Thursday, June 12, 2014

The things I love to complain about about my husband

I couldn't say hate. Couldn't do it. I have never ever hated one thing about my soul mate.

If anyone knows my husband and I, 
you know that we are complete opposites about a lot of things.
Like a conversation my mom, my husband, and I were having where he states:
"You know me, I spent my entire life trying my best
to avoid as much attention as possible"
And my mom barely suppresses a snort and goes 
"then why did you marry her?"

And honestly?
My husband is extremely introverted and avoids social situations like the plague.
I have always been a host, a wild child, wanting to at least try everything a few times.
New situations make me want to try them.
Anything new he wants to go a long ways around.
We are inherently different.
Which has led to our fair share of adjustments.
But one thing we have always been in sync with is
and that has made all the difference.

So, as I sit here, sipping mildly sweet tea, and thinking on the world,
as mother's do in their small amount of spare time between bedtime and real bedtime.
[y'all know what I'm sayin].
I know there's a lot of things that I have learned to love about my husband.
Even if it at one point or another, at least once, has made me cringe.

one. He sees the world in black and white.
Honestly. Black and white. Where I have always embraced the grey.
It leads to some interesting debates, which we both enjoy.
And while on one side I've occasionally wanted to roll my eyes,
most days now, with our four year anniversary quickly approaching,
I like to just sit back and listen and watch him.
To see such passion in his viewpoints that they lead to extremes.
I've told him before, I feel sometimes like I'm not truly passionate about anything.
Because I am so willing to see multiple sides.
I envy that conviction.

two. He never ever learned how to close a cabinet door.
Swear to god. This one I'm still learning to love. I go into our kitchen several times a week,
only to find several doors gaping open. 
And there I go around the circuit, snapping them shut, sometimes harder than others.
But I can't help it. Sometimes I just smile.
Because I know he's so into his own mind he hasn't noticed.
That many times those open cabinets mean he's fixing something for both of us.
Of all the times we've cooked together, one of our favorite though fewer opportunities now,
and I get to play assistant. Fetching and closing doors.

three. He loves to have an inch thick layer of pepper on everything, especially meat.
This one I was mildly offended by for a good while.
I love to cook, and I am a chronic seasoner. Perhaps overly so, but I never think so.
No one would ever accuse my food of being bland.
So when I go through the trouble of seasoning and flowing things on as I go,
only to be obliterated by another pound of pepper, 
I'm left scratching my head.
Besides, salt is way better than pepper could ever be.
But I've learned that he just can't not do it.
He has to season everything over again. More from habit than anything else I think.
So I stopped trying to put as much pepper into things, which I don't like as well,
because I know he's just going to pepper it again anyway. We both win!

four. He's opposed to new experiences.
I love my husband, dearly, but he is indeed an introvert to the extreme.
He enjoys his spare time spent away from people as much as possible.
He doesn't like to go out, to socialize in new situations, and is perfectly content
to have the same interactions in his life that he's had since he was in third grade.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I honestly have calmed down a lot.
As much as I love new situations, I very much am a private person,
and enjoy having my down time alone. To decompress. To relax.
But sometimes I want to go out and have a new memory together.
Luckily, my husband is willing to do these things if he knows they're important to me.
And I, like a good partner, take stock of my priorities and don't force 
things on him that aren't actually important.
Because I know each one is a big deal and requires a large amount of energy for him.
So we have learned to sort of feel each other out. To see if the other is really set on this.
Or set on not doing it, as the case may be.
Like I said, communication. It is the most important thing in any relationship.

All these things are honestly so negligible to me. 
It was hard even coming up with four.
[and trust, I wanted five, to make it even, pretty, perfect. Could not.]
Because there are an infinite number of things I am so privileged to have with him.
To name a few off the top of my head;
The way he made a promise to never stop touching me in a loving manner on our first real date,
and he never has broken it.
That he will still tell me something nice about myself every time I ask him to.
That he's never once said I was stupid for feeling the way I'm feeling.
Or that I had no reason to feel the way I feel.
That he still oggles me like a teenager, still stops and stares when I walk in a room.
That my heart physically aches when I think about how much I love him.
How I nearly cry every time I see him with our son because it's that beautiful.
The joy I feel as I rush to the door each time he comes home like a little puppy.
His eternal optimism that everything will work out eventually.

