Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Last Thing Thursday #2

Truth be told, last Thursday (believe it was actually Friday I stumbled on it), I had a lot of fun doing this. While I mimiced the style that Jenna had last time, my husband helped me throwing out these seven categories this morning before he headed off to work. So I figured I'd see what came of doing it 'freestyle'.

onwards to...


Digimon...Digital Monsters...

can you sense the flat pitch of my voice when I said that?

Yes my husband decided we must watch 'a piece of his childhood' last night. I tried. Truly, I did. But after a certain point I just said 'this doesn't make any sense' and went to sleep. If this earns me the bad wife award, well then, so be it.

« ATE »

It's gonna be a bagel with cream cheese here in a minute.
{My tummy's grumbling as I post}

« MADE »

That was my tarts :)

Here if you want to see more about them.


Oh that was last night when I helped my mother in law with her excel spreadsheet charty business. My husband was the one who actually figured out the exact place, but I was almost there, and plus he'd never have helped if I hadn't sat down. Hehe.


A coupon/organizational plan for our shopping.
We're trying to actively save some money for some big purchases coming up in our future,
and since I currently don't work
I felt this was a way I could contribute.
So I've already apologized in advance
for whatever Nazi-ish tendencies I might develop over our spending.
But I'm hoping it'll work out great!


I think I tried to start up Skyrim for a while. It obviously didn't do it for me for the time being, as I'm only pretty sure and not entirely. hehe.


I wrote a small little thank you note to Courtney when I shipped her her Walla Wallat prize from my giveaway. ^^

The Life of the Wife

So now, be gone! With all of you! Go check out other's linking up as well as Jenna herself and maybe even participate yourself this week!


  1. This tarts need to get in MY BELLY now!! Thank you SO MUCH for linking up twice! I'm so glad you like it! See ya next week! :)

    1. Thanks for having me! And so glad you came by!