Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Design and Bring Home Warden Fund

Hello hello!
It's time for another stunning layout reveal!
I hope you love this one as much as I do!
It's for the group authored blog Sweet Smart Money.

I highly recommend that you go visit it live.
If only for those pink buttons up at the top.
They change color when you hover, and I enjoy them!

It was a joy to work with Jacqui, whom I've worked with before, if you remember correctly.
She's super open to new ideas,
so I definitely got to experiment and play around.
Which, as a creative entity, I LOVE!


Here's where I pander highly suggest my design services to you!
And you wanna know why?
There's a super adorable reason why, swearsies.
Wanna see?
Of course you do.

This is Warden!
Or well, he will be. Currently he's Q M 3.
But when he gets to us, he's gonna be Warden!
He is a black and tan coonhound,
and he's freakin adorable!!
Couldn't you just eat him up?
I so could.

He is the reason why I'm really tryin to sell my little heart out to you.
He's also a very expensive little doggy, and since we're having him shipped from way out yonder,
[aka Tennessee]
he's gonna be even more pricey!
So I'm trying to help us have a buffer between our paychecks and this sweet little monster.
I cannot wait to meet him, and I know he's going to be a handsome boy.

So don't you just want to help a sista out?
I know that I would if I was y'all and readin this.
So if you need some wonderful new blog design,
or know someone who does,
please PLEASE come and see me!
I'd love to hook you up, and have you loving your home page every time you open it!


  1. Um, yes, I'd like to nibble on Warden! That face! Those ears! I LOVE him! Congratulations! I'll keep my ears peeled for blogger friends needing a redesign for sure!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. I really want my blog to look unique and not so plain jane but I don't know how!! I'd love your help! Send me some details please!


  3. I love me some hound dogs... I have three beagle hounds of my own as well as one foster beagle!

  4. Warden is a cutie for sure. Please share some pix when he gets to you. I know you must be excited. Thanks for sharing him on our party today. I could just smoosh