Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7 Questions Humm-burger

1. Hamburger or Hotdog? (veggie versions count)
Mmm either or on any given day. Depends on my mood. I'm finicky about food, meat especially. Veggi hot dogs used to be a super big ticket for me. You know, the kind that come in a can haha.

2. If you had to live on any other planet in our solar system, besides Earth, which would you choose?
Venus. Why? Because I'd like to say I'm a Venuvian. Yes that's the only reason.

3. Share a photo of an outfit that represents your personal style, please. (doesn't have to be of you)
dressed up sweats #clothes for new moms #just say(e) style

I would wear sweats every single day if I could make em look this cute. I am all about comfort and the kind of wonderful security I find in sweats and hoodies.
 [I am SO entirely ready for fall by the way]

4. Would you rather get ready for the day or get ready for bed?
Bed. Fuckin bed every time. I love bed. Bed is glorious. I never seem unable to be ready for bed. I love sleeping, and I love being cuddled up completely and solely with my husband. I look forwards to it every day.

5. You have to choose between never having eyelashes or never having eyebrows, which would you choose? 
Never having eyelashes. I actually had to give this one a lot of thought. Either one can be worked around. But I think false eyelashes are a lot more believable looking [sometimes] to pass than drawn on eyebrows.

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Happy. I used to want to be this or another thing, but now, it's happy. I am so insanely happy right now, and my life has barely started. I only pray I can be this happy for the rest of it when I 'grow up'. Even better would be nice, but I'd be happy to just have this level forever.

7. Do you set your clocks right on time, or a few minutes ahead or behind?
I don't intentionally set any of them one way or another. They just so happen to end up that way. Computers and cell phones are our 'reliable time'. Then our living room clock is a few minutes ahead, to help us get out the door early [though we really don't need any help with that as my husband believes in being incredibly early no matter where we go], and the clock in the car is a little late. So it all evens out.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Something to See!

Hey y'all!
Remember Friday when I slipped in my latest design with Katlyn?
[Here's a refresher in case you missed it]

Well today she's doing me a super huge favor and writing me a review!
She goes over how my pricing goes, how the process starts,
and the overall ease and professionalism I carry in my designing!
I hope you go give her a listen and see just how awesome we could be together!
My slots are wide open and I'd love to hear from you.
A new design is waiting just around the corner!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Letters ♥

Dear Hubby,
Thanks for Castoreum. I appreciate that lovely description of 'beaver anal glands' that "naturally" flavor our food. Jesus christ, you know I'm picky with food as it is. Now if I see anything that claims 'and other natural ingredients', I'm going to picture giving a beaver a rim job. His words, not mine.

Dear Job,
I'm super excited to have the hours, I enjoy my job, and love the money. But christ I'm tired. Let's let Mrs. White have a breath eh?

Dear self,
I've only just realized why people doubt the validity of my Mrs. White moniker. Apparently it's a Clue character. Who knew?

Dear Katlyn,
Thanks so much for letting me do a product promo on your blog. Another new design that I absolutely love! So sorry I haven't been able to fix the alignment issue you're having yet, but I hope you still love it!

[GO say hi to her and see the amazing!]

Dear Weight Loss,
While I'm super proud of our progress so far, the DQ I just had to ingest is probably not going to help you.
Sorry about that. I caved. If it makes you feel better, my colon doesn't seem to appreciate what I did either.

Dear Stomach,
Hey you. Shut up and take it. We've had this food before. Just because I haven't eaten it in a while doesn't mean we're a wimp. Suck it up cupcake.

Dear Project Runway,
What the hell? Why'd you let the guy who treated his 'shockingly plus sized woman' [a size 14 mind you] like absolute shit stay on the show? I think you're sending a bad message. Makes me reconsider a few things.


clue sig

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Design and Bring Home Warden Fund

Hello hello!
It's time for another stunning layout reveal!
I hope you love this one as much as I do!
It's for the group authored blog Sweet Smart Money.

I highly recommend that you go visit it live.
If only for those pink buttons up at the top.
They change color when you hover, and I enjoy them!

It was a joy to work with Jacqui, whom I've worked with before, if you remember correctly.
She's super open to new ideas,
so I definitely got to experiment and play around.
Which, as a creative entity, I LOVE!


Here's where I pander highly suggest my design services to you!
And you wanna know why?
There's a super adorable reason why, swearsies.
Wanna see?
Of course you do.

