Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loves on a Thursday #6

Why yes indeed it is that time again.
Where we all bounce on over to Lish's blog,
coo over her lovely little things she shares,
and look over what I've dug up as well.

Last week I loved me some bloggers.
And I got some really lovely responses.
Truthfully, I was just happy to share a little love.
I know life gets hard sometimes, especially in the worlds
like the blogosphere where there's always some kind of competition.
Some kind of comparison,
some kind of desire to be something more than you.
And while I think self improvement is always good,
sometimes it's just great to be reminded that someone really likes you,
just the way you are right now.

I am also particularly inspired to share that bit with you,
because I'm seeing so many posts lately on that subject.
The subject of blogging for you
{You'd think that'd be obvious, but even I know it's not sometimes}
and being happy with who you and what you're doing foremost.
So I figured this week I'd share some of those posts!
Some of the posts that I've been loving on!

80/20 Rule
By the lovely Megan
This post personally really touched me. I can really relate to what she's talking about as a fellow perfectionist. I feel like I ruin things all the time just because I have a moment of weakness and show the negative emotions for a few minutes. But if I can manage an 80 percent batting average, I think I can do all right.

Getting Real > Rebelling Against The Rules
By the lovely Kate
I'm quite delighted in finding Kate over at Wake Up, Lovely. I just randomly stumbled across her blog, and she's doing a series about Getting Real in Blogging right now, and this is just one of the awesome posts. I love her style and her voice, and she really makes me want to get better about being me in all this.
Gah I find myself so envious of her, especially her design skills and overall look. I'm trying to get better!

Turn a men's polo into loose top...
By the lovely Lizzie
I could not help but share this one. It's just a beautiful little top she made there. If I was half as awesome at refashioning clothes as her I'd never shop anywhere but a thrift store. That and she looks totally killer with her baby bump. Man, some girls just have all the damn luck. God she's gorgeous.

I'm Doing It.. Or Well, Talking About Doing It.
By the lovely ap
Okay let me preface this by saying I assolutely love this woman. (Imagine this said by the Ramone from Happy Feet) She's witty, intelligent, and tells it like it is. That's a pretty potent combo. This candid talk about pregnancy and your sex life just made me grin and I've never even had kids! She writes in a really relatable way, a way that is definitely 'her', adult without being overtly crass, a balance I hope to find.

Lessons from Date Night
By the lovely Elizabeth
This chick is pretty fly. I will admit. I like reading her blog because she seems like she's in a similar place in her life as I am. Younger, married but without children. You know how it is. So I can really feel good about reading her blog and not feeling like I wish I was in another stage of my life. Speaking of, that post right thurr, is a perfect example. Date night between married peeps and it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy about ma handsome gent all over again.

Blog Speed Dating
By the lovely Nicole
This is another one that has just been plain ol' fun. I love me some link ups, and this one was something I'd never done before. Mainly because I've never been in said situation of 'speed dating', because a) I come from a small town and we don't do those things and b) I'm pretty spectacular all by myself. (i.e. spastic and loud and hard to ignore). Regardless, I had a lot of fun contributing my post to the mix, as well as reading others!

There you are, some of my favorite recent posts.
I hope they help and inspire you just as much as they did me.
Or just give ya a great laugh.
Also, one two more lovely thoughts for you to take with you while you leave.
or well one thought and a question


please tell me who doesn't love that quote.
makes me smile every time.

And a consumer question of the day:
{puts on best announcer voice}
Mrs. White would love your opinion!
She'd like to know what kind of link up
(most likely bi-weekly or monthly)
YOU think would be interesting to see or participate in?

Please leave your comment after the beep...

The Last Thing #4

I missed the opportunity of doing this last week,
but making sure I get back into the fray today!
Thanks so much to Jenna for hosting!


Isn't it so pretty?
I still coo and hold it to my chest.
First off, I have to give mad props to Carly for her custom blog planner she was giving away.
I, sadly, did not win it.
But the idea had gotten in my head and I could not let it go.
So I decided to make my own.
but it's not JUST a blog planner.
It's a year planner for my blog AND real life.
Including shopping lists, meal plans, and monthly calendars.
I want to thank her so so much for the inspiration!

This lasagna. It was pretty dang good.
{Don't you judge my fridge or poor food storage}
I'm also currently enjoying a nice big bowl for breakfast!


Yeah, I'll admit it, I've been watching Tough Love New Orleans lately.
My hubby watches it with me!
And really, well, I'm just pulling for them!

« READ »
The last book I finished reading was

Pretty fun little book. Nice relaxed read.

I get to finally go to one of my sister's ultrasound appointments Friday.
It's a specialist appointment, I am told.
They count fingers and toes and I've never been to one before.
So I'm stoked!

Two things really.
One: I'm quickly approaching 100 followers!
Exciting right? I'm looking to be doing a giveaway when I reach it.
I'm hoping I can get some contributors and/or ideas for budget friendly items to giveaway!
{If you help me, I'll help you ;) }
Two: I'm thinking of doing a once a month link up.
Sort of like a movie of the month club.
Nothing too all consuming. Just having fun watching a movie through the blog community,
and then getting together to share our thoughts.
The idea born from Rae and my swap the other day :)
what do you think?

My husband and I have been really busy lately.
Lots of family things going on to be apart of.
We took some time to just let go and be silly together yesterday.
Driving around town without a real urgency to get to our errands right away.
And taking the best hills we could find,
yelling "Put your hands in the air!" as we coasted down them
and giggling like idiots.
It was great.

Voila! My last things. You should really hop on this bandwagon yo.
Don't forget to go check in over at The Life of the Wife and see what everyone else is up to too :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7 Questions {3}

{ 7 Questions }
thank you Gentri Lee!

1. If you were to start your own business, what would it be?
My husband and I have talked a lot about trying to do a mom&pop style bakery. Mostly single serve things. Some custom cakes and cupcakes. Maybe a breakfast special. Just something fun to do together and leave for our family.

2. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, do you embrace your grumpiness or try to fight it?
Embrace your grumpiness! (haha) I am not always a morning person. I didn't used to be period but I'm getting better at it. So it's known by most of my family just to not talk to me for the first hour or so of my awake-ness. But usually my grumpy notions don't last that long. I tend to get happy again pretty easily.

3. What's the very first memory you have?
I am also notorious for having a very very poor memory. But if I had to think of my 'very first', it's more a snippet than an actual memory. I have a memory of opening my bedroom door, the long hallway covered by one of those handmade braided rugs, and racing up it on little toddler feet. I also have the memory of riding an elephant when I was quite small, thinking the people looked like ants. (Though we all know, an elephant isn't quite that tall.)

4. the world is ending, what do you do? Allow yourself to die? Fight? Hide? Etc.
Wow we sure got heavy quick, hmm? Well since my husband has in depth plans for the zombie apocalypse, I'd say we'd probably do a little of fight and hide. I've shot a gun before. Can even hit something fairly accurately. Plus we have like a party all mapped out already of who we want to stay with us. Best places to hole up. These are conversations my husband and his friends have often when they get together.

5. What is your favorite meal of the day?
Probably dinner. We don't often eat breakfast, and lunch my husband is only home for an hour. So dinner is the time we can really sit down and enjoy ourselves, cook something we want to eat without too much pressure to get it done quickly. This is also the most common meal we share with other people. So that's a perk as well.

6. How do you best learn? Visual? Listening? Hands on?
I guess visually? Visually in the sense that if I write something down it's not going anywhere. Writing on a computer isn't as good for me as physically writing. I used to get in trouble sometimes because I'd doodle in class while listening to help me focus and retain better. That and I love diagrams.

7. What is your favorite joke?
One of my all time favorite (kid friendly) jokes will always be:

What do you call a dog with no legs?
Call it whatever you want, it's never gonna come to you.

Thanks again to Gentri Lee for hosting. I love me some questions, always have!!

Blog Speed Dating?

What kids dream up these days,

This Little Momma

Apparently, Nicole over at This Little Momma
has decided that speed dating is the way to go!
And after reading a few responses,
I couldn't help but join in.

Now I will warn you in advance,
I'm extremely attractive on paper.
But I'm already taken,
So I'm sorry for getting your hopes up early.
But try to resist. For me.

My husband and I are what I think are true soul mates. He was one of my best friends in high school, we made a pact to get married when we were 30 if we never had, and we decided to push it up nine years or so.

We planned our wedding in a week after dating three months. And it was gorgeous. (We married in 2010)

We live in his hometown, and my 'hometown'.

I am currently a homemaker, am more than happy to do this, but am in the process of trying to find a job to beef our monetary earnings.

I am lucky to have my mom be my best friend, as well as having a good relationship with my in-laws. We all live within about a 10 mile radius of one another.

My husband does a lot of the cooking, especially when it comes to meat. But I'm the baker.

I love making things from scratch, especially when it involves the beauty of butter.

I don't like coffee. I have an unhealthy respect for pop though.

I love watching trash reality television. The more weave rippin and posturing the better.

I can watch nearly anything with my husband and enjoy it, simply because we're both two rather sarcastic dry people and comment throughout the entire thing.

I love country music, and have successfully converted my husband into that as well. But we still listen to some of his rock, and both have a cultural fondness for modern Irish music.

I almost never make desserts for myself. I don't mind eating them, but they're not my go to thing. I will make you anything you want should you so much as mention it though.

I'm a horrible people pleaser, even though I can be sarcastic and opinionated to the point of rude. I want to be something meaningful to everyone.

I like to craft and DIY, but have been lacking lately with our personal budget cuts.

I'm my worst critic to the point of meltdowns.

I love nearly all animals mammals. (and sometimes birds)

My biggest goal in my life is to be a good mom.

All right then,
You still with me?
I know, who can pass that up hmm?
I bet you're sitting there at your screen,
desperately wondering if divorce is on the horizon.
And I'll tell you what I tell our Mormon friend;
Fifty pairs of high end heels and we'll talk.

As you can see over on that little sidebar, I'm quickly approaching 100 followers.
I'm thinking of doing a 100 follower giveaway!
Do any of you fine people reading have an idea of budget friendly giveaway items?
If you do, leave me a comment, let me know!
If I decide to use your idea, I'll make sure you get a piece of the action!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding SWAP!

You have no idea how incredibly excited I am right now.
To share my utmost favorite comrade with you has been making me squeal for nearly a week now.
Be prepared, for the AWESOMENESS of Rae!


my best friend’s wedding / as told by rae

Well ! I am so just glad that ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ has led to the formation of my camaraderie with the beautiful Mrs. White.

I don’t know if I can actually backtrack the number of times I have seen this movie, but I’m pretty sure that my ‘mad quoting skillz’ can attest to the fact that I’ve seen it well over the normal average ;)

I simply must agree with my dear friend, if you HAVE NOT seen this movie, then you just simply have not lived. And if this movie is NOT on your list of top ten favorites, you have no measure of sensible enjoyment.

I will also add – that if you are not able to quote this movie, then you have a serious glitch and social lacking in your life. There is a whole cult of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ lovers that thrive off of their ability to relate to and quote this one movie to one another.

With that being said...

Utmost Favorite Character:

Yikes! I’m torn between choosing. Yet…while I’ve always identified with Julianne and thought Kimmy to be so hilarious…I’d have to say my favorite character is George. I know…I know…he’s gay! But he is completely sincere and surprisingly romantic. I always kind of hoped that a guy would whisk me away just like George does with Julianne.

“By God, there’ll be dancing.”

Utmost Favorite Scene:

Jello VS. Crème Brule.

Summarizing does no justice for this scene. You simply just have to see it for yourself, here.

Just know this: Crème Brule can never be Jello.

