Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway with Rae!

Hello all my lovely dears!
My oh my do I have something special for you today!
Today you are once again going to meet my dear dear friend Rae.

If you didn't meet her last time, she and I instantly bonded
over an insane love of My Best Friend's Wedding.
Go ahead and read it if you want. This'll be here when you get done!

All right. All together now?
Moving onward!
Today I am highlighting Rae and her darling little gift shop.
We decided to do a giveaway guest swap!
So if you go visit her, you'll be able to win somethin spiffy from me!
As you continue reading,
you'll be able to win something from her!
Now. Without further adieu, let us commence!

First off my dear, for all those viewers who don't know, what do you make/sell?
I make Mini Personalized Pillows! I sew them by hand and I also hand stamp them to customization! Right now, I am selling them for $3 each. Each pillow usually comes out being the size of a deck of cards. And I offer lots of fabric choices that you can choose from! These pillows serve as great home/office decor...or thoughtful gifts :)

What made you choose these? What meaning do they have to you?
I graduated from Nyack College (Nyack, NY) a little over a year ago. At the time I didn't realize this, but looking back I now know that losing nearly 20 pounds, my loss of appetite, having dizzy spells, fluttering heartbeats and chest pains, experiencing extremely irregular periods -- was all due to stress.

I'm the type of person that doesn't mind taking on new challenges. I enjoy trying new things and stepping into new experiences, but I think that I underestimated the actual pressure that my graduating season was bringing on. And rather than stopping to evaluate how I was feeling, I neglected to realize that, even though I didn't "feel" stressed...I, in fact, was. And it was my body that was left carrying all that pressure.

Since then, I have traveled a long road towards understanding when I'm under pressure and how to healthily handle it (and even prevent it) -- as opposed to plowing through my obligations and demands without evaluating my heart.

Surrounding myself with positive reminders: quotes, inspiring words and Bible verses has been one way to help deal with my stress. Even if at the moment, I am not stressing or freaking out, being able to surround myself, daily, with uplifting messages somehow seeps into my heart and my brain, preparing me to stay calm for those rough patches that WILL come to pass.

Using these pillows to surround myself with good messages is just one of the many ways I've learned to cope :)

I also love the idea of making something by hand. When I give these as gifts, I know that I didn't just shop the store for the cheapest or even the most impressive gift. I make every pillow with great care and passion. I take pride in giving out these seemingly small tokens -- as it has always been said, "It's the thought that counts."

what's your favorite part of creating them?
My favorite part of creating the pillows is how still it forces me to be. I'm not running a machine nor am I making short cuts to make these pillows - sometimes I prick my finger and sometimes my neck gets cramped if I stitch for too long :) But I love how it sits me down and actually stills me, if even just for an hour or two. It's rest for me :) I usually just put on Pandora and let it stream as I stitch and sew :)

I also love how tiny and cute they are! I mean, I know they are too little for my head - but I just want to cuddle up with them!

Are there any fun new things coming in the future?
Once life slows down a little bit, I'm hoping to start making some Lavender Filled Sachets (again, little tokens that just seems to be a helpful aid during times of stress) and Mini Tooth-fairy Pillows!

I'm also thinking of how I could start making pillows for holidays! :)

Would you buy those?!
{So would. Wouldn't those be adorable?}

Down the road I might open up an Etsy shop. But that all depends on how life's directions lead me in the next few weeks and how successful this shop turns out to be!

I would love to someday be a part of a blog shop meet up - but it seems those things are never happening in the East Coast!!! :(

Isn't Rae the absolute coolest?
I happen to think so.
That and she's just a genuinely kind person.
I'm not sure I've ever met someone as genuine and sweet and loving as her.
She makes me feel all warm and fluffy in my tummy,
somewhat like I imagine Pooh feels.

Now, for all you eager readers who are awaiting the stupendous giveaway!

what do you have to giveaway to our awesome friends today?
3 Mini Personalized Pillows + 2 Mini Personalized Pillows For A Blogger Friend of Your Choice! :)
HOLY CRAP! Wow what a deal huh?

for some reason I LOVE that little bumble bee!

Aren't y'all just chompin at the bit in anticipation?
I know I am!
If Rae wasn't makin em I'd totally win some for her.
Just sayin
But as it were,
I suppose I'll keep my greedy fingees out of this pie.
So go on me hearties!
Go forth and win some awesome booty!
(Yeah I lapsed into pirate speak. You just wish you were me)

don't forget to go check out what I'm giving away too!

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  1. I'm torn between something about love like "Love never fails" or something random...or our wedding song was "If you could see what I see"...hmmm, so many ideas! :P Cute pillows!

  2. Love - Family - Trust

    Those are all words I would like on a pillow

  3. Wow. Love the little pillows! So wonderful!

  4. i would want one to say mr and one to say mrs

  5. So cute! I would ant one that says "Hello."

    Christen :>

  6. lovely

    follow me on

  7. Hey !!

    I saw a post in my Google reader over the weekend talking about a Muse Blog Award.

    I copied the HTML and awarded the award in my post (fab idea BTW) but there is now no mention of it on your actual blog?!

    I didn't hallucinate - here's my proof:

    I definitely have the right button!! I wondered if this link up idea is happening soon?!

    If you could let me know that would be cool!!

    Sarah :)

  8. Hmm.... maybe sanity and insanity....