This is Warden!
Or well, he will be. Currently he's Q M 3.
But when he gets to us, he's gonna be Warden!
He is a black and tan coonhound,
and he's freakin adorable!!
Couldn't you just eat him up?
I so could.

He is the reason why I'm really tryin to sell my little heart out to you.
He's also a very expensive little doggy, and since we're having him shipped from way out yonder,
[aka Tennessee]
he's gonna be even more pricey!
So I'm trying to help us have a buffer between our paychecks and this sweet little monster.
I cannot wait to meet him, and I know he's going to be a handsome boy.

So don't you just want to help a sista out?
I know that I would if I was y'all and readin this.
So if you need some wonderful new blog design,
or know someone who does,
please PLEASE come and see me!
I'd love to hook you up, and have you loving your home page every time you open it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

7 Questions Tra La La

That's my chihuahua.
She's pretty much gotta be into everything ever.
So yes, she has to be in my pictures.
And yes, that's my husband's thumb. Moving on!

1. Bold or Understated?
The picture above should probably give you an idea of my answer. I'm quite bold. I'm loud, oftentimes dry to the point of mildly offensive, and quick to laugh. I can't really be understated if I'm comfortable. I can clam up quite nicely if I'm not though. As far as fashion wise? Probably bold. I enjoy bright colors, comfort but feminine and slightly sexy [sometimes].

2. You have to survive alone in the wild and you only get to take one thing with you. Your choices are: A Pocket Knife, a Water Bottle, or a Book. Which do you choose and why?
Probably a water bottle. My husband would be disgusted with me, because he'd choose knife any day. But I'm just not as comfortable with knives. I think there's more 'me' ways to do things besides a knife, because knowing me, I'd probably slice myself quite nicely the first time I tried to use it. Besides, there are many more ways to catch an animal than there are to make a watertight container.

3. Thirty Two Cows, Seven Eight Chickens, How Many Didn't?
Twenty five? I have no freakin clue lmao. My husband says twenty five. I'm dubious as to the validity of this question.

4. Would you rather die doing one legendary act of service or do small acts of kindness that may go unnoticed every day?
Mmmm probably the second. I tend to believe in random acts of kindness, doing as many as I can every day. I try to think of others, and try to be courteous and kind. Besides, a hail of gunfire has never really been my style.

5. Happiness is ________. (one word; fill in the blank)
That's right, my life is pretty dang happy right now. My husband and I were just discussing this actually. That we've never been more fiscally, emotionally, mentally, physically happy as we are right now.

6. Can you laugh with out smiling?
I'm not entirely sure that's quite possible. Besides, isn't smiling kind of a precursor to laughing, or am I wrong there?

7. Do you pop your knuckles?
Not intentionally. I actually think it's rather disgusting, and it hurts! I believe that's partially because my mother discouraged it when I was growing up. But it's also one of those small repetitive noises that can set off my anxiety. So yeah, no. 
Don't forget to go say hi!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another Design Out There!

Hey y'all!
Guess who's sportin a brand new design?
That's right, Bebe from Simple as it Should Be is!
She got one of my spiffy lovely simply adorable designs,
and she may have one of my favorites yet!
It was super clean and streamlined,
which gave it this touch of class and creativity.
[if I do say so myself]

So what do you think guys?
Super adorable right?
You should definitely go and visit her and leave her some sweet comments,
some follow love.
You know, the whole big cheese.

Don't forget, if you're interested,
please don't hesitate to email me! I'd love to hear from you!
I also made this design up in probably less than 48 hours!
So if we vibe and we get on a good wave length, then we can really flow!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning

Let me share just what my Monday morning is like today.
By the way...

I feel a little like Stitch's first 'hi' this morning.
A) It's early
B) I know I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately.
Somewhat in favor of designing others,
and somewhat still of that lack of inspiration/anxiety I spoke of earlier.

Regardless, my Monday Morning.
I'm currently staring quite blankly at the scene of my monitor, because it's 6:45 in the bloody morning,
and I"m no where near awake enough to be sending something out into cyber space.
But my husband is already up and at splitting wood with his new pneumatic log splitter.
Let me tell you, I find that thing hilarious.
It seems like a lot of work, and funny looking work, and an ax seems less complicated.
But beggars can't be choosers.
Oh wait, we spent forty dollars on that. Damn. Not so much beggars.
[by the way, who the f knew pneumatic was spelled with a p,
and beggars had an a in it. Guess thanks little squiggly red lines]

I find his dedication inspiring, and I hope it keeps up.