Utmost Favorite Song:

Okay – this movie has a lot of GREAT songs in it. But once again, I’m choosing the unusual answer.

“The Way You Look Tonight”

Yes please. I would love to dance to this song.

Utmost Favorite Quote:

Impossible to choose! I love them all! No lie. But for your enjoyment purposes, I will list of few of my favs…

“I’m writing it up as inventive…and confident.”
First scene of the movie and Julianne is critiquing food (her job). Subconsciously, I think this is what has given me permission all these years to “pretend” to be the wannabe food critic that I am today. Haha!

“Lower. The pus that infects the mucus, that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum...On the other hand, thank you. For loving me that much, that way, it's pretty flattering.”
Ugh! I can’t believe he went on to make it worse! This is Michael’s comeback to Julianne’s confession. I mean, I’ve always found this somewhat cute. But yet, still so strikingly convicting.

“Who's chasing you? Nobody. Get it! There's your answer.”
Ouch, George. But he’s so right. This one gets me EVERYTIME. How many times have I been that girl? Chasing, only to find out she was never being chased back, or loved back…ugh! It does, however, set the tone for the rest of the movie. Somehow—deep inside, I love that it’s not your typical Hollywood, fairytale-ending movie.

I could go on and on about this movie. Or—I could just tell you to go watch it. Or to re-watch it. Or I could ask for you to share about your favorite parts.

I can (and I will) also tell you to check out Mrs. White’s thoughts over on my blog today!

(click button below)

Chasing Kite Tails

We kind of share some of the same thoughts about this movie. And if not thoughts—then definitely the same passion for it ;)

Love ya girl, so glad were a “Kimmy and Julianne” bunch now ;)

Thank you SOOOOO much Rae for being a fellow compratiate of such a BRILLIANT act of Hollywood gold.
I find it enormously amusing that we share so much of the same thoughts,
especially on the fact of the ending, which I forgot to mention.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Recent Recipes

Hey y'all!
I know I've had some great recipes lately, and I've been trying to find time to get the pictures together to show you them!
But today is the day!

First of all, when my sister visited,
I wanted to make sure she had a bit of sweet.
{though I think she didn't get any}
My hubby and I were definitely in the mood for pie.
But I'm hit and miss with them,
So I wanted something different.

In searching for that certain something,
I stumbled upon this Apple Custard Pie with Cinnamon Strusel recipe.
It seems a bit odd,
but let me tell you,

It was honestly really good with a bit of surprise here and there.
Just enough walnuts to give it a bit of crunch in the struesel,
and the cranberries were a surprise little tart bite,
bringing it all together beautifully.
It takes a little work to prepare everything,
but honestly, with an apple pie of any kind,
that's usually the case.
I also used their crust recipe they have linked.
Not horrible, but I probably wouldn't use it again. Gave me a bit of trouble.

But what I made for our Memorial Day BBQ was even more fantastic!
Mainly because it left my house smelling like paradise.
The cupcakes I made I have dubbed Mango Scented Cupcakes.
I took this Sweet Tea Cupcake Recipe from food network,
and edited it to suit my needs.

I didn't have plain ol' black tea around,
and I also wanted more than 12, since it was for family.
So I doubled the recipe,
but used the same amount of tea bags.
The tea I used was

Mainly because I love the flavor of it,
but don't drink it often so I had a bunch laying around.
But it definitely just makes your house smell so wonderful
with the strong tea brewing.

I loved these cupcakes because they were really subtly sweet.
still very much a dessert but without being cloying.
That and the tea flavoring leads to a very unique sort of flavor combination,
with minimal work. Always a bonus!

Anywho, I hope you get as much from these as I did,
because obviously they ain't here no more

When you make these cupcakes,
tell me what flavor tea YOU use!
I want more ideas!

Puppy Photo Link Up


First through Jenna, I found this adorable little link up, and since I happen to have some fairly recent cute photos of my baby, (and I don't talk about her nearly enough since she's currently staying at my mom's house till I can get a place that has pets), I figured I'd join in!

Thanks to Becky for hosting!

This is Rosie.
She's my chihuahua. She's nearly 9 years old now.
I've had her since she was a wee pup and I could hold her in the palm of my hand.

She is my darling baby. I wanted a dog that was just mine. Loved me best.
She gave me everything I wanted.
{though nowadays I think she loves my husband best}
I miss her, and hope she can live with me again soon.
Also, she always melts everyone's heart,
every single person I've ever had tell me 'oh I don't like chihuahuas they're ugly and loud'
has made an exception for Rosie and leave saying how much they love her!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dirty Secret Saturday

Aw man what self respecting woman doesn't absolutely love secrets?
I think it is bred into our DNA to somehow know {everything} we can about someone.
Even if you don't like to gossip (which I don't),
just to have that knowledge is somehow great.
Maybe this is just me.


entré dirty little secret Saturday!
Yes apparently it is a thing and I am stoked!
As I said, who doesn't like learning all these juicy little tidbits?
There's already some fabulous link ups, and I'm personally loving going around and reading about them.
So I figured I'd jump into the fray.

You ready for this? You should make sure you're ready.

Okay. Here we go.

My uterus is super cute.

I'm telling you.
But let's get down to what that means precisely, and why it's a secret of mine.

See? It's all heart shaped and adorable, right? (not my actual uterus)

You see I have what you call a bicornuate uterus.
It's often referred to as 'heart shaped'
I only found out a few years ago when I had an ultrasound done with abdominal pain.
I still don't actually know the full extent of the condition,
as there are a lot of different degrees of it.
I'm pullin for a mild one.

Why this is such a big deal to me is that my biggest wish in life,
is being a mom.
That is literally the only thing in my life I simply feel I need to accomplish.
I've wanted to have children of my own since, no joke, I was about five,
when I began to help care for my nieces and nephew.

