Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sponsor {Love}

Hey everyone!
I'm super excited lately because it seems that I'm reaching more and more people through the blogosphere.
I love making new friends, new connections, it just always makes me so happy.
To even know someone reads any post I make is always a humbling moment,
But to hear that I touched someone with one,

But in continuance..

I wanted to give a sweet shout out to those that are sporting my buttons somewhere along their pretty little sidebars.
Two out of the three I return the favor ;)

Sarah @ All Things Blogs

She's pretty much a super sweety who approached me to swap buttons this month.
(Believe it's the first time /I've/ been approached, and not the other way around so that was pretty exciting for me)
Her little spot on the bloggy world is adorable and always has something sweet and fun to read about.
I believe she's also going to be having a super awesome giveaway in June, so you just best keep an eye out for that!
But go pay her some love and stop by!

Digger! @ Digging Deeper Designs

She is a fantastic lady. Really. She is one of my daily reads, and I love her to death.
Her charm and wit are something that really connected with me, and she's always so blatantly honest about everything that it makes her blog very real to me.
Also she makes lists and I am all about the lists.
She has a new series starting called "Live True Be You".
(I participated!)
It posts every Monday, and I highly encourage you to check it out. Like for serious.

Kelley @ Miss Information

I won ad space from Kelley in a fabulous giveaway.
Mostly because I am a true giveaway addict -especially- for ad space.
To me, ad space is like shoes. It looks great on everybody and you don't have to worry about a wonky fit or clashing decor.
I wanted to share and shout out some love for her as well because she was super sweet and accomodating in getting everything together,
And well, my little piece of ad is there too, and c'mon, that's just nice!

Another beautiful segue...

Doesn't that just look refreshing and delightful?
What a coincidence!
You know what else is refreshing and delightful?
My blog!
canned applause and laughter here
And now you too can be a part of the amazing things that happen here at Little Homemade Housewife!
Just shoot me an e-mail
Sorry had a moment of childlike wondor and I couldn't help that {heehee}

One more thing!


The glow your blog series is just about to start up again!
It goes live tomorrow, courtesy of the lovely Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe and her co-hosts.
It's always a blast. One stop, lots of opportunity to see your blog out there and about.
There's also always a -lot- of people participating, and I find new friends every time I join.
So I highly encourage you to go see what it's all about!

All right folks, think that's about it today. Though I will soon be sharing the most amazing pie I made last night. But my sister's coming over tomorrow and I need to finish cleaning and prepare!

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  1. LOL! How funny. I literally JUST put your button up and then I see this post :) Haha, YEY it's official - you're up <3 :)