There are so many things I love about my husband.
And I still feel like a newlywed,
and still worry that I'm not doing enough to deserve how good he is to me.
That he made me believe in soulmates.
In belonging together in a way that defies time and logic.
I hope that you have this, or have a chance at this.
Just know, that getting it, choosing it, every day, is not always easy.
But it's always the thing I want most in my life,
and I'm never willing to give it up.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mindblock Mondays

Good morning guys and gals.
How did your weekend go?
Mine went well, but I was incredibly busy.
I helped do six dozen Seattle Seahawks cupcakes
and a Seattle colored cake as well for a family friend's 70th birthday party.
And it was by no means a normal little 70th small group.
There was probably close to 70 people there.
It was the most crazy thing I've been to in a long while.
The first large group party my husband and I have been to actually.
[Our 4 year anniversary is next month]

It was....stressful.
But overall I had a really amazing time.
Especially the last ten minutes.
My husband and I had a very small intimate wedding.
Proposed and planned in a week.
So we didn't have a whole large reception, or dancing.
Which was honestly perfectly okay for us.
But it meant we never had our first dance.
And as I mentioned, we'd never actually had an opportunity to have one.
So he gave in on Saturday, and we had our first dance.
I felt just like I did when we got married all those years ago.
I don't know what song we danced to..
I don't know who was out there with us..
I don't know how we looked dancing.
Because I was once again sucked into the way he looked at me.
And all I saw were his eyes.
The way they looked, the smile that crinkled them,
the way that they made me feel like the only girl in the world.
It was a beautiful, special, amazing ending to a great night.

Okay okay, now that I've gushed,
on to Mindblock Mondays!
I told you last week I'd answer the prompts I gave 
[though I'm super sad that no one else did! Oh well! Maybe this time!]
and then I'll offer some new ones!

"What's your least favorite dessert?"
Mmmm probably flan. 
Eggs don't belong as the main ingredient of a dessert.

"What was your favorite part about last week?"
Heh. Probably what I described above.

"The coolest but least practical pet you can think of?"
Ahh let's see.... Either an ocelot...or an otter. Otters rock my face.

"Your guilty pleasure tv show that you would probably deny watching?"
Oh man. I have soooo many of these.
I am a reality trash queen. I cannot help it. I'm a junkie.
I just totally blasted through the newest season of Orange is the New Black
in three days.
But I would totally cop to that.
Mm... Okay I'll admit.
I used to watch Jersey Shore...a lot.
I still like watching marathon reruns.
Don't judge me.

"Do you put any sort of stock in astrology? Why or why not?"
Mm I don't know how to answer that fully.
Do I think my 'sign' dictates my daily behavior and my fate?
No. I don't.
But do I think that horoscopes seem to have some truth to them?
Yes sometimes. As far describing personality types by birth time.
Supposedly. I'm not entirely sure how they work.
And I definitely don't read them on a regular basis.
But I do think they're fun to read and contemplate against yourself.
But as far as much stock? No. I don't.
Mostly because I don't think anything dictates where I'm going to end up,
or what I'm going to do. Astrological or otherwise.

All right, onto this weeks new prompts!
If you do play along, please link back so others can come link up too!

Mindblock Monday Prompts

1. How do you try and relieve stress in a healthy way?
2. What's the strangest food you've ever eaten?
3. Who is one of your favorite bloggers? Why?
4. Are you a wine or a beer drinker?
5. What are you most looking forwards to this summer?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Coffee Date

I've missed coffee dates.
I've missed the idea of having a drink or outing with a girl friend.
So when I heard that Alissa from Diary of an Addict offered a sweet little link up,
I figured I'd once again fuel my girl friend having coffee drinking fantasies.


First of all, if we had coffee, and I'm in my own little fantasy here,
I'd take you to Big Foot Java. I'd let you drive because my car is messy.
Big Foot Java is way better than any Starbucks, hands down.
I'd let you in on my secret there. Because I've never liked Starbucks.
I'd let you choose our friendship then. Maybe you can't be friends with a gal that thinks
Starbucks is super overrated.
If we're still chill, I'd introduce you to why Starbucks is overrated
through one of these glorious coffee stands.
We would then need to go find a park to sit at, mainly because it is a drive-thru.
But we'd find somewhere.
We have pretty parks around here.