In other news,
I've lost three pounds in less than a week since buying our new scale.
That's pretty epic right?
We're really working on portion control,
as well as some remnants of our low carb thing we were doing before.
I'm pretty stoked. I like losing weight.
Especially when I don't have to starve in order to do so.
You'd be pretty amazed what just eating one portion can do.
As in, fill you up.
Guess the people who figure out serving size know a thing or two.

As I know a few of you have been waiting breathlessly,
for pictures of my new house, I'll share with you one.

Yep here she is.
She's a little on the older side, but we love her all the same.
She needs a bit of tlc but she serves our needs just fine.
And then some. She's definitely a house we'll need to grow into.
Which I look forwards to.

All right, I think that's all the news I can manage to purge out to you this morning,
hope that I've caught a few of you up!
What's on your agenda for this week? Any exciting news for you?
Share it with me!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Design

Hey y'all!
I finished another design and wanted to show it to ya!
It now belongs to the lovely Sara from You.And.Me.Are.We
It took literally hundreds of exchanges, 
but I'm happy to say we've reached a beautiful outcome.

[the social media buttons scroll]

So what do you think?
I thought it turned out really rather nice.
I hope you think so too!
Also, go over and say hey to Sara and let her know how much you love it!
She'd always love some lovely new visitors!

And now for some interesting new thoughts I've had as well.
Some design styles I think that would be unique and stick out among the myriad of other blogs out there.

Don't you think an art nouveau design would be stunning?
I think it could be a lot of fun.
Really interesting and lovely and elegant.

Another thought I've had lately would be old school americana tattoo design.
Wouldn't that be another fun and interesting blog design?
Definitely unique and stand out.

Thank you everyone who always shows so much interest and support for my designing.
Love you all, and if you're interested in looking further into my services,
feel free to e-mail me lovelies!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

7 Questions, Back to School Edition

God I can't believe I'm posting this haha
It's a picture of me in high school,
in the back of a volkswagon hippy van that belonged to a friend.
That is indeed a Pepsi, just for all you speculators.
It was probably when we were cruisin,
lookin for something to do, which was hard to do in this little town.
Simpler times.

1. It's back to school time! Are YOU going back to school? 

I am not. I could eventually, and might sometime, but as it stands, I'm quite happy with where I am in my life.

2. Speaking of back to school... You receive 10 pts if you can name this movie: 
"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms." 

I have no idea where that's from!
Maybe I'll find out later, for it seems like a lovely show.
[Comes back from checking out Gentri Lee's Blog]
You've Got Mail!
Oh gosh, I haven't seen that show in AGES.
Must watch again soon.

3. Who did you hang out with in school? Cool kids, jocks, nerds, were you a loner, etc? (all are welcome here- btw)

Hmm.. I hung out with a lot of different people honestly.
I ran with several vastly different groups, and none of them really knew each other.
My mom was undeniably confused about that.
She grew up in a small town where she knew every single person in her school.
Mine had 2000+ kids in it. Needless to say, I didn't know them all.
I ran with some jock-types.
Band/choir kids.
Some in-betweeners.
Some nerds. I loved game nights.
{Though I had to date one of them at any given time to actually get invited}
4. What was your favorite subject in school?

I'm not sure I had a 'favorite subject'.
I loved learning, regardless.
I did well in math, was in Calculus my senior year.
I enjoyed science, though disliked taking physics at the same time as calc, they were too similar but different too. Made learning them a headache.
I loved art class, which is consequently where I hung out most with my husband.
History was fun when it was AP History and I actually found it interesting.
English was all right, it could be fun, but I absolutely despised it sometimes/years.
Oh I absolutely loved psychology/sociology. [Took more of those in college than high school though]

5. (I've asked this question before, but it was a while ago) If you had to go back and redo one of the following, which would you choose and why? Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School, College?

I'm curious as to why anyone would redo elementary, perhaps save for enjoyment.
I'd probably redo college. I loved the atmosphere, I loved the learning and experience.
I had a lot of trouble with outside circumstance, which affected my grades and desire to go.
While I don't regret where I am, I do miss it, and think some days I may go back.

6. Home/ Packed Lunch or School Lunch? 

Most the time I did school lunch. Our high school had some really good food.
[This was pre-health kick in schools of course haha]
College I did about half and half, mainly because the food could be good some days,
but most days it was just all right.

