Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recipe Twofer - Turkey Soft Tacos & Their Leftovers

Today I decided to share some of the awesome things I've been eating lately!
Some have been recipes I've found.
Some have been things I created!
And some were a combo of the two!
Often the case in these parts anyway
So I hope you enjoy! 

Firstly, yes I know my ingredient lists are always a bit vague. 
Mainly because I don't cook by a strict recipe most nights. 
I throw together what looks about right for the size of my small family. 
So please feel free to play with these ratios!

Turkey Soft Tacos

• ground turkey
• can of black beans
• can of corn
• tortillas (we used low carb)
• olive oil
• seasonings you enjoy
    we used taco seasoning, garlic salt, pepper, and johnny's seasoning salt
• sour cream for garnish/dipping

Throw your turkey into a skillet. Brown it while seasoning periodically. I prefer to season a few times as my meat cooks, in smaller increments, due to the fact I think it absorbs more flavor.

Once your meat is nearly finished, add your corn and black beans. Allow to cook on a medium heat for a small amount of time until warmed through, adding a final layer of seasoning to make sure the added ingredients gain that flavor.

Prepare a cookie sheet with spray and/or foil and preheat your oven to 375F. Heat your tortillas one at a time as you roll them by microwaving them for about 10-15 seconds to make them easier to roll. Fill them with your meat/bean/corn mixture, and roll them, tucking ends inwards first before folding/rolling.

Place your tacos seam side down to the baking sheet, then brush a light layer of olive oil over the tops, followed by a sprinkle of salt. Pop them in the oven for 10 minutes to gain a nice crispness. Add sour cream to the top or side as you prefer, and enjoy!

Yes I totally made pasta salad to go with mine because ick rice.

Super simple recipe, right? But I tell you, it's delicious. 
Make it your own by adding different ingredients right on in there! 
That's the beauty of cooking. Suiting it to your own individual tastes. 
Experimenting, enjoying the process of creating. 

 Now a few days later, I was left with the leftover corn and beans I hadn't used 
and had unceremoniously dumped into a singular tupperwear. 
I also had some cilantro that I had used with fish tacos the night after our turkey tacos.
Yeah I've been on a bit of a mexican kick. 
I promise to point you in the direction of some awesome recipes I tried.
And when I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner that was fairly simple,
he suggested chili.
He nearly always suggests chili.
So I decided to try something with them I've been wanting to try for a long time.
Corn fritters!
I've never actually had a corn fritter, but they sounded sooo good!
So I went and found a base recipe over at Average Betty and had at it.
This is what my recipe ended up looking like.

Modified Corn Fritters

• 1 1/2 c corn and bean blend
• 1/4 c somewhat chopped cilantro
• 2 beaten eggs
• 1/4 + a little extra c flour
• johnny's seasoning salt
• garlic salt
• pepper
• olive oil

Otherwise, I pretty much followed the directions the recipe provided!
Definitely pay attention to the fact that you want your skillet about medium.
I have such a hard time with pan frying sometimes.
I get my pan too hot and then things are black before they're cooked through.
So yes, the secret to pan frying I'm finding is medium and patience.

I think these paired exceptionally well with our can of chili.
Very nice texture, which the black beans always add a nice creaminess to things.
And again, if you have those other ingredients on hand/enjoy them,
or want to add others, please I encourage you to!
The only thing I'd keep in mind is that the ratio of your flour may change a bit.
You're just going to have to eyeball it and make only one first if you're unsure.
Then if it doesn't turn out, [don't rush the first turn!], then add a bit more flour.
You can always add more, remember, but can't take it back out.

So what are some of your favorite meal/leftover meal combos?
I love trying to find new ways to repurpose ingredients.
I also love being able to figure out a recipe with things I already have on hand.
Makes things easier, more frugal, and makes me at least feel super accomplished!

Some more awesome recipes I tried during my mexican invasion:
The amazing slaw from this recipe paired with the bitchin pecan crusted fish from a recipe sorta like this.
I used cod instead of tilapia because tilapia tastes like dirt.
Also used milk instead of buttermilk because who honestly regularly has buttermilk?
I used small corn tortillas instead since that's what I had on hand.
And some of the peppers described from the slaw instead of chilis because again, on hand.

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  1. Sounds good right now! Thanks for taking the time to share the recipes at the Healthy Tuesday hop!

    1. I'm glad I could offer some inspiration!