Friday, June 29, 2012

Why I Almost Cried at Work Yesterday

[This Story is inspired by this awesome thought process idea from Kate]

Let me backtrack for a moment.
As you may have read somewhere, I tend to be a perfectionist.
No where is this truer than in my assimilation of information.
I hold the opinion [mainly from large reinforcement from my teachers and family]
that I am a fairly well read and intellectual individual.
Ever since this discovery was made,
(early childhood as far back as I can remember)
I've always been pushed for greatness.
No this isn't one of those times I'm going to blame society for making me an overly neurotic freak.
I'm just sharing a bit of back story.

So with this expectation clutched close to my delicate formulative psyche,
I developed the expectation that I should learn and grasp and excel
at all information/new learning I was given the first time around.
And you know what?
Most times I did.
I was fortunate that way.
But another problem arose;
When I didn't? I suffered an immense meltdown.


My mom got calls even.
Calls that I was sobbing uncontrollably and nearly hysterical.
Because I didn't understand something.
I think this was the bare bones of my anxiety that I carry around with me began.
It wasn't pressure from everyone else,
it was pressure from myself and my perpetual need to please.
My need to make everyone happy and proud,
to ensure my intelligence and ability were never doubted.
As time passed, I began to learn more and better ways to cope with this.
And I thought I had moved past that time in my adult life.

Cue yesterday.

Yesterday wasn't my brightest shining moment.
I held it together, but I felt like I was in school all over again.
Presented with an overwhelming tidal wave of information,
I could just feel it seeping into my brain,
but my brain was already an over-saturated sponge,
and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to keep that information in.
And as I felt it dripping back away out of my memory and retention,
I felt that heavy riptide of emotion and down right panic beginning to well up.
Though luckily, I fought it from my eyes.

My supervisor is a lovely lady,
who puts no pressure on me whatsoever.
She tells me I'm doing well all the time.
But she knew something was wrong. Said I was giving her 'serious face'.
I quietly assured her it was fine, and was determined not to show her my 'sobbing like a four year old child' face.
After reassuring me [again] that I didn't need to pick up on this all right now,
we sat down to take some notes on what we'd just went over.

But I just felt helpless. Hopeless. Lost.
I knew the rest of my day wasn't going to go over well until I'd had myself a cry.
But I refused to be the girl who was crying on her fourth day.
She asked me what was wrong,
and I just assured her I was trying to make sure I was learning everything,
said I was fine for about the millionth time,
and luckily my boss came along to check on us and I had a moment to reel it in.
My supervisor, not so easily fooled, told me to take a break afterwards and to
'come back when I wasn't frustrated anymore'.
She's a saint, really.

So, I went out to what I have mentally deemed as my quiet bench.
It's a bench that resides outside the hospital,
and is typically unoccupied and it's not too busy in front of it.
It's outside, and it's usually quiet.
A place already I use to unwind a bit if I need to.


Unwinding yesterday included calling my mom and shedding a few tears.
I sniffled and told her how overwhelmed I was feeling,
and let it out for a moment.
I'm not afraid to be honest with my supervisor,
I usually tell her when I'm feeling overwhelmed and we're fine.
But today I just had that overwhelming emotional panic,
and I couldn't 'unleash the whole crazy train' on her after four days.
An actual quote I told her yesterday.
I'm glad I did, and it allowed me to set it aside and try to move on for the rest of my day.

Needless to say, my main problem with this whole situation
is that I thought I had moved past this overreaching perfectionism to learn something instantly.
Maybe I just haven't had to learn anything in a while.
I have no idea. I'm still feeling a bit drained.
Maybe I'll have an epiphany later.
I guess I just wanted to share one of those moments of my reality,
where my life isn't quite so sunshiney.
"Tell the story of your “ordinary.” "

Am I the only one?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giveaway From The Grant Life!

Hey y'all!
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Loves on a Thursday : Make Me Up

Hey beauties!
You're lucky I get to go in a bit later today, otherwise I'd already be at work ;)
But instead I decided to make sure I spread some Thursday Love!
{Since otherwise all I have to look forwards to is another TB Test >.<}

My first frivolous purchase in a long time
came last night with someone lovely starting their new custom blog design with me!
And since I'll be getting my first paycheck next Friday,
My hubby and I agreed I could afford to do a little guilty shopping.
So I definitely found myself some new makeup goodies.
[I've already purchased the eyeliner and primer showcased below]

But the rest of these lovely things are
severely outside my price range.
{save for maybe lashes. maybe}
and so I figured I'd just share them and ooze rather than do a naughty click.

•The numbers don't cooincide to anything. I haven't figured out how to do that yet >.<
•The first lashes shown are not available anywhere yet, but were apart of a tutorial I saw. SO gorgeous. they have lashes AND lace on them! I want!!
*Whiney grabby hands*

As always,
Go check in with LISH and see what she's been up to!
She's pretty awesome I must say.
And she always finds the prettiest things!
Go forth m'dears!
Be fruitful!

Loves on a Thursday

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bloggy Bookclub Week 2

"Good morning!
What can I get for you today?
Is that a 16 oz or 20 oz large?
Is that a 12 oz or 16 oz medium?
2 percent or nonfat?
I'm almost caught up with ya!"

Welcome to my vocabulary/what I've been hearing for the past two days.
In case you didn't hear, I've got a new job!
I'm working as a Barista at one of our local coffee shops.
I've never worked in coffee before, and it's a mind blowing good time.
Good news is I'm really loving it.
The girls I work with are great. The people are great.
Everything is pretty fun.
The slightly lesser fun stuff is I'm exhausted!
Who knew four or five hours out of your day could leave you so tired?!
I haven't been working for 2 years now guys, bare with me.
I have a whole new respect for you ladies that blog and have a job.
Seriously, I don't even work that much and I am like...
"I'll get to it soon...*SNORE*"
So I'm super sorry if you've been feeling neglected from my sunshiney face!
Give me a grace period to adjust to this whole work force thing again,
and I promise I'll get back on track!

For now, don't forget to enter into my great giveaways
here and here.
And here's my latest thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey.
The lovely discussion questions provided by Miss Katlyn.
{Also go contribute to what we'll be reading next!}
Don't forget may be some mature content for them peepers!

"Ana seems to be weak but yet is argumentative with Christian. Do you feel as if the author was to draw here a backbone and make her appear to be stronger in Christians eyes? Do you feel that by her doing so Ana's innocence was lost a bit?"

