Monday, May 28, 2012

Recent Recipes

Hey y'all!
I know I've had some great recipes lately, and I've been trying to find time to get the pictures together to show you them!
But today is the day!

First of all, when my sister visited,
I wanted to make sure she had a bit of sweet.
{though I think she didn't get any}
My hubby and I were definitely in the mood for pie.
But I'm hit and miss with them,
So I wanted something different.

In searching for that certain something,
I stumbled upon this Apple Custard Pie with Cinnamon Strusel recipe.
It seems a bit odd,
but let me tell you,

It was honestly really good with a bit of surprise here and there.
Just enough walnuts to give it a bit of crunch in the struesel,
and the cranberries were a surprise little tart bite,
bringing it all together beautifully.
It takes a little work to prepare everything,
but honestly, with an apple pie of any kind,
that's usually the case.
I also used their crust recipe they have linked.
Not horrible, but I probably wouldn't use it again. Gave me a bit of trouble.

But what I made for our Memorial Day BBQ was even more fantastic!
Mainly because it left my house smelling like paradise.
The cupcakes I made I have dubbed Mango Scented Cupcakes.
I took this Sweet Tea Cupcake Recipe from food network,
and edited it to suit my needs.

I didn't have plain ol' black tea around,
and I also wanted more than 12, since it was for family.
So I doubled the recipe,
but used the same amount of tea bags.
The tea I used was

Mainly because I love the flavor of it,
but don't drink it often so I had a bunch laying around.
But it definitely just makes your house smell so wonderful
with the strong tea brewing.

I loved these cupcakes because they were really subtly sweet.
still very much a dessert but without being cloying.
That and the tea flavoring leads to a very unique sort of flavor combination,
with minimal work. Always a bonus!

Anywho, I hope you get as much from these as I did,
because obviously they ain't here no more

When you make these cupcakes,
tell me what flavor tea YOU use!
I want more ideas!

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