It's been a long time since I've had a moment like this,
so we'd of course catch up.
Catch up on what we've been doing. What has been happening.
And I'd find myself unable to tell you anything but about my son.
Because I've become one of those mothers that knows not
how to talk about anything else.
I'd tell you how he's starting to roll over to his stomach now.
And that he's eating solid food.
And that his favorites are carrots, green beans, yellow squash, spinach.
In that order, greatest to lowest.
And that he won't eat oatmeal cereal unless he has carrots mixed in.
That he's always excited to eat, and wants to just eat all the time.
Actually eat. Not bottle. He loves his bottle still, but he is always excited for solid food.

And after we'd talked about what it is you always love to talk about,
be it your kids, your pets, your job.
I'd love to hear about it, knowing that that is what your life revolves around.
And if it wasn't kids, I'd admire how I'd already happily checked out of that world.
That I'd finally gotten what I'd wanted, to be a stay at home mom,
and I'm not missing anything from before.
I would feel like I'd finally belong where I wanted to be.

I'd tell you that it was my grandfather's birthday on the third,
and my grandparent's anniversary on the fourth.
This was the first year both those days have passed without my grandfather.
Oh I forgot to mention? He passed on the fifth of April.
I haven't told many people. I don't really think anyone besides my immediate family know.
I don't like to broadcast things. I naturally tend to be very private.
Especially with things that are exceptionally important to me.
I'd say I would feel bad that I haven't had time to miss him much.
Just in small idle moments when I have a bare instant that I'm not going,
I think of him. How something today reminded me of him.
That I'd want to share it with him. That I am happier he's in a better place,
but the song "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" has taken on a higher meaning.
I also think of him whenever I hear a sweet country song.
Or when my baby smiles.
He looks a lot like my grandpa sometimes when he smiles.
And how I want so bad not to ever forget him,
but the stories he told every other day are already dim in my memory.
How I miss him. I miss him. But I don't say it much.
I don't have time.

We'd share, I'm sure, an agreement that there's never enough hours in the day.
That I have to constantly shuffle myself, make sure my priorities are in order.
That when I indulge too heavily in something for me, personally, I feel bad.
I want nothing more than to be everything, everywhere, and happy.
But it seems like those things are sometimes mutually exclusive.
I'd tell you that sometimes I feel like I don't know anymore what's right.
What I'm supposed to be doing.
What I should be saying or making.
What qualifies as a happy family, a happy life.
How much time is enough quality time? What is quality time?
I'd tell you that I'm on the brink of making myself miserable again with stress,
but I'm trying to hold onto that barely bridled chaos and not let myself get sucked in.

There's too much been happening to really talk about it all over one coffee date.
That's one thing I'm sure we'd agree on.
Because June is the worst month for me.
It's too busy and I need at least three other me's to get it all done.
Off the top of my head, I tell you, there are:
Five birthdays [minus one for my grandfather]
Last weekend [not technically June but leading into it] we had a family reunion.
This weekend is one of the birthdays, which my mother and I are providing cupcakes and cake.
Not to mention there will probably be eighty people there and I'm dreading that.
Our first father's day.
One of those birthdays is my husband's, so I have to try and make it beautiful.
Another one of those birthdays is my great nephew's and my mother and I are hosting it.
That throughout June I'm helping to plan and do everything for my grandparent's
funeral service and reception afterwards for July.
There's not enough time.

So as you can see, I am leading a chaotic mind right now.
And I'm trying desperately to remain sane and happy.
To not put too much on myself, but at the same time, there's so much I need to do.
I'm in a conundrum. Would you have any advice?
Come, have coffee.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Bucket List

So with everyone crowing about summer,
and how excited they are, 
I will admit I'm beginning to get a bit of the fever.
To our household, summer isn't really that exciting yet.

We don't have any kids in school breaking for the summer.
We don't have any vacation coming our way from work.
And well, to me, I suspect it's going to be just another set of weeks.
But here's to hoping that it won't lack its fun and joy everyone is planning for.