'Ana seems to be weak'. Agreed. Innocence lost? Not so much (unfortunately). As I mentioned last week, I got fed up with Ana's syrupy sweet saccharine kind of nature. Not a big fan. I like my girls (both in real life and in stories) to have a bit of depth and reality to them. So she was a virgin at first. That's not what I'm arguing. I'm arguing about her one dimensional problems with never moving past that stigma. No matter how much she and he do, it seems like she's still stuck in this delicate little flower mindset, even as she's being flogged and gagged. Mmhm. right. Do I think the author was trying to give her a backbone? Maybe. Who knows, I try not to speculate what the author of books are trying to do. Do I think it was successful? Not really. I will give it to her that I enjoyed the fact that she didn't just fall into line with 'yes sir no sir'. I liked that little bit of fight in her. She just lacked a lot of other things.

What are your feeling about Christian Grey's ever changing personalities?

I like that about him. I like his character, mainly because he has a lot of depth to him. And I'm still wondering why he doesn't like being touched. (Not enough to continue reading the series, mind you. Besides I've heard a lot of horrible crap about the next two books) I like his back story not being one of delight. I like that he has layers and that he's not always the same one faceted individual. I think that's what makes him interesting. Do I think he's a bit temperamental and easily set off? Mm perhaps. But then again, so are a lot of men I know. I also think, with him being this way, those moments of his softness are a bit more enjoyable. They make you smile a little as you read them just because they are rare, and he doesn't even seem to understand them himself. To watch a character begin to evolve without their consent is always fascinating.

So there's your latest installment of my gripey opinionated fest.
I'm sorry if it seems really negative, but I like to discuss things,
and when I'm asked my opinion, I tend to give it exactly how I feel.
Did I enjoy reading the book? Yeah it wasn't bad.
Was I left disappointed? Mmmhm.
But that's okay. I don't mind being disappointed in books.
Doesn't mean I regret reading them. :)

ALSO! Since I'm not sure the next time I'll feel like posting,
{haha you guys were lucky I'm just outa the bath and still awake)
I wanted to show off my latest design!
I worked with sweet delightful B*. She's pretty dang awesome.
And working with her was AMAZING!
She's sweet and easy to get along with,
and besides she had a pretty color pallet and idea!
So go give her a looksee and give her some love from me!

The Modern Muse Award

Hey y'all! Today we'd like to share a little something fun with you!

Do you know Kassi of Truly Lovely? She's one of my newest bloggie friends! We've joined together and decided to spread some positive support around blog land!!! To do so we created a BRAND NEW blog award of sorts.

Modern Muse Award

The Modern Muse award is for those blogs that are continually working to share inspiration throughout blog land! Be it through tutorials, how tos, featuring other bloggers, consistently commenting, etc...

Each of these fun blogs is continually showing support for other bloggers including me here at Little Homemade Housewife!!!

Today I'd like to award The Modern Muse to....

Kate of Kate Henley

Katie of Little Becky Homecky

Melissa of The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife

Katlyn of The Dreamy Meadow

THANKS for being a POSITIVE inspiration to us and your other followers/readers/friends!!!!

So, the entire point is to keep the support and POSITIVE rolling! Here's where YOU come in! First, please click over and check out the blogs we've awarded above... say Congrats and share some encouragement with them! ;) Then click here to visit Kassi's post to see who she awarded The Modern Muse award and share a little encouragement around with her awardees.

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Let's spread a little LOVE and SUPPORT around blog land, eh peeps! :)

And go!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway with Rae!

Hello all my lovely dears!
My oh my do I have something special for you today!
Today you are once again going to meet my dear dear friend Rae.

If you didn't meet her last time, she and I instantly bonded
over an insane love of My Best Friend's Wedding.
Go ahead and read it if you want. This'll be here when you get done!

All right. All together now?
Moving onward!
Today I am highlighting Rae and her darling little gift shop.
We decided to do a giveaway guest swap!
So if you go visit her, you'll be able to win somethin spiffy from me!
As you continue reading,
you'll be able to win something from her!
Now. Without further adieu, let us commence!

First off my dear, for all those viewers who don't know, what do you make/sell?
I make Mini Personalized Pillows! I sew them by hand and I also hand stamp them to customization! Right now, I am selling them for $3 each. Each pillow usually comes out being the size of a deck of cards. And I offer lots of fabric choices that you can choose from! These pillows serve as great home/office decor...or thoughtful gifts :)

What made you choose these? What meaning do they have to you?
I graduated from Nyack College (Nyack, NY) a little over a year ago. At the time I didn't realize this, but looking back I now know that losing nearly 20 pounds, my loss of appetite, having dizzy spells, fluttering heartbeats and chest pains, experiencing extremely irregular periods -- was all due to stress.

I'm the type of person that doesn't mind taking on new challenges. I enjoy trying new things and stepping into new experiences, but I think that I underestimated the actual pressure that my graduating season was bringing on. And rather than stopping to evaluate how I was feeling, I neglected to realize that, even though I didn't "feel" stressed...I, in fact, was. And it was my body that was left carrying all that pressure.

Since then, I have traveled a long road towards understanding when I'm under pressure and how to healthily handle it (and even prevent it) -- as opposed to plowing through my obligations and demands without evaluating my heart.

Surrounding myself with positive reminders: quotes, inspiring words and Bible verses has been one way to help deal with my stress. Even if at the moment, I am not stressing or freaking out, being able to surround myself, daily, with uplifting messages somehow seeps into my heart and my brain, preparing me to stay calm for those rough patches that WILL come to pass.

Using these pillows to surround myself with good messages is just one of the many ways I've learned to cope :)

I also love the idea of making something by hand. When I give these as gifts, I know that I didn't just shop the store for the cheapest or even the most impressive gift. I make every pillow with great care and passion. I take pride in giving out these seemingly small tokens -- as it has always been said, "It's the thought that counts."

what's your favorite part of creating them?
My favorite part of creating the pillows is how still it forces me to be. I'm not running a machine nor am I making short cuts to make these pillows - sometimes I prick my finger and sometimes my neck gets cramped if I stitch for too long :) But I love how it sits me down and actually stills me, if even just for an hour or two. It's rest for me :) I usually just put on Pandora and let it stream as I stitch and sew :)

I also love how tiny and cute they are! I mean, I know they are too little for my head - but I just want to cuddle up with them!

