Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Last Thing #4

I missed the opportunity of doing this last week,
but making sure I get back into the fray today!
Thanks so much to Jenna for hosting!


Isn't it so pretty?
I still coo and hold it to my chest.
First off, I have to give mad props to Carly for her custom blog planner she was giving away.
I, sadly, did not win it.
But the idea had gotten in my head and I could not let it go.
So I decided to make my own.
but it's not JUST a blog planner.
It's a year planner for my blog AND real life.
Including shopping lists, meal plans, and monthly calendars.
I want to thank her so so much for the inspiration!

This lasagna. It was pretty dang good.
{Don't you judge my fridge or poor food storage}
I'm also currently enjoying a nice big bowl for breakfast!


Yeah, I'll admit it, I've been watching Tough Love New Orleans lately.
My hubby watches it with me!
And really, well, I'm just pulling for them!

« READ »
The last book I finished reading was

Pretty fun little book. Nice relaxed read.

I get to finally go to one of my sister's ultrasound appointments Friday.
It's a specialist appointment, I am told.
They count fingers and toes and I've never been to one before.
So I'm stoked!

Two things really.
One: I'm quickly approaching 100 followers!
Exciting right? I'm looking to be doing a giveaway when I reach it.
I'm hoping I can get some contributors and/or ideas for budget friendly items to giveaway!
{If you help me, I'll help you ;) }
Two: I'm thinking of doing a once a month link up.
Sort of like a movie of the month club.
Nothing too all consuming. Just having fun watching a movie through the blog community,
and then getting together to share our thoughts.
The idea born from Rae and my swap the other day :)
what do you think?

My husband and I have been really busy lately.
Lots of family things going on to be apart of.
We took some time to just let go and be silly together yesterday.
Driving around town without a real urgency to get to our errands right away.
And taking the best hills we could find,
yelling "Put your hands in the air!" as we coasted down them
and giggling like idiots.
It was great.

Voila! My last things. You should really hop on this bandwagon yo.
Don't forget to go check in over at The Life of the Wife and see what everyone else is up to too :)

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  1. I watch Tough Love with my hubby too, haha! Just found your blog, can't wait to read more!