So I figured that I'd post a few ideas that are on my personal summer bucket list.

one. take our family to the park
two. continue the [usually] successful cleaning schedule
three. host a dinner party, and/or birthday party
four. have a successful outside movie night
five. host a game night
six. have at least three solo date nights
seven. make a sale on my baby accessories
eight. enjoy myself
nine. do an art project with Liam
ten. make [and maybe produce somehow?] a custom fabric pattern
eleven. make another amazing birthday cake for my husband
twelve. come up with one reason each day why I deserve the great life I have
thirteen. go to an event I've never been to before

So these are just the ones I can pull off the top of my head at ten oclock at night before I go to bed.
Maybe I'll add onto them as I go.
And I definitely will be checking them off and letting y'all know how it's going.
I think this is an extremely fun thing to do 
to get your priorities in order, as well as remind yourself what awesome stuff is in store.
So what's on your summer bucket list?
Do tell!

Monday, June 2, 2014

One of those Sucky Mondays

Do you ever just wake up and feel like the last six and a half hours were just
a waste?
Surely they must be because you wake up
tired, sore, achey, miserable.
Pick an adjective. 

That's how I woke up this lovely Monday morning.
I usually don't wake up in this manner.
I'm usually quite decent in the mornings,
mainly because my son is usually excited to see me come into his room to take him downstairs.
And/or my husband hasn't left yet and I get to spend a few precious moments with him
before he takes off for his 8-10 hour work day.

That was not the case so far.
Hubby got called out on an emergency call so I was woken with a quick kiss and dash.
Baby's not up so far, which is nice,
but at the same time I'm considering going up and checking to make sure he's not dead.
But as I'm sitting here, I'm just gross.
Plain and simple, it's about the only word I got.

I had a nice body image cry last night.
And tossed and turned for quite a long while to try and get to sleep.
And now waking up with this lovely back of skull ache
and not being able to get comfortable anywhere,
it's delightful.

ps baby just started crying so not dead. good.

I don't mean to be such a downer, I sat down here to offer up some prompts for this sucky Monday.
So in case any of you were feeling like crap like me,
you'd have a jumping off point.

SO! Here they are.
If you'd like to use em, please join the linky below so I can see the greatness of your answers!
Also I pray your morning has been perkier than mine.

Monday Mindblock Prompts

1. What's your least favorite dessert?
2. What was your favorite part about last week?
3. The coolest but least practical pet you can think of?
4. Your guilty pleasure tv show that you would probably deny watching?
5. Do you put any sort of stock in astrology? Why or why not?

I will answer these next Monday and I hope to see
what you come up with!
Please please take a moment to answer so I can nose and post stalk your blog.
Oh yeah, I'm one of dem.

Also, for all you faithful readers, I'm having a quick flash sale over at my shop.
Get 50% your new blogger design deposit!
Check out the details and snatch up the deal before it's gone with code 50FASHIONFLASH!

Go hang out at Mingle Monday too!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Three Things #2

Hey again!
Happy Friday!
I hope that you plan on enjoying it!
Even if it's not until after work.

So taking a page once more out of Heather's book and featuring three things!
Last weeks were well appreciated by those I featured,
and I was really touched I could help make someone's day with it.
So here we go again and I'm hoping that you find some great inspiration!

The Ultimate Budget Binder featuring 10+ printables from

This absolutely AMAZING Printable Budget Binder from the talented Mique.
I've just discovered her through google+
yes I took that dive though still not sure how it works
And I can't wait to just totally stalk the rest of her amazing offerings.
I just got a new printer and was only too happy to test it out on these babies.
There's just a lot of great resources if you're trying to get a handle on your budget,
as well as if you're just a plain organization freak like I am.
I added a few pages to mine, such as extra non food shopping list,
as well as a coupon cover page.

BUT you should totes check it out.
Seriously. Go.
I'll wait.

Okay, back?


ezra and eli

I absolutely adore following them on instagram.
Scrolling through and seeing their precious designs just inspires me.
And I always love seeing precious littlies in those awesome hip shirts.
I know one day I'll cave and get little guy one, but so far I've resisted.
But you totally shouldn't.
You should go get some of that fly right now.

Blogger Planners
Customized Blogging and Meal Planner - Yearly
I make them.
They are honestly really really handy.
Especially for those of you, like a lot of us,
who just need to do organization hands on.
They're super handy to have on the go to jot down notes,
as well as planning out your blog posts, hostings, advertisings, stats, etc.
They come in a yearly package, and can be combined with grocery and meal planning pages.
I also have them bound professionally, and it makes them super sturdy and crisp.
I can custom design logos as well as pages inside.
I'd love to have a client to work with,
to create up a new one to show the rest of you how amazing they look.
So if you're interested, please either email me or fill out the order in my shop.
They are truly a life saver.
[If you're interested in having a mini version, I can see what I can do with that as well]

Until next time fellow bloggy peeps,
enjoy your fabulous weekend!

ps I'm submitting this to #fundaymonday!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Storenvy VS Etsy?