Are there any fun new things coming in the future?
Once life slows down a little bit, I'm hoping to start making some Lavender Filled Sachets (again, little tokens that just seems to be a helpful aid during times of stress) and Mini Tooth-fairy Pillows!

I'm also thinking of how I could start making pillows for holidays! :)

Would you buy those?!
{So would. Wouldn't those be adorable?}

Down the road I might open up an Etsy shop. But that all depends on how life's directions lead me in the next few weeks and how successful this shop turns out to be!

I would love to someday be a part of a blog shop meet up - but it seems those things are never happening in the East Coast!!! :(

Isn't Rae the absolute coolest?
I happen to think so.
That and she's just a genuinely kind person.
I'm not sure I've ever met someone as genuine and sweet and loving as her.
She makes me feel all warm and fluffy in my tummy,
somewhat like I imagine Pooh feels.

Now, for all you eager readers who are awaiting the stupendous giveaway!

what do you have to giveaway to our awesome friends today?
3 Mini Personalized Pillows + 2 Mini Personalized Pillows For A Blogger Friend of Your Choice! :)
HOLY CRAP! Wow what a deal huh?

for some reason I LOVE that little bumble bee!

Aren't y'all just chompin at the bit in anticipation?
I know I am!
If Rae wasn't makin em I'd totally win some for her.
Just sayin
But as it were,
I suppose I'll keep my greedy fingees out of this pie.
So go on me hearties!
Go forth and win some awesome booty!
(Yeah I lapsed into pirate speak. You just wish you were me)

don't forget to go check out what I'm giving away too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 22, 2012

Confessions, Flashbacks, Letters (All for my Husband)

Hey y'all!
Today is a very special day.
It's my husband's birthday!!
My darling is turning 24 today and is again in that
6 month bracket where he's a year older than me.
So I decided today I'd do a bit of everything I see around,
with it all dedicated to him!
so without further adieu!

Flashback Friday:
Courtesy of Danielle

July 30, 2010

I still remember this moment, vividly.
It was afterwards. The sun was setting.
The photographer that our pastor had found for us for free
was directing us. Telling me to look up at my new husband.
And I was in awe. I couldn't believe it.
I couldn't believe we'd actually done it.
It was a Friday we got married,
we'd decided to get married that prior Sunday.
We'd been dating for three months.
We'd told our parents,
we'd met a pastor and he'd told us that he honestly felt we'd make it.
He'd offered to have the ceremony at his farm out near my parent's house,
and arranged a photographer for us. All free of charge,
because God knew we had no money (haha).
My mother made my wedding cake,
a dream she's had since I was born.
And we invited all our closest family.
The ceremony probably had 15 people there.
And you know what? It was perfect.
Absolutely, blissfully, perfect.
Because I had this man finally and forever.
That's the moment you're seeing.
that moment that I realized 'wow we actually did it,
and he's actually mine.'

Confessional Friday
Courtesy of Leslie

1. I confess that in the above story, our romance seems incredibly whirlwind. And for the most part, it was. Okay about half part. You see, I've always loved my husband. We went to high school together. He was one of my closest friends. He was the one I always ran squealing for whenever he entered the room to give a huge hug (no joke). He was the one who never made me cry (a lot of my 'friends' tended to) but rather always listened to me when I did. I loved him then, and always wondered if we could make it as a couple. But we never had that chance, because he had a long distance relationship for the entirety of our four years.

2. I confess that I'm glad we never tried it in high school. In high school I was a commitment-fobe and any time a boy got serious about me I booked it faster than he could try and hold me. My husband has been looking for 'the one' since about third grade. You can see the obvious issue.

3. I confess that one of the most best memories I have from college is coming back that first break and seeing him. He was the only person I'd kept in touch with since we graduated. He had his own apartment, and I went to visit him. He cooked tombstone pizza (one of his staples) and we sat and ate it in his hallway as I sat in his lap and talked about boys. (I tended to do that a lot with him). We played smashbrothers, which at that time I only did because he liked it, and watched Jurassic Park (one of his all time favorite movies). It was blissfully uncomplicated, one of the only things in my college experience that was.

4. I confess that I truly believe in soul mates, and that I believe my husband is mine. A boy I loved because he was always there, and a man I love for the same reason. It scares me sometimes when I realize the full depth of love I have for him, how much I'm lucky he's in my life, and how helpless I'd be without him. He has made my life what it is today with his constant support and unflinching faith. He sees the best in me, and helps me to see it too.

5. I confess that I miss him every moment he's away. Even during his 8 hours of work. I would rather spend 24/7 with him, and have. For about a six month period at the beginning of our marriage, we were both unemployed. We spent every single minute together, and I loved it. (No money sucked, but eh). Everyone was surprised we seemed so happy never being apart. It's still true today.

Friday's Letters
Courtesy of Ashley

Dear Husband,

This is the third birthday we've been together. Remember your first? I was so nervous because I was meeting your parents and your grandma for the first time. They all intimidated me. I was so anxious, and I made every single thing in my baking/cooking repertoire (which was a lot less back then, though you didn't now that) to try and make them like me. How I followed your dad around trying to make him talk to me? How your mom and I hit it off right away? I remember it all. In that little green house of your grandma's. I loved that house. I miss it sometimes.

Remember last year? I made you that cake based off of one flippant response that you weren't even really serious about.

Yes, that's transformers vs zombies. Two of my hubby's favorite things

It was the first surprise I'd ever been able to do for you. It was so hard to keep it from you, to not say anything. God you have no idea. But it was so worth it to see your face, how excited you were, how much of that child like wonder there was that made me ache to know how beautiful our children will be. I promise this year's will be even more cool. I've got practice in secret keeping from last year, you ain't gonna know what it is until Sunday!

I just want you to know that you are my strength. My focus and my center. You keep me on track and growing all the time. You're there each and every time I cry, even if I don't always want you there. It secretly means the world that you still stay close. Even if for an instant I dislike you, I always love you for it afterwards. Thanks for always chasing me. Always wanting me. Always touching me. You've kept your promise since that first date. Prince of Persia, remember? I made you promise you'd never stop touching me (being affectionate people, don't get all gutter in this sweet moment). And you haven't. That's monumental to me.

