Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Letters ♥

Dear Hubby,
Thanks for Castoreum. I appreciate that lovely description of 'beaver anal glands' that "naturally" flavor our food. Jesus christ, you know I'm picky with food as it is. Now if I see anything that claims 'and other natural ingredients', I'm going to picture giving a beaver a rim job. His words, not mine.

Dear Job,
I'm super excited to have the hours, I enjoy my job, and love the money. But christ I'm tired. Let's let Mrs. White have a breath eh?

Dear self,
I've only just realized why people doubt the validity of my Mrs. White moniker. Apparently it's a Clue character. Who knew?

Dear Katlyn,
Thanks so much for letting me do a product promo on your blog. Another new design that I absolutely love! So sorry I haven't been able to fix the alignment issue you're having yet, but I hope you still love it!

[GO say hi to her and see the amazing!]

Dear Weight Loss,
While I'm super proud of our progress so far, the DQ I just had to ingest is probably not going to help you.
Sorry about that. I caved. If it makes you feel better, my colon doesn't seem to appreciate what I did either.

Dear Stomach,
Hey you. Shut up and take it. We've had this food before. Just because I haven't eaten it in a while doesn't mean we're a wimp. Suck it up cupcake.

Dear Project Runway,
What the hell? Why'd you let the guy who treated his 'shockingly plus sized woman' [a size 14 mind you] like absolute shit stay on the show? I think you're sending a bad message. Makes me reconsider a few things.


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  1. Awh! You're awesome!! Don't worry about the alignment issue.. It seems to be wacky on other peoples blogs as well. It's on the opposite side for others.. Oh well!


  2. hahahaha. The new signature is AWESOME!