Thursday, May 10, 2012

Loves on a Thursday #3

Now I'll have two things to have fun with on Thursdays, right?
{Here's hopin!}
Lish has her, as always, treasured Loves on a Thursday post up and runnin and here I am to join the link up!

This week I decided to feature some of my favorite baby shower cupcake designs.
I got volunteered to help with them for my sister's baby shower coming up in a few weeks,
And I've been researchin
So here's the faves I've come up with so far!

1. Baby Rattles || 2. 'Swimmers' || 3. Feet prints || 4. Bears and Rattles || 5. Baby "Shower" || 6. Safari Themed

And! As I was browsing to get the source info, I found this darling design, which may be my new favorite.
I'm a sucker for mustaches


All right y'all.
You know the drill from here.
Loves on a Thursday
Go join in on the fun and check out other people's loves with Lish and give her some support for me!

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  1. Ohh those look so yummy!!!!! Party planning/researching is so much fun!! Love your blog redesign btw..been meaning to write that for awhile! Thanks again for linking up!