I'm really in just unsure how I feel one way or another on the preference of
storenvy v etsy.
You see, I, as a small time hobbiest and homemaker,
mainly the second,
don't have a lot of extra cash to spend on my hobbies.
I enjoy doing my hobbies because they require very little capital.

So this is why I originally stopped using Etsy.
I really enjoyed the idea of Etsy, and the seeming amount of traffic most shops get on it.
But the fact remained, I was having money required to sell things.
Which I think seems slightly odd, but perhaps that's just me. 
[this was some time ago, and I'm not sure just what it was being asked]

Now it appears it's $.20 and a 3.5% of what's sold.
Which, currently, doesn't seem so bad.
Maybe I did make a wrong decision when I switched.

But at the time, I just wasn't able to bring myself to pay anything for what I deemed as 
"silly tinkering"
Which quite frankly, most days I still name it such.
So I decided to go to Storenvy, where I currently have a small rundown shop.
My problem being is that it seems it doesn't generate much traffic.
Regardless of if I advertise, what I post in there,
the only times I ever gained traffic was using it as payment methods for designs.
And that was because I specifically told my buyer to go there and pay that way.

I sort of feel that if I advertised my products on Etsy, they'd gain more notice.
Perhaps this is just a grass is greener expectation?
But then again, it seems like Etsy is a much more popular site,
especially through blogger and crafter communities.

So I'm just curious,
what's your opinion?
Do you have a shop on either site?
Do you prefer either site over the other?
How do you advertise and gain revenue through your shops?
Do you use self promoting or is there some sort of site promoting opportunities I'm unaware of?
I'd really love to hear any of your opinions on the matter to help build myself an informed decision.
Thank you to any and all of you who do take a moment to shed some light.
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy going into another fantastic weekend!

I opened an Etsy shop. Decided to bite the bullet and test it out.
Once I have a little time of it under my belt, I plan on giving y'all a comparison.
Here's hopin it makes a smidge of difference.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Macaroon Adventure!

So yesterday I had a fucking adventure.
sorry. it was pretty epic. it needed a suitable adjective.
So I decided....foolishly...that I wanted to take on french macaroons.

Here's a few facts with my knowledge of macaroons:

I've never had a macaroon. Ever. Never even seen one  in the to speak.

I absolutely know they are one of the hardest most finicky confections available to make.
Most at home bakers don't do them because of it.
And as such I'm like (of course)
"I wanna try that"

No one truly grasps the time and soul consuming creations these are until you make them.
this I learned.

So I totally went into this thinking that:
A. I'm not going to tell anyone I'm making them, in case they screw all to hell.
2. I am not going to beat myself to hell if I do screw them up.
And III. I have no idea if I'm going to even like these things.

And guess what I did?
Made absolutely beautiful macaroons.

just needs a lil fillin'. 
I am incredibly proud of these babies.
They actually turned out looking like macaroons,
and fitting the description of crisp but not crunchy, soft and with a good chew.
And honestly, now that I've tried them?
[sans filling even]
I can understand why they would be horribly addicting.
They are the most delicate little sweet flavored things in the world.
They just seem to float and melt on your tongue like bliss.

Seriously. So yummy.
Worth the effort? MMMMMMM.
Jury's still out.

And yes, I realize having really good results is super rare on the first go out.
But let me tell you, I did a good amount of research before I committed to this.
Luckily all was found through one super stellar page.
The recipe directly is found on said page, which is on Journey Kitchen!
And I was glad to click through the many helpful links listed to ease the process.
Specifically this one on oven workings,
as well as this video to help see what things should look like as they went.

Definitely do your homework first is all I got to say.
And have a couple thousand hours to kill. And a scale.
I think that's about it. Patience maybe?

Anyway, even sans filling,
I am very entirely proud of them and myself.
I deem this a raging success.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Lightbox Results & Product Preview

Hey everyone!
So over my memorial day weekend I've been playing with fun things.
Mainly making little baby hats as well as my very own lightbox.
I figured if I wanted to give it a good go at pitching my little things,
I'd want to take some decent photographs of them.
Decent lights are next on the list.

