Monday, June 11, 2012

Confessions of a Gamer Wife: Week One

It's that time to debut my new weekly exposée of my every day life,
as a gamer wife.
Isn't that super official sounding?
(If you missed my 'announcement' of this, go see Jordann.
There's still a few hours left for the giveaway!)

I just want to share what my reality has become,
and I don't regret it for a second.
But I just find it humorous the things I find myself doing
that, given who I was only a few years ago,
I would have told you, "uh, yeah right."

So let's begin!

This week I'm going to be discussing:
My sick perverted love of Call of Duty.

Noob Toob Ninja
That is my official title when we go 'Crinton Hunting'
(We get super awesome ninja samurai when we play, so his name is Clinton, yeah)
Basically, this is when our Mormon friend Clinton,
comes over to our little one bedroom apartment,
and we proceed to play two on one matches until obscene hours of the morning.
It switches up between rounds,
and the reason I am called this is because
I love Noob Toobs.

Okay, I can hear all you 'hard core gamers'
which I'm sure don't actually read my blog,
booing and hissing this decision.
Noob toobs are seen as vaguely taboo.
For all you non gamer ladies,
noob toobs are grenade launchers that attach to the end of your rifle.
You basically hip fire them and they cover a large expanse of area,
and this results in a lot of 'lucky shots', as well as insta kills.
Well, I did indeed start, as a noob,
with my only defense as being this noob toob from being
blown up in the frikin face each time I rounded a corner.
But NOW!
Now I am a noob toob ninja.
My absolute favorite thing is to creep up, lay in wait,
suddenly blast a grenade out in the midst of the boys I'm hunting,
and disappear into the night!

This starts getting incredibly hilarious the later the night goes on.
Especially when they start going horror movie girl on you.
You know. When they get all falsetto, going
"Where is she? Where'd she go? I'm so scared!"
Yeah you can imagine nights get pretty fruity around here.

I could go on and on and on about how hilarious our COD matches get.
But I should preface this that we usually only play against each other,
or the bots. (automatic NPCs that run around on various levels of ability)
{our bots are two rounds shy of licking the walls}
But that's the fun of it.
That and if I play on xbox live against real people,
I get blood pressure headaches from the rage.

I've also recently infected my eight months pregnant sister with this passion.
When she came over and visited, we sat her down to play COD with us.
At first, she was like, ugh I don't play these games.
But by the end of it, she was screaming at the screen with the best of em,
especially about a certain bot with a blue scope.
This is even worse than a noob toob as far as taboo goes.
It reads body temperature, making your enemies bright glaring white to shoot at.
Total cop out.

So that's the first round of what I find myself doing,
that totally begins eating away, one by one, my 'girl points'.
What did you think?
Would you be interested in hearing more?

I know it's totally random babbling,
but it's babbling close to my heart.
Leave me some love!

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  1. Okay - are so stinkin cute. 2...I think this is SUCH a cool series to do, my brother is a huge gamer. xbox live Halo name is she X warrior. We should play sometime. I mean it's been years and I absolutely suck, but maybe you could go easy on me ;) Mad respect for this post!

  2. LOL, I like this weekly post! When I was 19 I lived with 2 gamer dudes. At the time they just did Halo for live. I remember before I played I thought it was so dumb.. and then I was hooked. I would literally get off work, make a snack and game with them until bed time. After I moved out I no longer had the xbox or the live though.. man I would love to get back in to it. I've never played COD though, but have heard I would love it and that it's way better then halo.

  3. Oh, you make me miss gaming! There's no time for it since the kid came along two years ago, and if there are any more to come... that just prolongs my sorrow. But, with any luck, my kids will play games with me when they get older!