But now I know, my husband is my soul mate.
Completely..totally.. unequivocally. 

In those first three months of dating,
we lived together for a few weeks. Totally in depth and without concern.
Because it felt right, and why not?
There was no 'decision' about it.
No talk. No concern. No thinking.
We just sort of fell into doing it, and it worked for us.
That's why we decided to just go with it.
That is, in simple terms, our relationship. Just go with it.
So far, it's worked for us.

Some days I feel like we've only just begun.
Like how can I possibly still be so incredibly excited each and every time he enters a room?
How can I still feel my heart skip a beat when I know he's coming home?
How do I still look forwards to every single night when we go to bed..
just because I get to hold him?
Everything is fantastic to me.
We were just discussing yesterday how 'well I don't usually go over to your parent's house without you'
to which he responded 'well you could insert any place whatsoever and that sentence would work'.
I feel like a love struck teenager nearly every day of my life with my husband.
I know I'm incredibly lucky.

What's more is that we've each gained a phenomenal family.
We've definitely had to learn how to schedule family holidays,
most of them we have at least two, sometimes three, and one thanksgiving we had four.
We're lucky we don't have step parents or I would seriously lose my shit.
It's stressful sometimes, since I love to make everything perfect and everyone happy,
but all through it, he's been there, and it's been amazing.
I finally have a large family like I always wanted, and I couldn't be more grateful that all of us get along.

We've had our down times...
We've gotten through living in a teeny ant infested apartment.
Gone through the loss of jobs.
A funeral and loss.
Living on unemployment for a short time.
Learning everything we can about how to live on our own two feet.
Spending literally twenty four seven together for nearly six months.
Struggling with the lack of conception we've had.
And now, this move, in the hottest part of the year.

But it hasn't mattered.
It's all growth.
Growth together.
Which we've both agreed that is the most amazing part of our relationship.
Watching each other grow in our love and our life, completely and totally in sync.
Not changing one another, but appreciating how much we've adapted to our life, and each other.
I guess I sound like a love struck sap...
and maybe I am.
It's almost disgusting 
[we get that a lot]
when we finish each other's sentences,
or talk about things in a way that no one else understands,
or totally own at Taboo.

I suppose in short,
We Love.


  1. Awww! Happy Anniversary! Cheers to many, many more wonderful years!

  2. <3
    Happy Anniversary.. now I have to go puke. ;)
    Just kidding. I love that. I love sappy love stories. Gives me hope that real love exists and lasts. I love that you included a gamer pic! LOL
    Hope you two have a great anniversary and tons more to come!!

  3. Awww. Happy Anniversary!!

    I'm a newish reader..just wanted to say Hi! I've been 'stalking' you for a week or so and just not commenting lol. But yeah.

    Again, Happy Anniversary. It is nice to find that someone who just gets you.

  4. Lovely story. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  5. Amazeballs! Congrats! Hope you have many more years together!

  6. Hello! I found you through the GFC blog hop and am a new follower. I blog over at Macdonald's Playland ( :) I am so glad to have run into your blog! This is the sweetest post, I enjoyed reading it! Congratulations to you and your hubby!!! <3 you 2 are so cute together :) Happy Anniversary!!

  7. Hi Mrs. W. Following you from the GFC hop. Congrats on your 2 years of marriage. Isn't it fun? My hubs and I are approaching 4 yrs in a couple of months. It just keeps getting better! I'd love for you to come visit me