The problem being is there can be a lot of complications with having one of these bad boys,
when it comes to conceiving as well as carrying to full term.
It scares me. Quite a lot.
I want so desperately to be able to give my husband and myself our family,
and I'm far from giving up hope yet as our journey on this particular path is just beginning.
But it's still a very scary, very big deal for me.
especially since there is so much I don't know about it yet,
and let's face it, when I have an unknown thing in my life I tend
to do the super anxiety neurotic obsession about it.

But now you know.
And as I said, isn't it adorable?
But go check out some other secrets too with the hosts and the link up goin on!

Guest Post with Sarah @ All Things Blogs

Hey everyone. Today we have one of my stellar swappers here to share a bit of bloggy goodness about what she does over on her space of the blogosphere. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for having me!
Hi There!
I'm Sarah over at All Things Blogs!
Thanks for having me here today Mrs. White!
This post is about my blog, why I started my blog, keep blogging, and what I hope for my blog to become.

I started my blog because I kept looking at blogs, I felt restless like I should be doing something else.  I realized I wanted to start my own blog, I thought what I wanted was to make my blog all about other blogs and giveaways.  I was totally wrong, I wanted my blog to be a craft blog, this is why my blog is called All Things Blogs.  I actually changed my blog to a craft blog, in March of 2012, that is when I started collecting followers and my blog started coming "alive", I enjoyed building my blog up, linking up to linky parties, doing ad swaps, and guest posting.  I love guest posting on blogs and ad swapping!
Currently I do 2 sponsor spotlights a month, I do guest posts on my blog every 1st of a month.  I do a Blogger Meet and Greet Friday one Friday in each month.
I have currently 25 spots open for ad swaps, 10 open for large spots, which you can only win from giveaways at my blog or others blogs.

I keep blogging because I love to create things and write on my blog.  I am currently working on making my blog bigger and more well known, my bloggy friend taught me how to link up at linky parties, I had heard of them, but at that time I did not know how important they were for getting followers and page views!  She also taught me how to make buttons for my blog, she helped me customize my blog, she basically helped me make my blog what it is know.  I really appreciate all her help.  If my blog wasn't as successful as it is right now I probably wouldn't keep blogging.

My stats as of May is around 151 followers, around 100 page views a day, more if I linked up to more parties. Around 173 comments, my total page views since January 2012  5,867 page views, last month I got 2,139 page views. I am currently trying to get on Craft Gawker, if you have any tips on getting on Craft Gawker please email me at

I have hope for some day that I charge for ads, and that my blog is really well known, you never know it might happen, I hope that someday I will start making money from it, maybe open my own Store Envy shop.
At the time I love to have guest posters and ad swappers! I would LOVE if you would ad swap or guest post on my blog, click here.               

Thanks so much for having me Mrs. White!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Coffee {Hello, I love you ♥}

If we were having coffee today...
I cannot promise I wouldn't make some smart ass comment about your drink of choice,
because it just seems like one of those days today.
But it would be quickly followed by an apology for the constant vibration of my phone,
as my husband sends me his morning love poems.
A fond smile on my lips when I tell you that yes, he sends them every morning.

I'd tell you I'm still missing my sister.
Even though she was only here for three days,
our hug goodbye seemed poignant and tighter than usual,
her eight month pregnant belly pressing into mine,
reminding me that things would never be as easy and simple as they were right then again.
That I sat and cried afterwards,
feeling as if we'd just said an official goodbye to our childhoods.
That I was heartbroken that the brownies hadn't turned out before she had to go,
like somehow that was a really big deal.
That I haven't been able to take down the cabana fort we built together,
even though it hovers over the majority of my living room.

In brighter news, we've stuck to our budget for three weeks now.
That we can live comfortably within it.
That we've put something in our savings this week for the first time in our marriage.
How proud I am of the both of us for being able to remain committed to these life changes,
{Including the smoking habit we both kicked without too much strife}

I'd tell you that my life is good,
That we're in a good place,
that I'm hoping for good things on the horizon.
That things are going well for me in the blogging world.
I've been gaining at least one new follower a day,
isn't that exciting?
I hope to reach 100 soon, though I haven't decided what kind of celebration I'd have,
do you have any ideas?
I also have made some really good friends recently,
and I'm mulling over the idea of having a monthly 'movie club',
movies, both old and new, that we watch and post about.
I'm doing a blog swap with a good friend soon similar to it,
but maybe have a link up monthly afterwards.
What do you think?

By now I'm sure your coffee is getting cold,
and the needs of getting showered and ready for the day are really pressing on me.
But that I'm glad you stopped by again,
even if it was just for a minute, it was good to hear from you.
And that in my own way, I love you.

Don't forget to go visit Alissa and see how their coffee dates are going today too..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Loves on a Thursday #5

It's that time again folks!
This week I decided I was going to do a spotlight on some of my favorite bloggers!
They are listed in no particular order,
and are followed by three adjectives of my own personal opinion.
I hope you go see them today and show them some love or just get to know them,
I {know} you won't regret it.

1. Lish || 2. Rae || 3. Jenna || 4. Carlia || 5. Katie || 6. Digger || 7. Alissa

As always, thanks to Lish for havin me, and go see what beautiful things she and others are sharing today!
Loves on a Thursday

West Coast Blog Hop!

It's that time again! We're hanging out with our fellow West Coasters! Link up with us! 

Are you a blogger on the West Coast?
Are you seeking to find new friends in the blog-o-sphere and possibly in real life?
Well you have come to the right place!

Your Host:
Katlyn @ The Dreamy Meadow

Your Co-Hosts:
Krizmah White @ Little Homemade Housewife
Selena @ A Little Piece of Me
Kailyn @ We Are Young
Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek

What are the rules?
1. Follow your hosts.
If you are interested in co-hosting email me at katlyn[dot]larson[at]gmail[dot]com
2. Link up your home page in the state that you reside in.
3. You see those little Twitter and Facebook buttons? Hit them and share!
4. Grab the button and put it somewhere on your lovely blog!
5. Mingle your heart away & have fun!






