Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We went to Narnia...

Okay so perhaps not (technically).
In reality, my mother and I opened a bottle of wine and looked through old memories.
Including, but not limited to, fifty year old hair and my baby teeth.
(Still shuddering over those)

A box filled with nostalgia.
Memories from clear to my great grandmother,
trinkets, things I'd never even truly heard of.
Also baby propaganda from the fifties.
You know, all those little fifties adverts that the internet loves to make fun of now?
These were originals!
It made us chuckle.
"Always make sure to close your pins, that way if junior swallows it, no harm will be done."

First and foremost, this post is dedicated to my grandma.
We lost her nearly three years ago.
I still miss her.
Wasn't she a looker?

Second and lastmost before we go exploring...
I apologize for the pictures.
I didn't have my glasses.
I'd had two glasses of wine.
Directly overhead lights on granite does not equal great pictures.

These were my grandma's baby shoes.
(They still have a bronzed pair somewhere. A few I'm told)
These were baby shoes with buttons. Real live buttons and not just mock buttons.
Can you imagine getting a wriggly baby into these things?
I can hardly imagine why we put shoes on em in the first year anyway.
They never stay on.
Apparently you had to have a little crochet hook looking tool to do this easily.

This apparently is how we used to dole out prescriptions.
I just found it so quaint and cute.
(Child lock, not always there)
Fun fact: this was from when my mom nearly broke her spine jumping off a cliff.
Another fact,
My mom's name isn't Candice.

This has apparently traveled a few generations.
Was my grandma's, my mom's, and mine.
(That's me in the picture)
It's a baby ring.
First question of my mind?
Why would we put a ring on a baby?
Don't they constantly stick their hands all up in their mouths?
By proof, obviously I never swallowed it.

These are the last bits I just wanted to show because they were cute or interesting.
From the top, left to right.
A turquoise detachable watch band
A pearl collar women would attach to their shirts as an accessory instead of a necklace.
"The story of Jesus in words of one syllable"
(No joke, the whole book, all in one syllable words)
A hat pin (for ladies)
A silver mustache comb and case.

Lastly, this was something I found really special and the origin of this post was to share this piece.
This belonged to my great grandma, Agnes.
It was basically an autograph book for your school friends at the end of the year.
{Pre yearbook I suppose}
It was writ between the years of 1908 - 1914.
And the inscriptions, when you think they're graduation wishes...
Are a little morbid sometimes. (You'll see what I mean)
But all the handwriting was entirely beautiful,
Neat cursive, written with calligraphy-like pens.
I just wanted to share with you, with myself,
A place for these writings of people that are almost positively all passed away.
A small remembrance for the children of Deep Creek.
To Agnes..
Many kindly thoughts of thee
In my heart shall-dwell,
O'er life's rugged-away,
I wish you well.
Miss Agnes,
When the golden sun is setting,
And your mind from sin is free,
And of absent friends you are thinking,
just stop and think of me.
Dear Agnes,
Remember me early,
Remember me late,
Remember me at the golden gate.
Dear Agnes,
We tread through fields of speckled flowers,
As if we did not know,
Our father made them beautiful,
Because he loves us so.
From her sister...
Dear Agnes,
Roses are red,
And violets are blue.
Like maple sugar,
I love you.
Friend Agnes:
When hills and vales divide us,
and you I cannot see.
Just take a pen and paper,
and write a line to me.
My Dearest Agnes:
This world that we're a living in,
Is mighty hard to beat,
We get a thorn with every rose,
But ain't the roses are sweet.
Dear Friend,
Forget me not,
Forget me never,
Till the golden sun is set forever.
My dearest Agnes:
When you get married,
And your husband is cross,
just use the toe of your shoe
and show him the door.
Dearest Agnes -
This world is hard to beat,
But if you want to beat this world
you must call on me.
Dear Agnes:
When the golden sun is setting,
And your heart from care is free,
And of others you are thinking,
will you sometimes think of me.
Dear Agnes,
Remember me when far away,
Remember me when near,
Remember me when in my grave,
And shed for me one tear.
Dear Agnes:-
I wish you wealth,
I wish you health,
I wish you gold in store.
I wish you heaven
after death,
What could I wish you more?
Dear sister,
When your work on life is o'er
And death has closed your eyes,
May the angel softly guide you,
To the home be'ond the skys.
Dear Agnes
May the friends around you twine like bugs on a 'tater vine.
Dear Agnes,
Within this book so pure and white,
Let none but friends presume to write.
And may each line in friendship given,
Direct the readers thoughts to heaven.
From her brother--
Dear Agnes:
My years be made of sunny days,
And life's own skies be blue.
And may your Birthday ever see
your dearest dreams come true.
When the leaves of this album
is torn with age.
May your name be written,
in the book of gold.

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