7. What's more exciting? The first day of school or the last day of school?
Oooh that's a good question.
Hmmm...exciting? Probably the last day.
Mostly because, if we really think about it,
the first day of school isn't that exciting.
Lots of paperwork, lots of boring same thing talks each class.

Don't forget to go visit Gentri Lee and see what she and others answered!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Those Immensely Introspective Moments...

So this is kind of a post perhaps to gather my own thoughts.
To talk out what I'm trying to understand in my head,
and maybe y'all can offer some insights?
I'm always welcome to commenters, posters, 
and all those lovely people that come to see without a word spoken.
I feel some day perhaps I'll find something that speaks to you, 
and we'll finally meet...screen to screen.

Have you ever had a moment, that turns your mind sort of on it's ear?
[anyone else sort of tip their head in imagining that? I did.]
I had one of those yesterday, and it's left me kind of thoughtful in how I've held onto things.
You know, those monumental times of pain and damage,
that you just can't seem to let go of.
It's unhealthy, and most days you can say they're gone.
But that's only because you aren't exposed to any kind of reminder that day.

I'm going to relate to you one of my experiences,
in a short nutshell.
Maybe someday I'll expand, but I'm unsure if I'd even be able to.
My mind blocked most of it out.
Between the ages of 13 and 15, I was in a really toxic relationship.
It was my first 'serious' relationship.
You know, the kind that really shapes you for the rest of your life.
It's taken me a long long time to regain myself back from it.
I still have moments. Eight years later.
It was a very controlling, emotionally and mentally abusive, farce of a relationship.
His mother was nearly worse, in her support of everything he did. 
And her helpful planning that I should get pregnant.
At fourteen.
It was seriously immensely fucked up.

As much as I dislike that this has been a key shaping point for my life,
It has.
Some of it has been good. And now most of it has been good.
But for a long time there were a lot of negative side effects.
I've grown a lot. And have learned to look at it in some positive light.
That I wasn't old enough to make my own legal decisions.
That he wasn't old enough to take me anywhere from my parents.
That it's made me immensely aware of being myself and never losing myself again.

Another key point to understanding some additional dilemmas:
I live in the same town that this happened in.
It's not a large town.
You can see my problem occasionally.
This is what is leading to my current contemplation.

Recently, the place I work at has been host to that boy's grandparents.
I've seen them once or twice,
and I'm sure they don't recognize me or even know who I am.
I'm sure I was never that important to anyone there.
Yesterday his grandpa came up and got two cups of ice from me,
at two different points in the day.
The first time, I was nervous. Ridiculously so.
I had a near panic in my mind of 
'what if he recognizes me?
what if he asks questions?
what if he tries to say anything?'

Ridiculous right?
I feel stupid even typing it. But it's the truth.

But it went without a hitch.
The second time I even helped him further 
to make sure the ice would last all the way home
with a bigger cup and double cupping with a hot and cold cup.
Want to know what my thoughts were when all was said and done?

"Man I mighta thought you were a nice guy if I didn't know what you spawned"

Precise wording there, mmhm.
I sent it in a text. I should know.
And as I let it sink in and peculate 
[haha coffee joke]
throughout the rest of my day I began to wonder if that was a sort of skewed way of looking at things.
It makes me question if I'm finally ready to start letting go of things.
I would like to, and I suspect that there's a lot I've already let go of to even have that thought.
After all, it wasn't his family's fault that what happened...happened.
but I also feel like maybe, as an onlooker to a child couple,
that they may have thought something was wrong and done something about it.
I still have reservations of letting go of a thought structure I've had so long.
And in reality, I know that it doesn't really matter.
They obviously don't care. I'm obviously never going to be friends with these people.
I'm probably never going to speak to them hardly beyond that small contact.
But... it's just left me slightly ambivalent about the whole ordeal. 

I have a lacking of objectivity in this situation I suspect as well.
So I don't even know where to start my head.
My thoughts are still rather a jumble,
as is obvious by the slightly unorganized blog post I have going on.
Maybe some of you have some thoughts,
or direction that I might follow in trying to untangle all this mess?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

Oh linky linky on the wall,
how I should participate in you all.
Thanks to Adventures of Newlyweds for this one!

Dear People Who Come in to get a drink at 4:59,
You are one of the reasons I swear. I also strongly consider spitting in your drink. Every day.