So I went around to find a good tutorial on building your own lightbox.
And as such, I stumbled across this one from Drawings in Motion.
I wanted something easy, cheap, and portable.
And in the tutorial I found it all.
It took a little bit of grunt work but I think it turned out well.

Don't judge my sad little lights

And while I was doing that, I figured I'd show you guys my first little attempt at creating.
Didn't this turn out absolutely sweet?

I think the lightbox did wonders.
And I absolutely cannot wait to try it during the daytime.
I have a really wonderful large window in my craft room,
and I'm hoping it will provide me with some great natural light in the meantime.

{gah it diddd!}

don't they look professional? and this was with my phone!

Also, if you're absolutely adoring this little cap like I am,
and would like to purchase one, they are indeed 
for sale
in my little shoppy.
Limited time limited supply as they're the first batch 
and bought from a limited fabric supply.

Also once I get the smaller size finished, I'm hoping to do some modeled shots with little man!
And don't worry, I'll be sure to post those here too!
What did you do over your awesome long weekend?
Tell me!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Meet You Mondays

So I want to start something here to..well...
to honestly help me.
I have fallen out of touch with a lot of bloggers over my absence.
I have a mile long stretch of blogs I follow,
yet most of them don't post any longer.
Which I totally don't blame them.
I did the same thing.
But that leaves me wanting more!

So I decided to start up a little link up for bloggers to enter and get some exposure.
Are you a current blogger looking to amp up your followers a bit?
Or just to get your name out there!
I want to know!
I want to help spread your word!
You don't need a project, a recipe, or anything else to share.
Just you and your blog.

I also want to hear about some of your favored blogs you follow.
Leave me some comments peeps!
I want to see who's good to follow right now.
I found all sorts when I was blogging every day, and loved seeing everyone post,
and have plenty to read.
Plenty of places to find inspiration for my own blog and my own posts.
I want to help do the same for others!
And I want to learn of who does an amazing job now!

So please, stop by for a moment, link up your blog, and leave me some others to follow!
And then each week I'll pick a blog from the previous line up,
and do a little feature on them!
Even more awesome exposure, right?!

So please, help spread the word and we'll get something awesome going.
Feel free to snag a button if you want, or just share the post somewhere.
No obligations to enter, just wanting to help and get some fresh new ideas up and out there!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Three Things

I love cruising around and seeing new things around the blogosphere.
This time it was over at Glitter and Gloss
"Three things I'm loving this week and think you should know about"
What an awesome inspiration.
So I hope she doesn't mind me snagging it and sharing some awesome too!

Leiaroux Shoesies!
I'm in absolute love with these little loves.
I'm a great fan of mocassins too, and will most likely share some of those next week,
but these little darlings I fell in love with first.
That, and the woman behind them is a real sweetheart who always loves to share.
Whether it be featuring other darlings wearing her product,
or great causes to help and get behind.
I follow them on instagram and always love seeing the feed.
I also have my very own pair coming, just got an email that they'd shipped!
SO yay!

These are the ones I'm getting little guy

The amazingly (in a nerd sense) awesome peek at the new Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor's Edition.
it's sooo beautiful....
Me and the hubs drool over this sort of stuff.
Him for pretty much a lot of games.
Me because A. It's Dragon Age and one of my favorite games,
and B. It has a genuine imitation lock pick set from the game.
And I know you don't know much about my gamely ways,
but I am pretty much always a thief.
I love rogue type characters because I have the natural urge to just rob everything.
I know, this probably says something about my psyche and upbringing,
but I don't examine it too closely.
Naturally, we'd like to play with all these awesome doo dads and buttons and goodies,
but it does bump the cost of the game up nearly $100, so jury's still out.
and probably will remain that way.
Want to see it for yourself and check out all the fantastic details?

I've decided I really would like to take up a bit of a small business venture again.
I loved blog designing, and most likely will get back into it once I brush up on my skills again.
Keep an eye out for upcoming deals and/or tester positions for that if you're interested.
But I just think having something to do that involves my hands,
actually producing something,
just sounds like it would be wonderful.
I've always loved working with fabric and design of clothes,
and would like to have some fun with it.
I'm sure it won't be anything major, 
and will start very small and unique items rather than mass produced.
But I do look forwards to having some things to play with,
and perhaps some things to offer for sale.
Baby things. Because well babies are adorable.

