Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bright and Beautiful May!

Good afternoon, dear blog friends. It is now officially May! I hope April treated you well, for us it was quite wet and dreary part of the time, though quite bright and nice the other. Very off and on. We had some excitement, some pit falls, and all in all, it was pretty much the epitome of what can be expected out of life, eh?

Now...let me let you in on what May means to me (this far)...

• First and foremost, there is always mother's day...
This is pretty big around my house because well my mother's birthday also happens to fall right around there. Some years it's actually the very same day. This year it's the day after. I also have the joy of still trying to make sure my mother in law is taken care of as well. (after nearly two years of marriage I'm still finding this somewhat trying at times. I grow more worried about kids when it comes to this)

• New Sponsors...
I do have a new sponsor this month! She is very much a sweet gal and I'm going ot be quite excited to have her guest posting some time in May. Do go check her out! (pssst it's on the left there...all things blogs... click it...do it!)

• Book Club!
So I'm not sure where I've been hiding under the rock not to know about Mary Kate's Book Club she runs with a few affiliates.

Now I've never actually been a member of a book club before, but I'm quite excited to give it a go this month. Apparently there's some huge link up at the end, and we all talk about it, get together like hens and/or hyenas as my hubby likes to say. I've always wanted to do something like this at some point in my life with my love of reading, but I don't actually have a whole lot of friends here in my hometown. I'm quite the hermit sometimes. So this kind of opportunity is perfect for me! So I'm yes, excited, think I mentioned that. This month the book is Kelle Hampton's Bloom. So.. wish me luck yeah? Or join in as well! (I hope you take that option)

• I've done my first bit of designing...
Okay so obviously not my first first bit. But my first bit for another person and their blog ^^ I'm honestly quite happy with how it's turned out so far. As you may, or may not, know, Amy from Up Mommy Creek was the winner of a custom bloggy facelift. She chose the option of a new facebook cover photo for her blog's page. I was super excited to toy with a few ideas. I think they turned out quite nicely too! I gave her a few options since she only elected the one thing.

A simpler design...

And a scrapbook concept.

(These have been resized a bit so that's the reason for the poorer quality)

SO yes! I think that's it so far... And it's only just beginnin. Hopefully I'll have some more to show and share throughout the month since I know that April (towards the end) was a bit abysmal around here. Also, if you're interested in perhaps gaining some design for your very own, do get in touch with me and we'll work something out that's sure to be astounding!

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