I'm sorry that sometimes I'm still waiting for the bottom to drop out on me. It's a hard habit to break, and I swear I'm working on it. I almost never get that feeling anymore. Thank you for always being there to pick up the pieces I shatter myself into on a regular basis. And thank you for always going places with me, especially if it's a social event. I know you're uncomfortable sometimes, but my family loves you, probably more than me, just like my dog. I only half mean the fact that I don't like that my dog loves you more. I don't mind it. She's always been an excellent judge of character.

I promise to you that I'll always try. I'll always try and make sure you know I love you, that I want you, that I never want anyone else in my entire life. Marriage is forever, we both know that, and so far, I've never looked back. And I don't intend to. My life is pure bliss now, and so constant that I'm actually starting to relax in a way I've never known how to be in a relationship. I promise not to get too complacent with you, and to always try and dshow my appreciation for everything you do for me. We've grown a lot since that first night we met together after so long. And we've grown together. Which is the best treasure of all.

I love you, more than I ever thought possible.


Loves on a Thursday #8

Hey y'all!
(That's yo ho me hearties in pirate speak!)
Welcome to Loves on a Thursday,
that I'm giving to you on Friday,
because my Thursday has been busy!
Still counts right?

Now...if you don't know by the end of this,
What one of my all time favorite things is...
well... I'm sorry.
You just might need help!


As always,
Go check in with LISH and see what she's been up to!
She's pretty awesome I must say.
And she always finds the prettiest things!
Go forth m'dears!
Be fruitful!

Loves on a Thursday

Some More Sponsor Love!

HELLO sweet darlings!
{Sorry watched Mrs. Doubtfire today}
Since I was somewhat lacking on the blog front yesterday,
I've promised to make Friday a fun full packed kind of day.
I'm startin with a roundup of some of my brand new swappers!
Some new exposure or somethin brought em in
GFC hop *cough*

Lindsay @ Little Mudpies

"Hi!! I'm Lindsay, the Momma behind Little Mudpies. I love chocolate and wine. As a Momma of two boys I am learning to Embrace the Chaos that is my life. Little Mudpies is a record of my every changing journey though Mommahood. I share recipes and tutorials too. I recently opened my Etsy Shop and I couldn't be happier. Making jewelry has always been a passion of mine, and now I get to share that. I'd love for you to stop by and say "Hi!" sometime!!"

Paige @ The Eloping Stethoscope

"Hi, I'm Paige! I'm a newlywed nursing student and I love all things crafty, so much that I started making my own jewelry to satisfy my crafting needs. I run Eloping Stethoscope where I blog about newlywed life, nursing school stress, new recipes we try and other random things. My husband and I love to watch tv and our favorites are Sons of Anarchy and Game of Thrones. I love meeting new people and finding new blogs to read so stop by sometime! "

Sarah @ City Girl Gone Country

"I'm a 20-something-year-old college student, a native Californian, and a wanna-be Texas resident. Social media intern by day, Photographer and jam artist by weekend and night. I use my blog to post DIY tutorials, Heart-Healthy recipes, and funny rambles on my life as a city girl living in Texas."

Have you checked out my sidebar,
under my gold star moments?
I got my very first blog award last night!
I was so excited!!
{Still am!}
Thanks so much to Pamela for contacting me and giving it to me!

Fellow Also,
throwing up this rafflecopter to win a new camera!
(Seems like lottery odds hehe)
But! Figured I'd share it with y'all!
nikon is not working with me or my blog a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's Been Up Today

So sorry my dearies
for a lack of a post today.
I've been super busy!
My inbox has been flooded lately,
and I've been dealing with that in between actually doing things in the out and about land.

For those of you new to the program,
I was just hired at a local coffee shop as a barista.
Well this coffee shop happens to be in a hospital.
And as such, apparently I require a BUTTLOAD of shots to be able to work there.
Immunizations that perhaps some people already have,
and I do not. Or am not sure I do.

By the by, I am a huge needlephobe
So this was not a pleasant thought plaguing my morning.
Also, had to take my husband to work,
so I could use the car, since we only have one.
Lots of organization and being on time.

I came out of the employee health nurses' office smiling!
Can you believe it?
It was actually one of the least stressful medical procedures I've ever had.
{Yes my 'needlephobe' tendencies run to pretty much anything medical. Yuck.}
I had three vials of blood drawn, two vaccinations, and a TB skin test.
I came away lookin like a mummy!
But well, it's all done and over with now. So.
All's well.

I've also been on pins and needles (har har)
waiting to see if my sister was going to be induced today.
Seriously we're just waiting for her to drop the kid.
She's 80% effaced,
or in hubby term "80% in launch position"
and 3 cm dialated.
She also lives an hour away so me and my mom are on the jumping every time the phone rings kick.
But alas, no baby inducin today. (whew)

I've also got my first paid order for a custom blog design!
Isn't that exciting??
Thanks so much to my bestie Rae for the referral!
And working on getting some giveaway prizes all done up.
Busy busy busy.
Also, this song won't stop crooning through my head.

the line "come back to me..and forgive everything!" ahh chills every time!

Random Mrs. White trivia fact:
Moulin Rouge is probably one of my top five movie picks of all time. Maybe even top 3.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some New Designs

Hey y'all!
I hope you've been havin a blast with the blog hop,
and the rad giveaway goin on.
Another thing I wanted to show off today are some of my latest designs.
I've worked pro-bono with these two wonderful ladies,
to help get my design juices goin and get my name out there!
So I wanted to share them with you today to let ya see what I've been up to!
<(Also to give you a preview of what might be possible should you win the prize from my giveaway!)

Jamie was my very first install!

She had an awesome concept and knew just what she wanted.
She also gave me the creative freedom to play with new elements,
such as the large dream catcher that scrolls outside her frame.
Don't forget to go check her awesome weight loss goals and give her some love!

Danielle was the first person to take me on as a designer.

She had a design element she wanted to work with too.
I was super excited to recreate dandelions in an adult,
yet still fun and whimsical way.
I think it worked out beautifully.
Also, she'd never done a custom install before,
and I think we got through it really painlessly!
Go see her awesome new confetti project that's to die for!

Bonnie was my first ever paying customer!

She got an advertise button and some banners
for her new series Just Sayin'!
It's starting this Friday, and you should really participate!
Make sure to stop by her blog and give her some love from me!
She also has a 'shop hop' on Thursdays I'm plannin on joinin :)

If you're interested in an awesome design of your very own,
don't hesitate to visit my shop!
And don't forget to enter my giveaway,
where you can win your own bloggy facelift!
Also keep an eye out over at Carly's Blog for her 100 follower giveaway comin up,
where you can earn a coupon of 25% off an item of your choice from said shop!
Also, Alissa over from Rags to Stitches is having a Group Sponsor Giveaway starting today! Go see what you can win!!