British Columbia:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hey Everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to offer some fantastic freebies that I decided to make today.
I ran across the idea somewhere or another, and I thought to myself, what a wonderful world idea.
Sorry I couldn't help it. My mind went there.

So I decided to offer up some social media buttons.
I figured perhaps if people got a taste for free, maybe they'd want to come back
and give me some awesome things to fill my time with!

I've included both a zip and a RAR file that you can download, depending on your preference.
Also the images come separate so you reorder/use whichever way you'd like.
(These are made for a white background, just a heads up)

If you do decide to use them, please, feel free to drop me a comment!
I'd love to see them!
And maybe a shout out too?
Also if you need any coding help, let me know and I'm free to help you get em together.
Think that's all you need to know!


7 Questions {2}

{ 7 Questions }
thank you Gentri Lee!

1. What's your favorite style for home decor? (eclectic, modern, shabby chic, etc.)
I'm not sure I have a favorite style... I guess I'm not as into decorating as others and so I'm a bit lost on that count >.>

2. What is the best trip you have EVER been on?
Probably the only trip I've gotten to go on with my husband so far. We went to Joseph and Willowa Lake. Was a few months after we got married. Not incredibly incredibly far, but far enough that it was a big deal. We had a really fantastic time and even think that it'd be awesome to live in that little town. Besides, they had the best breakfast food we've ever tasted.

3. If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be and why?
Gentri had a pretty awesome idea with fox. But I'd probably have a Fusa. Aren't they so cute?

(Though an otter would be pretty badass too)

4. Do you snore? (you can be honest, we're all friends here.)
My mom does. Like a trucker. My husband doesn't complain, but I think I do sometimes.

5. Your car breaks down on the side of the road, what do you do?
I don't typically drive by myself. So I'd be with my husband, so it wouldn't be too scary. But the one time I did break down, I called my parents who had to drive like 2 1/2 hours to come rescue me because I had no one else to come get me. It was scary.

6. What's one item that has been on your wishlist lately?
Wish list. Let's see..
• Just a little more time with my sister before her world changes.
• For these damn brownies to turn out
And also something like this...

7. It's almost Summer (or winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), what are you looking forward to most?
Probably fishing. When it warms up is the time we do it the most. Or well, at least last year. At some point. I don't know. >.>

So there it is. My answers. Don't forget to go check out Gentri's as well as other contributors!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Planner Giveaway @ Texas Lovebirds

Dudes you have to go check this giveaway out, totes.

(Don't mind the surfer bro lingo)

Carly at Texas Lovebirds is giving away a totally awesome blog planner.
With my obsession with organization and lists lately, this would be totally
and utterly

HIGHLY suggest you go check it out.
Here's a preview!

Definitely her work. I WISH I could do something this cool


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paid Sponsorship Plunge

Yeah I did it.
Plunged into the realm of paid sponsorship.
I was inspired by how easy Passionfruit ads made it, which I first experienced moments ago through The Grant Life.
I was weak, because it was just so nice.
I highly recommend trying it, or at least peeking and checking it out.

I was also inspired by Elizabeth over at Love is the Adventure.
She recently made a post about her taking that plunge as well.
I took her thoughts into consideration and decided to dabble in my own as well.
My prices are low, I promise,
and ad swaps are still available!
{they're my favs}

So maybe someone out there will be interested,
and we'll see how this goes!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sponsor {Love}

Hey everyone!
I'm super excited lately because it seems that I'm reaching more and more people through the blogosphere.
I love making new friends, new connections, it just always makes me so happy.
To even know someone reads any post I make is always a humbling moment,
But to hear that I touched someone with one,

But in continuance..

I wanted to give a sweet shout out to those that are sporting my buttons somewhere along their pretty little sidebars.
Two out of the three I return the favor ;)

Sarah @ All Things Blogs

She's pretty much a super sweety who approached me to swap buttons this month.
(Believe it's the first time /I've/ been approached, and not the other way around so that was pretty exciting for me)
Her little spot on the bloggy world is adorable and always has something sweet and fun to read about.
I believe she's also going to be having a super awesome giveaway in June, so you just best keep an eye out for that!
But go pay her some love and stop by!

Digger! @ Digging Deeper Designs

She is a fantastic lady. Really. She is one of my daily reads, and I love her to death.
Her charm and wit are something that really connected with me, and she's always so blatantly honest about everything that it makes her blog very real to me.
Also she makes lists and I am all about the lists.
She has a new series starting called "Live True Be You".
(I participated!)
It posts every Monday, and I highly encourage you to check it out. Like for serious.

Kelley @ Miss Information

I won ad space from Kelley in a fabulous giveaway.
Mostly because I am a true giveaway addict -especially- for ad space.
To me, ad space is like shoes. It looks great on everybody and you don't have to worry about a wonky fit or clashing decor.
I wanted to share and shout out some love for her as well because she was super sweet and accomodating in getting everything together,
And well, my little piece of ad is there too, and c'mon, that's just nice!

Another beautiful segue...

Doesn't that just look refreshing and delightful?
What a coincidence!
You know what else is refreshing and delightful?
My blog!
canned applause and laughter here
And now you too can be a part of the amazing things that happen here at Little Homemade Housewife!
Just shoot me an e-mail
Sorry had a moment of childlike wondor and I couldn't help that {heehee}

One more thing!


The glow your blog series is just about to start up again!
It goes live tomorrow, courtesy of the lovely Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe and her co-hosts.
It's always a blast. One stop, lots of opportunity to see your blog out there and about.
There's also always a -lot- of people participating, and I find new friends every time I join.
So I highly encourage you to go see what it's all about!