Dear Husband,
I appreciate every breath you take. I get sad when you're gone. I love you more every passing moment. Thank you for every single thing you do for me. Also thank you for always smiling at me when I snip. It makes me realize I should be happy instead.

Dear People Who Seem to Expect Sprinkles,
We give sprinkles to special people. To people who look like they need a smile. They're kind of like a gold star. Earn them. I also appreciated your passive aggressive 'Haha kidding' when I didn't leap for them.

Dear Dad,
Even if you didn't share your sperm to make me, know that I still think you should have. Okay maybe not, I don't really wanna be Norwegian or have a lack of tolerance for milk. You get my point right?

Dear Mom,
I love you immensely. Thank you for making my world as easy as possible. I love handmedowns, even if I feel guilty accepting some of them. My husband and I are immensely grateful.

Dear Readers (Especially You Commenters),
Thank you SO SO much for your support. It means the world to me, and I get a stupid grin every time I see one of you show up. I'm sorry I haven't been getting to replying as much as I'd like. I'd also like to especially thank Ashley & Baylee for their support yesterday. It really did mean a lot. thank you.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

Hey y'all!
Man am I running into roadblocks lately in my desire to write.
I love blogging, I have worked hard for the little space of atmosphere I've carved out,
but it seems lately my self esteem and anxiety riddled depression,
[yeah, I go up and down at the same time. Beat that]
has been in the shitter.
Yeah it's one of those posts. Hide your kids hide your wife.

I don't know why, and it's really frustrating.
I have been doing so well for so long with my mood and my esteem.
I've had confidence, I haven't had mood swings hardly at all,
and even my normal anxiety I've been able to cope with and it only possesses me for a little while at a time.
Making a mental note, I do think that the word 'possess' should be associated with anxiety.
You're not 'you' when you're having those moments.
Moving on.

So I'm experiencing moments now like I used to.
Like when I don't want to read my e-mail, because I'm afraid something negative is in them.
Or I don't want to answer the phone because what if that person is upset with me.
I don't want to post, because I'm afraid nothing of what I say is meaningful enough to say to nearly
By the way, thanks guys. It means a lot to have you,
it's just weighing heavy like on my cranium.
So if you would, you can totally turn your head for a while so I don't feel so pressured.
Don't leave though, kay?

This roundabout word vomit is leading to me reading a post from Beth at Through the Eyes of the Mrs.
It's not especially crazy as mine is right now,
but I supposed that perhaps a good jumping off point would possible alleviate
the lack of confidence I'm feeling.
That and the dear makes me smile with some of the similarities in her things to know.
So here goes.

If You Really Knew Me

"I really get disgusted with large stores that have a million checkouts and only run five or six of them at a time... and then you wonder why this lady has to repent by the time I reach the car."
Same. Though I don't repent. I swear, profusely.

I'm experiencing empty nest syndrome. At 23. Can you believe it? My nephew up and took off to a city three hours away, without saying good bye. My niece has moved out on her own with her newborn. I'm left feeling as if I've lost one and am afraid of losing another. It's really been a heartache for me.

I pretty much love my job. I haven't had a crying day in a good while. While I dislike working such long hours lately, when I'm there I can forget the world for a while. Forget how I might have been feeling before I came in. Forget if there's something I should be doing at my house. I can just be there and be happy serving coffee. I'm getting pretty good at it.

I live in flip flops. I absolutely love heels, love buying heels, occasionally wearing them. But my go to shoe is a pair of flip flops. I have some in several colors, and a few of them currently have holes in the outer part of the sole where I've worn through them. Yeah I'm pretty hardcore.

I'm extremely competitive. I like to be the best at things. Or at least to win against the people I'm playing with. I love games, but I want to dominate them. Usually I'm a pretty good sport about not winning if I ever do. But I have a rivalry with my aunt on my husband's side. She is like the queen of card games in their family, I am in mine. We battle quite a bit.

I'm ambivalent about getting a cat. I miss having one when they're sweet, but I don't miss the smell or the lack of desire our old cat had for using his litter box. That and we had him in an apartment we wren't supposed to have him in, and so he couldn't really roam much. I have a hope that if we get a little older cat, or a female, in this house, we'd have a better time of it. But that old fear lingers that it'd turn out like last time.

I am so pro shelter adoption. Save for my dog Rosie, which my mom bought me as a Christmas surprise, I've always found my pets at shelters. I love to go to shelters, find an animal that's been there forever, that for some reason people haven't loved, and take them home. I believe they deserve a second chance, and I want to give it to them.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7 Questions!