So what are your three things? I'd love to hear about them. 
Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recipe Twofer - Turkey Soft Tacos & Their Leftovers

Today I decided to share some of the awesome things I've been eating lately!
Some have been recipes I've found.
Some have been things I created!
And some were a combo of the two!
Often the case in these parts anyway
So I hope you enjoy! 

Firstly, yes I know my ingredient lists are always a bit vague. 
Mainly because I don't cook by a strict recipe most nights. 
I throw together what looks about right for the size of my small family. 
So please feel free to play with these ratios!

Turkey Soft Tacos

• ground turkey
• can of black beans
• can of corn
• tortillas (we used low carb)
• olive oil
• seasonings you enjoy
    we used taco seasoning, garlic salt, pepper, and johnny's seasoning salt
• sour cream for garnish/dipping

Throw your turkey into a skillet. Brown it while seasoning periodically. I prefer to season a few times as my meat cooks, in smaller increments, due to the fact I think it absorbs more flavor.

Once your meat is nearly finished, add your corn and black beans. Allow to cook on a medium heat for a small amount of time until warmed through, adding a final layer of seasoning to make sure the added ingredients gain that flavor.

Prepare a cookie sheet with spray and/or foil and preheat your oven to 375F. Heat your tortillas one at a time as you roll them by microwaving them for about 10-15 seconds to make them easier to roll. Fill them with your meat/bean/corn mixture, and roll them, tucking ends inwards first before folding/rolling.

Place your tacos seam side down to the baking sheet, then brush a light layer of olive oil over the tops, followed by a sprinkle of salt. Pop them in the oven for 10 minutes to gain a nice crispness. Add sour cream to the top or side as you prefer, and enjoy!

Yes I totally made pasta salad to go with mine because ick rice.

Super simple recipe, right? But I tell you, it's delicious. 
Make it your own by adding different ingredients right on in there! 
That's the beauty of cooking. Suiting it to your own individual tastes. 
Experimenting, enjoying the process of creating. 

 Now a few days later, I was left with the leftover corn and beans I hadn't used 
and had unceremoniously dumped into a singular tupperwear. 
I also had some cilantro that I had used with fish tacos the night after our turkey tacos.
Yeah I've been on a bit of a mexican kick. 
I promise to point you in the direction of some awesome recipes I tried.
And when I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner that was fairly simple,
he suggested chili.
He nearly always suggests chili.
So I decided to try something with them I've been wanting to try for a long time.
Corn fritters!
I've never actually had a corn fritter, but they sounded sooo good!
So I went and found a base recipe over at Average Betty and had at it.
This is what my recipe ended up looking like.

Modified Corn Fritters

• 1 1/2 c corn and bean blend
• 1/4 c somewhat chopped cilantro
• 2 beaten eggs
• 1/4 + a little extra c flour
• johnny's seasoning salt
• garlic salt
• pepper
• olive oil

Otherwise, I pretty much followed the directions the recipe provided!
Definitely pay attention to the fact that you want your skillet about medium.
I have such a hard time with pan frying sometimes.
I get my pan too hot and then things are black before they're cooked through.
So yes, the secret to pan frying I'm finding is medium and patience.

I think these paired exceptionally well with our can of chili.
Very nice texture, which the black beans always add a nice creaminess to things.
And again, if you have those other ingredients on hand/enjoy them,
or want to add others, please I encourage you to!
The only thing I'd keep in mind is that the ratio of your flour may change a bit.
You're just going to have to eyeball it and make only one first if you're unsure.
Then if it doesn't turn out, [don't rush the first turn!], then add a bit more flour.
You can always add more, remember, but can't take it back out.

So what are some of your favorite meal/leftover meal combos?
I love trying to find new ways to repurpose ingredients.
I also love being able to figure out a recipe with things I already have on hand.
Makes things easier, more frugal, and makes me at least feel super accomplished!