All right folks, think that's about it today. Though I will soon be sharing the most amazing pie I made last night. But my sister's coming over tomorrow and I need to finish cleaning and prepare!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Letters and A Drink in a Starbucks Cup

As I mentioned last week,
I don't do coffee.
So this week it's a homemade batch of tazo passion fruit tea,
In my starbucks container from yesterday.
Our house is always ridiculously short on cups

This week you should be assured that I am no longer an anxiety ridden mess.
At least not this early in the morning.
Since our last coffee date I have:
Worked through making a budget to prepare us for some life changes,
especially saving money.
Have began to successfully plan our meals a week in advance and make only one shopping trip for them a week.
Filled out and turned in a handful of job applications.
Planned to spend a few days with my sister before her belly pops.

Yeah. I've been busy and accomplishing things. Mmhm.

Through reading some of the letters already up this week, I stumbled upon some inspiration from Nay at Cover to Cover and Everything in Between. Go see her letter she wrote, and it's truly quite touching.

But it also made me think of a few people in my own life. And I figured that I might share with you one such letter that I sit here writing.

Dear Boy Who Shouldn't Matter Anymore (And most times doesn't),

You ruined a good part of my life a long time ago. Jesus it's been nearly ten years. Ten years ago I was just a girl. A child. And so were you, in a manner of speaking. But.. I still blame you. I think I always will, because there is no way you could have just done what you did on the follies of youth. I truly believe there is some kind of darkness in you. But that isn't why I'm writing today.
I'm writing to tell you that most days...I'd say 97% of the time...I don't spare you a thought. You don't affect my life anymore the way you used to. You were a stubborn stain on my soul for a really really long time. Something that dictated my actions with people who never even knew your name. But you see, they had to deal with me, and you'd been sure to leave your mark. I still harbor a lot of resentment for you, thinking about you, though most days, I don't. Most days I think: Man if that hadn't happened then, I wouldn't be so grateful now. If that had happened only a few years later in my life, things would have been a lot worse. But when allowing myself just to think on -you-, you should know, I still think you're scum. And I think you deserve it.
I want you to know that I've grown to be a woman I love now. A woman who is still compassionate, still fights for people, still thinks every single person has an underlying of good somewhere. A woman with a husband who loves her so much it's really quite mind blowing. A woman who didn't get pregnant at 13 when you wanted me to. A woman who is, most days, confident in herself and who she is. I had to relearn who I was after you, do you know that? Probably not. It was like recovering from a bad accident, learning things you once knew all over again. My brain blocked you out. I still don't remember that year and a half.
I guess, I just wanted you to know, that despite your and your mother's best efforts, I turned out to be something worth while. Something more than some sick perversion that you both were pushing on me. Something more than a baby who was willing to forsake everyone else for a while. I became more. You? I doubt it. I may still have a moment of panic when I think I see you, see your mother, but it passes. Just like my thoughts of you did.
I'm not that Girl anymore.

Wooh. Sorry about that folks. That took a turn for the dark, hmm?
I also know this ties in with the coffee discussion Alissa opened as well. Courage and loving boldly. It took me a really really long time to learn how to love myself again. To have the courage to be happy and to forget. To move on. It wasn't until I met my husband that I feel like I truly did. To have such a wonderful, magical, awe inspiring love for you so evident every day...It really does heal. He's made me sure of myself, and most days, confident and bold in my own sense of self love and love for my life.

Anyway, I'm glad you guys stuck around..if you did.. {haha}
Go see who else joined for coffee today at Rags to Stitches.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Last Thing #3

Well it's that time again ladies and gents!
Let us proceed my dears!


I totally had a moment where I am sure my face looked like >.< today in real life. I was talking to a manager at a business I might perhaps like to get a job at. (Which also, not fun. At all). She mentions that the work around there was really competitive. I replied 'Oh that seems understandable as you guys work on commission", which is something the guy I talked to when I dropped off the app mentioned. She then proceeds with 'OH reallly? He told you that? He wasn't supposed to. I'll have to talk to him about that. But thank you for bringing that to my attention'. I instantly felt like a heel, feeling guilty for something I probably am not even at fault with and who knows if it'll actually get him into trouble or not. BUT! I still feel wretched about it.


Drama. Plain and simple. I am not used to having female friends, and I've recently developed a nice circle of them, mainly through online contact. But it seems lately, we just can't go a day without having some kind of hurt feelings drama. I keep telling myself, that it's okay, it'll turn out. But it just seems like the world is ending any time it happens with someone, and I just hope it holds. Too many *winkies* in one place.


Monday, (jeez seems like so long ago), the hubby and I went to a Worksource lab to work on our resume. If you don't know what worksource is, it's a state run organization that helps with job searching and whatnot. It's free, lots of great resources. But we both worked on and doctored our resumes to be at their highest potential. It really made me feel good afterwards to look at it, because it does look really nice and professional and they helped me arrange my somewhat spotty work record to not look quite so patchy. So I was pleased!


We got mormon mail! Our mormon friend is currently completing basic training and moving onto MOS apparently. We're super proud of him. He seems to be doing really well, and it's kind of fun to have a penpal, an honest to god snail mail pen pal. {haha}


Refer to the post directly before this. I coveted all those swim suits!


cheeeezeits. So much! I haven't had em in forever, was picking at some at my mom's house, and remembered how much I /love/ them!

All right, that's it for me this week. Don't forget to go check in on what other people answered about, as well as the really touching story that Jenna shared with her The Last Thing I.

Loves on a Thursday #4

I am excited about the warmth coming into the atmosphere nowadays! I'm also discovering these beautiful arrays of plus sized swim suits!

I've never been a fan of swim suit shopping, but I wish I had the money right now that I could buy some of these awesome finds! I've never seen such beautiful things before, and they make me actually think I could wear them!