Bloggy Book Club, Week One, 50 shades of something

Hey y'all!
I hope you've been enjoying all the buzz around here lately!
From my 100 follower giveaway,
to the GFC Blog Hop that just won't quit growing!
I've never been apart of something so big!

Today I'm linking up with one of my sweeties Katlyn over at The Dreamy Meadow.
I've wanted to do a book club for a while now,
and since I adore her, figured I'd try out hers for my first!
This month we're reading 50 Shades of Grey.
(Yes I rolled my eyes too a bit. Don't worry)
But I figured, well, why the hell not? Not like I have anything better going on.

I will warn you, that throughout this book club, given the nature of the book itself,
there may be some adult content mentioned/discussed.

That's just the thick of it ladies, so put on your big girl panties.

So here are the first week's questions.

"There has been some pretty 'harsh' thoughts about this book, saying God will be ashamed of you if you lay your eyes upon the pages of this book due to some graphic scenes between Ana and Christian. Do you agree or disagree with this? Does it matter to you how these people are feeling? How do these thoughts and feeling make you feel?"

Oh man. Can of worms, right? I'll preface this by saying that my beliefs are my own, yours are yours, and just because they don't line up, doesn't mean we can't still be friends. I personally don't read a lot of news or watch it either. I am perfectly content in my own little local world, and figure if something affects me, I'll hear about it one way or another without wading through the political garbage every day at 5 o'clock. This means I haven't heard much of that particular business. But I will tell you one thing, I disagree with it. If God is ashamed of me because I'm reading a 'mommy porn' book, then I'm already six degrees of fucked because I've read plenty worse and more graphic stories than this. Not to mention things I've actually done. So, yeah, I'm not to worried about my eternal soul because I happened to read the trending panty twister of the month.

"Ana seems to be bewildered with the thought of Christian Grey and all that he is the the begining chapters of this novel. How do you think her reaction about his physical appearance and self awareness of himself was depicted? Did you feel as if Christian Grey was amused by her inexperience with interviews or simply intrigued with where she was going next?"

"Wow" "Oh my" "Jeez" Those are the three contributing bits of dialogue for Miss Ana. No joke. If you don't find at least one of those (though more than likely all three) on each page, then I'll be a monkey's uncle. Because I swear to god, those three phrases started my teeth grinding about halfway through the book. I'll remember some others the further we get along. To sum it up, I think Ana is a boring character. Her bewilderment and fascination is plausible in the beginning, I suppose. But honestly, throughout the book, the more I read, the more I began to sing "Sandra D" from Grease every time I thought about her. I felt like Rizzo, going 'come on, you know what the program is now, have some fun with it! Get beyond your fragile little exterior." The thought of him being the first man she's felt serious attraction to, that part wasn't horrible. I know that feeling, personally. To find someone who actually intrigues you enough to be fully interested. Besides, men like that, they do tend to have a twittering effect on us poor lady folk. As far as Mr. Grey, I think he was amused by her reactions. By her fumbling formality that probably triggered a bit of interest in him. That and well, she did fall into his office, quite literally. Who wouldn't wonder where that was going?

All right. Satisfied with our first installment?
I am, for now. And yes, I plan on being this opinionated about the whole process.
I figure that's what book club's about, right?
Don't forget to go check in with Katlyn and see what other people are thinking.
Surely I'm not the only opinion out there!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GFC Blog Hop!

I am super lucky to be a co-host of the first ever
(to our knowledge)
GFC hop!
Don't we all love some longtime followers?
I know I do.
So here's Melissa tellin ya just how to get in on the good!


I am so excited to introduce a new Blog Hop to you! There have been tons of blog hops for every which way to follow someone except I have not personally found a GFC Blog Hop, so I decided to do one! 

When I want to follow a blog the first thing I look for is GFC (Google Friend Connect), it's so easy and it's nice to be able to go and see all of the blogs you follow in one spot. When I first started a blog I had no clue what GFC was but later found out it was great tool to have. 

One side note- Did you know you can follow through GFC using your Twitter Account? TRUE, it's definitely an option!

If this GFC Blog Hop goes well I would love to do it either bi-weekly or monthly, if you can leave a comment letting me know which you would prefer that would really help me decide!

Also if you are interested in co-hosting the next GFC Blog Hop send me an email at

Ok, so let's get to the party, shall we?

RULES are simple:

1. Follow your host via GFC
The First link below

2. Follow your co-hosts via GFC
The next 9 links below

3. Link up below using your main blog page not a specific post.

4. Make sure to visit some of the blogs in the link up and follow them via GFC 
and if you want to leave them a comment, I'm sure they'd appreciate that as well.

5. Tweet about this blog hop

6. Share about this blog hop by grabbing a button putting and putting it on your sidebar! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

100 follower GIVEAWAY!

Hey y'all! It's that time!
I promised you a giveaway for helpin me reach 100,
and the time is here to shower the goodness upon you!
Are ya ready?
I know I am!

I want to give a SUPER BIG THANK YOU
to the fine ladies that deemed to participate.
You are totally and fully the best.
For serious.
Onto the goods!

From Moi:

As well as....

From My Other Beautiful Ladies:

U.S. Only

U.S. Only

If international winner chosen, another will be drawn for the U.S. only prizes

See? A little somethin for everybody!
Winner takes all.
The giveaway will end June 30th.
Thanks so much everyone for participating
and helping me reach my goal!
200, here I come!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Hey y'all :)
I'll be honest, I didn't plan on writing this post.
Father's day to me has always been somewhat taboo.
It's always been somewhat odd, somewhat uncomfortable in some ways,
and now, later in life, it's growing more hectic.

I have three father's day appointments scheduled today.
yes three.
And that's why my days are busy.
Because if I'm doing something for somebody,
I have to make sure everyone who falls in that category,
gets something done as well.

Growing up,
(talking gradeschool)
father's day was awkward because I came from a rural area.
It was the nineties and divorce hadn't quite skyrocketed,
especially in my neck of the woods.
I think I was the only little girl in my class who didn't have a daddy to make a card for.
(Or whatever we were making that year)
So I had to explain, time and again,
why I was making something for my grandpa,
and my brother.
(He's 20 years older than me to the month. I grew up with his kids. He's been a fatherly influence on me)
It was awkward, and I didn't like it.

