Thursday, June 28, 2012

Loves on a Thursday : Make Me Up

Hey beauties!
You're lucky I get to go in a bit later today, otherwise I'd already be at work ;)
But instead I decided to make sure I spread some Thursday Love!
{Since otherwise all I have to look forwards to is another TB Test >.<}

My first frivolous purchase in a long time
came last night with someone lovely starting their new custom blog design with me!
And since I'll be getting my first paycheck next Friday,
My hubby and I agreed I could afford to do a little guilty shopping.
So I definitely found myself some new makeup goodies.
[I've already purchased the eyeliner and primer showcased below]

But the rest of these lovely things are
severely outside my price range.
{save for maybe lashes. maybe}
and so I figured I'd just share them and ooze rather than do a naughty click.

•The numbers don't cooincide to anything. I haven't figured out how to do that yet >.<
•The first lashes shown are not available anywhere yet, but were apart of a tutorial I saw. SO gorgeous. they have lashes AND lace on them! I want!!
*Whiney grabby hands*

As always,
Go check in with LISH and see what she's been up to!
She's pretty awesome I must say.
And she always finds the prettiest things!
Go forth m'dears!
Be fruitful!

Loves on a Thursday


  1. I'm definitely liking #2 and the lashes! I wish I could afford to spend a bit of money on myself. Take care, lovely!

  2. Love fake eyelashes! Plan on wearing a pair this weekend!

  3. Shopping for makeup is so much fun, but yeah, it sure adds up fast! :-/

  4. Oh, those lashes are BEAUTIFUL!!!