1. Black&White || 2. Red&Blue || 3. Leopard || 4. Sleeves || 5. Ruffles || 6. Red&Grey || 7. Pinky || 8. Grey

SO yes, do go check out the other entries as well, and I'm super excited to find out what everyone else has been checking out lately as well!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A recap & 7 Questions

Hey everyone. I'm super sorry if you've been just biting your nails, wondering where I've gone.
By that very unladylike noise, I'm sure you haven't.
But I have been insanely incredibly miraculously busy around these parts.
(There may be more detailed posts to come at some point. We'll see).

BUT as for a recap...

Friday: Had a sit down meeting with my parents over some new exciting things in my future. (hopefully)

Saturday: I was out and about with a group of nine other people, most extremely loud and all family, literally from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm. It was an excruciatingly long day. It was a mother's day with my brother and his family. It's a tradition to do it that weekend as it's also Balloon Stampede around here. (I'll probably do a post here after I get some time with some pictures we got of it, explaining it a little better. For now, just go with hot air balloon display at the fair grounds.)
I love my family to pieces but I'm quite used to just being me and my husband with occasional appearances of my mom and in laws. I like quiet and orderly. I like planned and scheduled.
Saturday all that shit was thrown out the window.
Needless to say, exhausting.

Sunday: This was mother's day with my mother in law and my husband's grandma. We went over to grandma's place, had pizza, hung out. Exceedingly chill in comparison of the day prior, but with everything going on, I find myself still running on fumes.

Monday: This was my mom's birthday. I decided that this year I was going to make her have a party. She's never had one in my recorded memory, and she's always sounded so excited over the idea if I ever bring it up, but there's usually some kind of scheduling conflict with -someone- and it doesn't get done.
But this year, it did get done. I also helped with set up and making sure everyone got there so she wasn't stressed. We had a bottle of wine and a half, and sat around the table playing card games.
We were loud, boisterous, unruly, and sometimes downright crass.
But it was a good time. She was extremely happy with how it went, and that made it worth it.

Tuesday: I thought I'd finally be able to have a breather. I did for the first part of the day. But then my mother texted me about a job opening somewhere or other. I've been really trying to pound the pavement to get myself working again just due to the fact that that's where I believe I need to be at the moment. I've had two years to have some fun and alone time with my husband, and I've loved being a homemaker. But I think it's selfish not to at least try and get back into the workforce for now. So I was pried from my bath to go get dressed and make a few rounds. And subsequently plan to do it again for the next few days.

Now, doesn't all that sound exhausting?
{Mostly} worth it. Surely.
But you also gotta add in a healthy dash of anxiety for anything that had gone unplanned or off schedule.
It adds up for a large toll on the psyche,
but even as I right this I find a certain note of pride.
In knowing that I'm accomplishing all this with a marginal sense of flair,
And it's thus far been turning out successfully.
I'm a planner, a list maker, and sometimes neurotic,
but lately I've at least been a successful one!

All that was just supposed to be a quick precursor to seven questions. It was, swearsies.
So let's give it a swing shall we?

{ 7 Questions }
thank you Gentri Lee!

1. Are you a thrift shopper?
I am becoming an increasingly thrift-y shopper. But truth be told, our thrift stores around here aren't that fabulous in my opinion. Some things I'll go browse for, sometimes, but there is just something about them that some days I just cannot handle.

2. You just had a very bad dream, what do you do?
Well if I have a bad dream, I tend to wake up my husband, either through intentional methods or otherwise. We're pretty in sync with one another. Luckily for me, I'm not much of a dreamer, so that cuts down on the bad dreams as well! But when I do, it usually consists of some good hugs and going back to sleep. If it's really bad, I can't sleep afterwards, then that involves some couch time with the lights burning and watching netflix while the hubby dozes beside me.

3. What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?
Tough call.. I usually am in the mood for something and I'm not sure if I have a -favorite-. But if I had to pick one I'm in the mood for most often? Cherry chip.

4. What do you do with your money? (spend it, save it, invest it, bury it, etc)
Recently we've been trying to be really money conscious and save it. It's worked so far, at least we haven't overdrawn, but before that we spent it >.>

5. What was the last quote or statement you heard that really hit you?
I just so happen to have a nifty pinterest board just for these occasions!



Pretty good stuff right? I thought so.

6. What do you do when you're driving alone? (ex: dance, sing, listen to talk radio, etc)
I don't often drive alone anymore, or really at all. {haha}. But when I do, I'm a singer and a dancer. But then again, I'm like that around others too. But alone you don't have to take into account other's song preferences.

7. Did you watch the premier of Bachelorette? If so, who was your favorite bachelor?
Gah no. I don't do 'mainstream' reality shows. e.g. bachlor/ette, idol, dancing with the stars. Anything on abc/cbs/nbc just does not catch my interest. If I'm going to be rotting my brain with trashy reality shows (which I do quite often might I add), I want some good drama, some mindless catastrophes, I want the late night MTV2 specials that you shudder at watching. Those are my bread and butter.

All right ladies (&gents?), I've shared a bit about me, now it's your turn to go out and be fruitful and do the same! Don't forget to go link up with Gentri Lee and see what others have posted too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Urban Decay Giveaway

Gah my weekend has been so busy. And yes, my weekend included Monday this week!

Just wanted to drop in and make a mention of this Urban Decay Giveaway that Lexi from Sure, why not? is hosting. I've never seen an Urban Decay giveaway before, especially with so much swag!

I have wanted to try it for so long, but don't have the funds to mess with it yet. So here's my perfect opportunity!

Maybe some of you will enter too. I hope not though. More chances for me hehe.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

To my Mom

My mom has always been someone truly and wonderfully special to me. She's been the core of who I was for as long as I can remember, and when I'm left without her, I tend to not do as well, even now. My husband has shifted roles of my more consistent dependence to him, but I still need my mom almost on a daily basis.

She's the most beautiful person I know. And, somehow, also the kindest and most generous. She's a woman that not only would she give you the shirt off her own back, but probably her pants, shoes, and jacket too. She's quite literally the glue that holds our whole family together.