Some more awesome recipes I tried during my mexican invasion:
The amazing slaw from this recipe paired with the bitchin pecan crusted fish from a recipe sorta like this.
I used cod instead of tilapia because tilapia tastes like dirt.
Also used milk instead of buttermilk because who honestly regularly has buttermilk?
I used small corn tortillas instead since that's what I had on hand.
And some of the peppers described from the slaw instead of chilis because again, on hand.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Cleaning/Chore Schedule

So I was cruising through blogs the other day,
I think I found it on facebook?
Regardless, I know that I've been beating myself up a lot about my housekeeping.
I always have. It's just never a skill I developed.
My mom is like amazing at keeping things tidy.
And I'm just the epitome of a clutter trail wherever I go.
Please tell me there's others like me out there. Let's form a group! We can go to CA meetings.
Clutterholics Anonymous.

And through a passing conversation with my mom,
as well as finding this little beauty of an inspiration,
I figured I'd try implementing something like this.
And since if I put it up on the blog, maybe I'll follow it better,
here we go!

Now I'm going to be making my own, mostly because I have to customize things.
Just the itchy fingers I've got I guess.
Besides, some of these things don't apply, and I also know I need extra.
I am hoping this will alleviate the overwhelmed feeling I get all the time,
and I can have a more continual sense of accomplishment,
and a more continually tidy house!


Check supplies [including shower] to add to list
Wash towels
Clear clutter/empty trash can
Clean toilet, sink, tub, shower stall walls, toothbrush holders, and mirror
Sweep & Swiffer

Mow front lawn


Check supplies [non food] to add to list
Do a sweep of old food to toss out
Wipe down and clean kitchen surfaces, including countertops, stove, sink, and kitchen table
Sweep & Swiffer
Empty Trash
Do any remnant dishes [pots/pans/etc]

Mow side lawn


Pick up clutter/put away clean clothes

Mow back lawn


Laundry Room:
Sweep & Swiffer
Do two loads of laundry
Put away any remnant clothes
Put away clutter

Mow garage side lawn


Living Room:
Pick up garbage
Clean up clutter

Mow driveway side lawn


Green Room:
My awkward entry way clutter catcher room
Put away coats
Clean up clutter
Organize/restock baby changing station
Empty diaper garbage

Anything that didn't get done in the week


The best day/day of rest!


One load of laundry 
One load of dishes
Put away baby clutter

All right boys and girls,
I think that I finally have it nailed down!
Now I just have to try and get it done on schedule and diligently.
I honestly think this could be is going to be the solution to my problem.
This way I won't get overwhelmed.
I know I'm doing enough each day because it's all planned out.
And I can feel that sense of accomplishment each day,
instead of feeling unhappy because there's still so much to do.

I am going to do this.
Going. To. Do. This.

Tell me, do you have any success stories with a cleaning schedule?
Do you need/have one or are you one of those super cool people who don't need it
but your house is still well kept?

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Awesome Movie Night At Home!

So Friday night me and the hubster were planning
ha that happens a lot. planning. not doing.
on going to our local drive in.
It was playing Godzilla, and we were gonna get chinese and go.

But then we heard that it really blew from some of his good friends.
And we had both had an exhausting week. 
And I was like,
Hon do you just wanna stay home?
And he was like,
yes please.

 So I decided to do something for us that would be just as fun.
And we could still pack it in and call it a night whenever we wanted.
I present to you the awesome personal home drive in!

we had already brought in our electronics from the night before. shh. use your imagination.

our awesome screen.

The kush set up.
And let me tell ya.
It was freakin bomb.
I loved the whole set up.
I could bring my baby and not have to worry about him being uncomfortable in the car.
And not bothering other people coming.
I could also snuggle up to my husband without the pain of a gear shift.

I just happened to have an inflatable couch from our last camping trip.
As well as an old box spring I'd just moved out to our garage prepared to go to the dump.
And a hand me down end table that had also been chillin in the garage for lack of space.
And lastly, an old sheet with a hole and some pet stains.
And the beauty of our redneck society was born.

See kids? Don't throw away anything.

It is an amazing set up, and I cannot wait to use it more.
Especially when the little guy gets a little older, I know we're going to have some amazing memories.
We watched The Legend of Hercules, and it was actually pretty cool.
Award winning?
Maybe not. 
But fun to watch none the less.

We were gonna make it a feature with Life of Pi but we were both tired by that point.
[Unfortunate side effect of having to wait till almost 9:30 for it to be dark enough]

What did you do this weekend? 
Have you ever felt like awesomemom by being able to throw something like this together?
Let me know what you think!!