Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Lightbox Results & Product Preview

Hey everyone!
So over my memorial day weekend I've been playing with fun things.
Mainly making little baby hats as well as my very own lightbox.
I figured if I wanted to give it a good go at pitching my little things,
I'd want to take some decent photographs of them.
Decent lights are next on the list.

So I went around to find a good tutorial on building your own lightbox.
And as such, I stumbled across this one from Drawings in Motion.
I wanted something easy, cheap, and portable.
And in the tutorial I found it all.
It took a little bit of grunt work but I think it turned out well.

Don't judge my sad little lights

And while I was doing that, I figured I'd show you guys my first little attempt at creating.
Didn't this turn out absolutely sweet?

I think the lightbox did wonders.
And I absolutely cannot wait to try it during the daytime.
I have a really wonderful large window in my craft room,
and I'm hoping it will provide me with some great natural light in the meantime.

{gah it diddd!}

don't they look professional? and this was with my phone!

Also, if you're absolutely adoring this little cap like I am,
and would like to purchase one, they are indeed 
for sale
in my little shoppy.
Limited time limited supply as they're the first batch 
and bought from a limited fabric supply.

Also once I get the smaller size finished, I'm hoping to do some modeled shots with little man!
And don't worry, I'll be sure to post those here too!
What did you do over your awesome long weekend?
Tell me!!

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