She takes on every challenge that we have as her own, trying to find some way to fix it so that we can be happy. She works herself into the ground to try and make sure our lives are grand. It takes some heavy persuasion for her to ever think about herself, and even then, usually it's like dragging a horse by the reigns to try and make her drink.

Even now, if I find myself feeling extremely upset, or incredibly sick, I can't feel better until I call my mom. To cry and not feel judged or pressured to be stronger. To not feel as if I have to be anything but the upset little girl. In those moments when the rest of the world feels too heavy, I know she'll find a way to make me strong again to be able to face it and make it better.

To the woman who never sees herself as beautiful,
but in my eyes is always stunning.
To the mom who's never been afraid to hug, to comfort, to coddle,
I needed you each and every time.
To she who cries at disney movies, who wants to rescue each stray we come across,
Thank you for accepting my torment with laughter.
To the woman who makes me know that if I'm ever half the mother she is,
I'll be doing just fine.
To the mom who is my inspiration of who I want to be,
Still to this day and probably for the rest of my life.
To she who can't keep a secret in our family to save her life,
Thank you for caring to the point of wanting to know it all.
To the woman who teaches me how to face the world with a smile,
I know I'll need it the longer I grow.
To the mom who's still waiting for me to cultivate an obsession with decorations,
I hope I get there someday.
To she who raised me, protected me from myself, and was somehow always my best friend,
The world should take notes on how to handle it with grace.
To the woman who I find hearing in myself more as I mature,
I am secretly so proud.
To the mom who buys easter baskets for our pets..
I love you.
There is no other way to say it,
I love you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

coffee date {caramel apple frap}

If we met for coffee today, I'd probably order a caramel apple blended drink.

Sort of like this but a lot less pretentious since I go to local business coffee shops.
{I don't like coffee, sorry!}

I'd probably start off with finding out what was going on with you this week. What has you excited? Anything bothering you about how things are going? This is just the kind of person I am. I must know what's going on with you, how the mood and atmosphere will be, what kind of visit we will have, before I open up about much.

Will we have a casual conversation? Something that's focused on some quite big news? Or are we sharing our actual feelings today?
Those be dangerous territories darling,
you sure you want to go there?
Well.. if you insist.

This week has begun a slow slipping into something that could be totally great,
or potentially the wrecking of any sort of sanity I've stockpiled in a while.
Yes I believe when we're having good days we stockpile sanity so we can afford to lose it later!

Potentially exciting things are being set into motion this week.
You know, one of those things that you've been hoping for for a long time.
A little jiggling thought in the back of your mind occasionally in your day to day routine.
A small little wish that most days you don't make the focus of your world,
even though some days it becomes that.
Something you've even given up thinking about the day you find out it might actually happen.

Well now that thing seems to be hurtling towards me at light speeds.
And I'm freaking out.
It's a near constant source of anxiety.
Something that is picking at me from several different angles all at once.
Monetary is a big one. Of course. Isn't it always?
Will we be able to afford it? Afford the upkeep for all our dreams?
Afford to start? (that's a major one for me.)

There's also the fear that it will come between me and some people in my life.
That somehow it won't work out,
Or it will be a really exceedingly difficult ride,
And it will come between me and people I truly care about.
{and whose relationship I've had to work really hard on getting where it is}

I can imagine you asking how I'm dealing with these things.
Because I know you're all just that sweet
And my answer? (beyond the woman's best well known lie of I'm fine)
Would be that I'm going neurotic.
I'm getting to the point where I'm trying to hyper organize everything.
I'm trying to find as many and the best coupons possible so I have hopes of helping us save up money.
I'm outlining and reoutlining various rules that we absolutely -must- follow for the upcoming months.
Any time anything doesn't fall into these little rigid lists,
I inwardly have a full body wince and paranoia.
least it's still inwardly?
My poor husband is going to have to live beneath the rule of the neurotic notions I'm scribbling into my notebook.
At least for now.
I hope just for now.

I guess that's the problem of having your hopes set on something,
This one thing
That if you only could do this one thing your life would get so much better.
So if it is actually here, I anyway,
begin to flip the [obscene word] out and begin to second doubt -everything-,
oh yeah, second doubt, way worse than either second guess or doubt.
because what if it doesn't make things better?
What if it makes things worse...

By now I'm sure you're on your like fifth cup of coffee,
and my neurotic babbling, coupled with your intense caffeine buzz, is driving jitters through you,
and you're just wondering in your head, over and over,
'god why did I open this gate?'
Well it's time to release you my friend.
And hope that you don't report me to some mental authority out there,
And maybe we could do this next week?
No? Maybe?
Thinks you'll somehow 'lose' my number...

Today's crazy rambling is brought to you by Alissa.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

West Coast Blog Hop!

Okay so I think this is one plain fine idea.
I heart me some WEST COAST love!
Don't you?

West Coast Blog Hop

Katlyn over at The Dreamy Meadow (whom I found through Twitter, lovin it!) is hosting it this week. Hopefully there'll be a bunch of interest and we can all hang out and talk about awesomely West Coast things.
I'm sure there's something!

Until then, go check it out for yourself!!

Loves on a Thursday #3

Now I'll have two things to have fun with on Thursdays, right?
{Here's hopin!}
Lish has her, as always, treasured Loves on a Thursday post up and runnin and here I am to join the link up!

This week I decided to feature some of my favorite baby shower cupcake designs.
I got volunteered to help with them for my sister's baby shower coming up in a few weeks,
And I've been researchin
So here's the faves I've come up with so far!

1. Baby Rattles || 2. 'Swimmers' || 3. Feet prints || 4. Bears and Rattles || 5. Baby "Shower" || 6. Safari Themed

And! As I was browsing to get the source info, I found this darling design, which may be my new favorite.
I'm a sucker for mustaches


All right y'all.
You know the drill from here.
Loves on a Thursday
Go join in on the fun and check out other people's loves with Lish and give her some support for me!