Sunday, May 13, 2012

To my Mom

My mom has always been someone truly and wonderfully special to me. She's been the core of who I was for as long as I can remember, and when I'm left without her, I tend to not do as well, even now. My husband has shifted roles of my more consistent dependence to him, but I still need my mom almost on a daily basis.

She's the most beautiful person I know. And, somehow, also the kindest and most generous. She's a woman that not only would she give you the shirt off her own back, but probably her pants, shoes, and jacket too. She's quite literally the glue that holds our whole family together.

She takes on every challenge that we have as her own, trying to find some way to fix it so that we can be happy. She works herself into the ground to try and make sure our lives are grand. It takes some heavy persuasion for her to ever think about herself, and even then, usually it's like dragging a horse by the reigns to try and make her drink.

Even now, if I find myself feeling extremely upset, or incredibly sick, I can't feel better until I call my mom. To cry and not feel judged or pressured to be stronger. To not feel as if I have to be anything but the upset little girl. In those moments when the rest of the world feels too heavy, I know she'll find a way to make me strong again to be able to face it and make it better.

To the woman who never sees herself as beautiful,
but in my eyes is always stunning.
To the mom who's never been afraid to hug, to comfort, to coddle,
I needed you each and every time.
To she who cries at disney movies, who wants to rescue each stray we come across,
Thank you for accepting my torment with laughter.
To the woman who makes me know that if I'm ever half the mother she is,
I'll be doing just fine.
To the mom who is my inspiration of who I want to be,
Still to this day and probably for the rest of my life.
To she who can't keep a secret in our family to save her life,
Thank you for caring to the point of wanting to know it all.
To the woman who teaches me how to face the world with a smile,
I know I'll need it the longer I grow.
To the mom who's still waiting for me to cultivate an obsession with decorations,
I hope I get there someday.
To she who raised me, protected me from myself, and was somehow always my best friend,
The world should take notes on how to handle it with grace.
To the woman who I find hearing in myself more as I mature,
I am secretly so proud.
To the mom who buys easter baskets for our pets..
I love you.
There is no other way to say it,
I love you.

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