Then the man who I call my dad came into the picture when I was about 8.
It was a long, hard road.
You couldn't have put a more horrible match together if you tried.
We were both so similar, yet so exceedingly different,
as well as each having, respective, issues with having a dad or a daughter.
It was really bad for a good while.
So that kind of ruined father's day for me for a while.

Fast forward to now,
and not only do my dad and I have a great relationship,
but I also still very much idolize my grandpa,
and while when I've grown up my brother has become more of a brother to me,
I now have a phenomenal father in law.
So yes, there's the three dads I'm meeting with today.

So, I wanted to share some things that my dads have imparted onto me today.

My Brother Taught Me:

•If you can take something apart, most times, you can put it back together again.
•Hugs never go out of style.
•Make the best out of the situation that you're in right now.
•The best car waxing technique.
•That no matter what, I have a safe haven with him. That I can come to him whenever I just need to 'get away'.
•That something doesn't have to be conventional to be amazing.

My Grandpa Taught Me:

•Be respectful of your elders, even if sometimes they're wrong.
•True and lasting love exists, if you're not afraid to work for it.
•Marriage vows last forever, not just when things are smooth.
•If you want something, you have to work for it.
•Love never dies.
•Music is a beautiful and wonderful thing.
•Family always comes first.

My Dad Taught Me:

•Sometimes things aren't easy. But don't give up. They'll turn out.
•Always turn a light off when you're done using it.
•Being frugal isn't always a bad thing.
•It's okay sometimes to not want to love the world.
•Sometimes there really is a gem underneath all that dirt.
•Don't run a car over a garden hose or an extension cord.
•Love comes in more than one pretty package.

My Father in Law Taught Me:

•First impressions aren't always the best ones.
•That my husband will be a wonderful father.
•That my husband will always be a caring and doting husband.
•That my husband will always be a fox!
•Even though I may be difficult sometimes, our marriage stands a good chance.
•Always act with integrity and honor, regardless of what people say.
•A real depth of kindness and understanding, as well as surprising humor.

So I'd say, in conclusion,
that even though those first formulative years of father's day were kind of unhappy,
they were worth it.
Because I have a pretty stellar line up now.
And I love them all.
Very much.
Happy father's day to all my dads!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Angels Halfway Linkup

Hey y'all!
I don't know if you knew,
but I've been participating in an awesome little project called
Blog Angels

[I'm hopin they decide to do another one next month, for all you peeps that might want to give it a go]

Well part of the parameters of participating was being willing to do a half way post
detailing how the project has been for you so far.
So guess what? That's what I'm here to do.
It's also still ultra hush hush who and how you're helping,
so it'll be a better more fun surprise at the end.
So I'm gonna borrow the questions that Rosie shot us
in an ultra helpful reminder to get our butts on board!

What have you learnt about yourself from helping another blogger?
I enjoy supporting others. I kind of already knew that, but at the same time, doing it on a consistent basis has really helped me to grow in blogging. A more consistent shout out on twitter/facebook as well as helping to support publicize/participate in whatever I can has been a lot of fun.

What has been the most fun thing about being a Blog Angel? What has been the most frustrating?
I think the most fun is seeing the happiness that a simple thing like 'good job!' makes people. I know it does it to me. since I've been trying to get myself out there on a more regular basis, I've been getting more comments of my own as well, so I know how awesome they are. The most frustrating? Probably the fact that I don't have her on my blog feed. (which come to think I might have found a way to make sure). So I have to make sure to remember every morning to go see her instead of just catching the newest story on my daily feed.

Has being a Blog Angel changed your approach to blogging? How?
It has. I think mostly because it's showed me how it does take a bit of effort to write a supportive message, and that getting feedback on a message is really super cool. So it's made sure that I take the time to reply to every single one I get. Also, it's given me more courage to do things that I want to do instead of what I think other people might like. (coincidence, turns out they're usually the same thing)

How have you made time to help someone else out?
I make sure every morning, in amongst the daily skimming/reading I do of everyone else's blog, I make sure to go check in with her. See what she's doing? Check on her tweets. See if I can help promote anything or comment.

Have you been trying to work out who is helping you or are you more concerned with helping others?
Goodness I have absolutely no idea who mine is. I haven't been trying too much. I've been so busy with giveaways and all that kind of stuff that I haven't given it much thought. but whoever you are, thank you so much! Because I know I've felt a lot of love lately.

How does being a Blog Angel affect your experience of blog land?
I think it's brought me a lot closer in the community. Before, I was beginning to kind of step a toe in to see what it was like and finding it amazing. I'm beginning to get more immersed, more involved, more friendly with everyone. Did you know that nearly everyone who has a blog is like totally sweet and cool? At least all I've run into. Must run in the genes ;)

TO her
I've had fun following you along so far.
and I hope that I've been doing a good enough job of boosting your spirits.
I know that I could be doing more, somehow,
I'm sure of it. And hopefully I'll be struck with a bolt of genius.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sponsor Showcase : June

Hey everyone!
I wanted to participate in somethin today
that I think is always super sweet.
Featuring your sponsors and helping them grow.
Amanda & Tricia are facilitating that today!

So I definitely wanted to hop on board!
Here we go!

Digger always writes poignantly. This post in particular demonstrates that.
I love just about anything Rae puts her hands on, but her post on distractions really hit home.
Uhm hello, Amanda, what do you have for us here? An amazingly delicious looking smoothie, that's what.
Kelley did a fabulous job on her restyle of her toms and I want some!
I always empathize when Megan posts about when things aren't perfect. Hits close to home.
Katlyn brings a short but sweet light to our real superheroes.
Jeanne made this absolutely delicious looking recipe. Plus her kid is stinkin adorable.
Baylee's post about her Grandma is definitely heartfelt.
Carlia shared some absolutely stunning pics of her time spelunking! That's just jealous inducing exciting.
Carly talks about things that her students have taught her. A beautiful post.
Alli shares another brilliant recipe, pizza is always a-ok in my house.

First off, my 100 follower giveaway starts THIS MONDAY! Some of my fine ladies are helpin me by donating to it!
Amanda is most obviously hosting this link-up ;)
Kelley is hosting a June Group Giveaway that starts up on the 20th!
Katlyn hosts an awesome bloggy book club. 50 Shades of Grey this month. First link up is the 19th :)
Carlia is doing an awesome 100 day challenge all about goals and keeping them.
Alli is a co-host of an infamous Meet and Tweet Link Up.

via dig deeper design studio

via Chasing Kite Tails Gift Shop

via Pure Trinkets

Woooh! All right then.
That took a bit of collaboration but I did it!
Make sure you go check the link up and see who else is being showcased!

