Friday, May 4, 2012

The Last Thing Trial Run

You know when you're looking through your blog roll, not really intent on finding anything just yet, but maybe some inspiration for something to post on? Yeah I do that all the time. Today I found yet another little link up business, and well, those that I can do and participate in with others and not have to actually do a physical project, well just .. call me your girl! (Damn that sentence just kept running on and no big finish even).

Well originally through I found this at The Sasse Life, but through her I got to find a new blog to stalk visit, The Life of the Wife. She seems pretty swanky so far, and well, she's the creator behind 'The Last Thing', which in a roundabout way of saying, is what I'm doin here today. (Apparently work outs make me incredibly circular in my thinking).

SO! Without further adieu....
P.S. yes I stole the formatting. It was cute and figured I'd try something fun

The Last Thing I...
{Motivation Edition}

Worked-Out On:

Me and the hubs did this today. Hour worth of work out with the big JM, and you definitely feel it.

Wanted to Buy When I Get My Legs TONED:

I love the color of these. Plus well, I like shorts though don't have many of them. I don't mind my legs, but I'm also rather short and it's hard to find ones that look right.

Bought That Was Healthy:

Is it the most jaw droppingly healthy thing out there? No. But it's good for us. We're just startin' out on this healthy business train.

Bought That Was Not-So Healthy:

OH how I love it *sigh* I had me a chicken nugget craving on our way home from the in-laws and I just could not resist. That and the large salt loaded fries. Yum.

Pinned for Motivation:

I couldn't help it, this always makes me smile.

Got that motivated me:
That look on my husband's face when we are in the middle of working out. I work out better when he's with me because I know I'm his motivation. We'd both rather be sitting on the couch, doing nothing, but if I can get us started, I know that we'll both be happier for it. (that and some unmentionable flexibility in another area...)

So a big thank you to Jenna, the Wife, for giving me something to steal and do my own thing with. Because well, let's face it, we all know I like the lists and things that I can gain motivation from! Don't hesitate to go join up too, will be super fun!

The Life of the Wife

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