Holy god I'm exhausted.
Just thought you should know.
Like simply, purely, to the bone fatigued.
I also have melatonin lingering in my system, so...if my post is a little odd, bare with me, kay?

I've missed all of you so much!
And I want to send a special thank you to everyone who stopped by from the blog hop yesterday!
I gained a lot of new followers,
and most of you were super sweet enough to even drop a comment!
It so totally made my day.

I'm working three afternoon shifts this week,
which bumps my usual two hour work day to six.
I may be sounding like a wimp, but it totally wipes me out!
I don't even understand why.
I guess I'm just lazy and enjoy just a two hour day.
I like having most of my day to myself.
And while the work isn't particularly hard,
it's just long, and leaves me totally tired.
But that's besides the point.

We've got my furbaby back!
My little adorable chihuahua Rosie is living with us. 
We finally are able to have pets again and I'm loving it.
Though I feel super bad because it's so hot in our house, and she's not used to it.
I worry about her. She's a bit of an older dog.
But I selfishly love having her here.

All right. You were promised some questions!
Let's go!

1. The Olympics are awesome! What's your favorite Summer Olympic event to watch? 
First, Olympics are awesome on a global scale sure. But for me? They're kind of just another sporting event that I don't really watch much of. I know, call me un-American. I'm sorry. But as far as my favorite to watch, I like the gymnastic routines. That and all our girls this year are super talented. And young jeez.

  2. If you could compete in an Olympic event (either season), which would it be? 
*snorts* Wow me in an Olympic event? That'd be too funny. Seriously. I'd be like the outlier that we measure everyone else by. 'Wow, he made a serious error there folks, but at least he wasn't the overwhelming mistake of that one competitor from the US'. But to compete... probably some sort of swimming. Not synchronized. Maybe diving. Figure skating seems fun but definitely too many ways to break your damn face for this girl. 

  3. Would you rather be tickled to death or poked (by finger) constantly for the rest of your life? 
What a horrible way to go either way. I hate both of those things. Let me preface it by saying that people have been taking advantage of my ticklish nature my whole life. My brother used to be able to tickle me from a distance it was that bad. So yes, I developed an unhealthy dislike for the sport. So probably poked by the finger *shudders*

  4. Do you keep your nails long or short? Square or round?
I try and keep them long. I bit them for years so it's always a special accomplishment for me. When I file them, I usually lean towards a slightly rounded square. But they always wear themselves round somehow. I don't truly understand that.

  5. Do you think you're funny? 
I definitely have a very particular sense of humor. My husband enjoys it.

  6. When you have something you're looking forward to SO much, but it's still a ways off, what do you do to keep yourself distracted? 
Sometimes I do a countdown. That's always fun and it makes you aware that time is drawing closer. I also start other projects in the meantime to distract myself so I don't think about it so much.

  7. You've just won an Olympic Gold Medal! What are you going to do next?!?! 
[Psst Going to Disneyland is from the Super Bowl, pretty sure]
I'm apparently going to bite it?
Anyone else a bit wtf about that?
Or I could go bang half the athlete's village like everyone else does apparently.
But for serious...
Go the hell home.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

GFC Blog Hop Reunited!!

It's Tuesday again which means it's time for the GFC Blog Hop!
Every week this hop grows and grows. I have so much fun with it and I hope all of you are too! Last week we had our highest link up number with 330 links. YAY! 
I was awesomely excited to be apart of the very first GFC blog hop, and it's grown leaps and bounds since then, in only a few short weeks! When I want to follow a blog the first thing I look for is GFC (Google Friend Connect), it's so easy and  nice to be able to go and see all of the blogs you follow in one spot. It's really a great tool to have. 
One side note- Did you know you can follow through GFC using your Twitter Account? TRUE, it's definitely an option!
If you are interested in co-hosting the next GFC Blog Hop send me an email at
Ok, so let's get to the party, shall we?
RULES are simple:
1. Follow your host via GFC
The First link below
2. Follow your co-hosts via GFC
The Next 8 links below
3. Link up below using your main blog url not a specific post.
4. Make sure to visit some of the blogs in the link up and follow them via GFC 
and if you want to leave them a comment, I'm sure they'd appreciate that as well.
5. Tweet about this blog hop
6. Share about this blog hop by grabbing a button and putting it on your sidebar!