Loves on a Thursday #7

Hello my lovelies!
thanks so much for following along once again.
I can't help but enjoy this new polyvore thing.
It made this so much easier,
even if it's a little less 'strictly me',
it was a lot quicker and
I think it looks nice, and well,
I like to experiment.

Don't forget to go give Lish
some ultra fabulous love on my behalf.
for you know I'll be linkin this up with her for her,
Loves on a Thursday.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Current Song on Mashed Button Repeat

Regretfully, I have no idea what blog I was reading,
ha found her. It was Jennie over at Oh...This is Awkward
{God I love her blog name}
though I remember someone her mentioning
that she has the same habit that I do.

Why yes, Jennie, this happens to me too.
But I also think it's perfectly normal.
We gravitate towards what we like,
so why not listen to what we like,
constantly. over and over. on repeat button mash mode?
Least that's my philosophy.

My latest song crush?

Love Bites - Halestorm
**warning, some graphic language**

And Here's Why:

• I dig chick rockers
I don't listen to rock as much as other genres. But when I do, it's usually because I'm in the mood to feel a bit powerful. And how much more powerful can you feel than listening to a chick totally rock out balls out? Not much is my opinion.

• I like songs where women are strong
This goes with the point mentioned above. I tend to be a bit loud and out there. I'm by no means a shrinking violet. (P.s. where's that term come from?) So I love listening to a song where a girl's like "Yeah. I'm not afraid to be a bit hard and domineering. What?"

• I just love the great tempo and energy of it
Again, it's what I look for in a rock song. I listen to other genres for more 'everyday easy enjoyment'. I want somethin awesome and with a high energy vibe when I listen to rock. That and it's not too screamy.

SO. I think you should give it a listen.
I have been at least once (at a minimum) a day for the past week or so.
Pretty sure my husband's a bit sick of it truthfully.
But I still love it!
P.S. Thanks to my darling Mr. for the recommendation on what to post about today!

Current Cravings

I am quite curious why I've never discovered this before!
Polyvore seems incredibly fun,
especially when you are at a total stump what to post for the day ;)
though I'm sure that never happens to you.

I stumbled upon this interesting website accidentally through Her Late Night Cravings.
There was a post about Current Cravings, and had some lovely little dealies.
So I clicked on it, thinking to expand it, and voila!
I always wondered how these adorable little things were created,
but figured there was some lost on me secret to it.
Turns out, There was
Shame on y'all for not sharin with me!

So here it is, a cute little outfit that I'd adore to have.
I'm really all for the coral/mint(turquoise) aura that's all around right now.
I'm also a fan of the browns and mustards also thrown into it.
So I figured I'd share a little bit of what I found.
This probably won't be an often occurrence,
Since I am by no means a fashionista, nor is this a fashion blog.
But it was fun to play around with for a while!
and I'd definitely recommend it if that is your thing :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That's What Makes You Beautiful

Before we start, that title is something relevant and convenient,
not an enjoyment for that song.
far from it. I like the intro, the beat,
but every time the chorus plays I lose it.
Because seriously, if hair flipping overwhelms you,
see a shrink.

Okay. Carrying on.

I just felt a moment where I truly wanted to do a
"feel good post".
I hate that term, since every post I do
makes Me feel good. But whatever.

I just wanted to take a moment and remind all you faithful readers,
that you should always take a time during your day to remember:
What makes you beautiful.

This post was inspired by the ever beautiful Rae.
Seriously this girl overwhelms me all the time.
Just from her pure and good hearted personality.
If you ever need someone to tell you "Hey I value you"
and "I'm thankful for your life"
Rae will be the one to step up and do that for you.
I've never been so grateful for a fellow girl in my life.
and when she writes on her blog, she definitely just makes me feel good.
Don't get me wrong, I still have that feeling of
"Man, I should be doing something glorious like she does"
I get that feeling a lot with other blogs
But at the same time, I leave there thinking 'hm, I think I'm doing pretty good too."
Simply because Rae makes sure I know it.
I'm always saying to myself (and my tweeps) just how beautiful she is.
Not because I've ever really taken the time to stalk her pictures,
but because of her heart. compassion. intelligence. spirit.
that's what makes her beautiful.

That's when I got to thinking,
What makes me beautiful?
And because I'm in a good place today, I thought up a few things:

--My generally positive outlook on life and people.
--My smile, and the fact that I'm willing to share it.
--The love I try everyday to make sure is expressed to my family and my husband.
--The effort I put in to making sure everyone is happy.
even though this can stress me out sometimes
--The laugh I can make my husband have
--The support I can offer to my mom
--The fact that I'd much rather help uplift someone than put them down.
(even if they don't always deserve it)
--The art that I can help offer to others

That's just my small list.
But here's your part:
I want you to think up your own list of what makes you beautiful.
seriously. It may sound selfish or unneeded,
But I fully believe taking a moment sometimes to remind yourself
is essential

If you do end up making one of those posts,
come back and link it up here so I can see!
I'll leave the link up for the rest of the month,
because I truly believe that more women should do this for themselves every once in a while.
and don't forget,
in some way,
I love you. :)

Sponsor Love Numba Three

Hey y'all!
Pretty sure this is the last sponsor round-up for month of June.
But don't worry, there will be many more opportunities to chill and meet up,
especially if you follow me via facebook or twitter.

Megan @ and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

"I love to have a place where I can go to express my thoughts, share my stories, and hopefully inspire and uplift other women. I like to talk about womanhood, motherhood, marriage and everything in between! I believe that through blogging we can create a strong, community of women that can support one another through the good and the bad."

Amanda @ Royal Daughter Designs

"Hi y'all! Royal Daughter Designs is a Christian lifestyle blog all about my life as a country girl. I write about gardening, ranching, and enjoying my front porch swing. You'll also find tutorials for beautifying your blog, recipes, and an occasional attempt at being fashionable."

Something exciting that Royal Daughter Designs is promoting is a linky party on Thursday June 14 - "Sponsor Showcase". It's all about promoting the heck out of your sponsors! Keep an eye out, and see what all the hype is about. Let your sponsors get as much love as you can!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Confessions of a Gamer Wife: Week One

It's that time to debut my new weekly exposée of my every day life,
as a gamer wife.
Isn't that super official sounding?
(If you missed my 'announcement' of this, go see Jordann.
There's still a few hours left for the giveaway!)

I just want to share what my reality has become,
and I don't regret it for a second.
But I just find it humorous the things I find myself doing
that, given who I was only a few years ago,
I would have told you, "uh, yeah right."

So let's begin!

This week I'm going to be discussing:
My sick perverted love of Call of Duty.

Noob Toob Ninja
That is my official title when we go 'Crinton Hunting'
(We get super awesome ninja samurai when we play, so his name is Clinton, yeah)
Basically, this is when our Mormon friend Clinton,
comes over to our little one bedroom apartment,
and we proceed to play two on one matches until obscene hours of the morning.
It switches up between rounds,
and the reason I am called this is because
I love Noob Toobs.

Okay, I can hear all you 'hard core gamers'
which I'm sure don't actually read my blog,
booing and hissing this decision.
Noob toobs are seen as vaguely taboo.
For all you non gamer ladies,
noob toobs are grenade launchers that attach to the end of your rifle.
You basically hip fire them and they cover a large expanse of area,
and this results in a lot of 'lucky shots', as well as insta kills.
Well, I did indeed start, as a noob,
with my only defense as being this noob toob from being
blown up in the frikin face each time I rounded a corner.
But NOW!
Now I am a noob toob ninja.
My absolute favorite thing is to creep up, lay in wait,
suddenly blast a grenade out in the midst of the boys I'm hunting,
and disappear into the night!

This starts getting incredibly hilarious the later the night goes on.
Especially when they start going horror movie girl on you.
You know. When they get all falsetto, going
"Where is she? Where'd she go? I'm so scared!"
Yeah you can imagine nights get pretty fruity around here.

I could go on and on and on about how hilarious our COD matches get.
But I should preface this that we usually only play against each other,
or the bots. (automatic NPCs that run around on various levels of ability)
{our bots are two rounds shy of licking the walls}
But that's the fun of it.
That and if I play on xbox live against real people,
I get blood pressure headaches from the rage.

I've also recently infected my eight months pregnant sister with this passion.
When she came over and visited, we sat her down to play COD with us.
At first, she was like, ugh I don't play these games.
But by the end of it, she was screaming at the screen with the best of em,
especially about a certain bot with a blue scope.
This is even worse than a noob toob as far as taboo goes.
It reads body temperature, making your enemies bright glaring white to shoot at.
Total cop out.

So that's the first round of what I find myself doing,
that totally begins eating away, one by one, my 'girl points'.
What did you think?
Would you be interested in hearing more?

I know it's totally random babbling,
but it's babbling close to my heart.
Leave me some love!

P.S. I have giveaways just EVERYWHERE!
Brooke from Covered in Grace
is having an absolutely glorious June giveaway, live now.
3 massive prize packages for 3 awesome winners!
Plus, if you're following me, you already have one entry down! ;)

P.S.S I think I broke down to finally join bloglovin'
if it turns out as awesome as my plunge to twitter did,
then it'll be GREAT!
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I made it to 100!

Can you guys believe it?
I know I can't!
I think it's in large part thanks to the awesome publicity
I've been getting thanks to the immense amount of giveaways,
and larger sponsorships I've won through others' giveaways.
Goodness I'm so excited!
{it could be from my sugary conglomeration of the strawberry margarita pound cake I created tonight too!}

So you know what time it is for 100 followers??
A spiffy super amazing 100 follower giveaway!
{Ooooooh aaaaahhh}
It'll be comin up here soon,
just as soon as I can get some awesome people lined up for prizes!

Speaking of...
wanna be one?
I could definitely use all the help I can get!
If you want to participate,
feel free to fill out this little glorious form below!
easy peasy huh?!
If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me:
The more people I can get to help,
the more amazing it'll be!

Thanks again so much,
to each and every one of you charming followers!
You've really made my day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Coffee Date [How Apropro]

Helllo my little petunias!
How I've missed you!
I've been doing absolute shit on my blog this week.
I know I know, I'm sorry.
You must be totally bedridden with how extremely morose this has made you.
Send me your pain and suffering bills,
I'll pay in puppies and kisses.
But moving onto coffee!

If we sat down and had coffee today,
it would be nearly inevitable that I would make some lame crack
about how a self professed lover of tea only,
is now a brand new barista!

That's right!
This little homemade housewife got herself a job.
First once since I've been married and I'm a little nervous.
Also, I don't know squat about coffee.
But I told them that, and they still hired me.
believe it was 'creating habits instead of breaking them' and said to be a good thing.

So the 26th, my tentative start date,
will begin my brave new foray into coffee making.
I hope I can do all right at it,
and the extra income every month is sure to be a godsend.
I got just the job I was hoping for,
with a lower number of hours and something I could interact with people.
So I could still spend time with my husband,
and do something I'm good at.

After some mutual squealing,
congratulatory hugs,
and a hopeful check in with you
to hear if you have something exciting as well,
we'd move into blog talk.
As we all know, we tend to.

And I'd say:
Holy guacamole batman!
I don't even understand how I did it,
but I have giveaways out the wazoo.
There are marvelous giveaways going on all over the place,
and you can find a little piece of me in a lot of em!
The ones live right now are.

500 follower giveaway with Alyx!

Big Group Giveaway with Sarah!

Sponsor Spotlight Giveaway with Jordann!

And there's even more to come!
I'll try to make sure to keep you updated.

I'd also confess that I'm tempted to change my blog layout
I can't help it. I love designing.
and so when I have nothing else to design for, I tend to redesign my own.
It's quite pretty if that helps.

I'd also share how excited I am that I'm only 5 followers away from 100!
I honestly never dreamed I'd even get that many.
I'm no 'must blog every day and advertise every single place I can have 500 followers in 3 months blogger'
Definitely not.
So to reach 100, in my own time, my own way,
it's been pretty gratifying.

Now that I'm done sharing my news,
I'd make sure that you got to tell me everything you wanted.
On top of possibly fiddling with your coffee,
trying to learn the in depth secrets of how to produce it.
I am slightly nervous of failing.
BUT! I shall give it my all until then!
Have a wonderful day everyone,
and make sure you stop by and visit Alissa to see what else people are spilling over coffee.