Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Hey y'all :)
I'll be honest, I didn't plan on writing this post.
Father's day to me has always been somewhat taboo.
It's always been somewhat odd, somewhat uncomfortable in some ways,
and now, later in life, it's growing more hectic.

I have three father's day appointments scheduled today.
yes three.
And that's why my days are busy.
Because if I'm doing something for somebody,
I have to make sure everyone who falls in that category,
gets something done as well.

Growing up,
(talking gradeschool)
father's day was awkward because I came from a rural area.
It was the nineties and divorce hadn't quite skyrocketed,
especially in my neck of the woods.
I think I was the only little girl in my class who didn't have a daddy to make a card for.
(Or whatever we were making that year)
So I had to explain, time and again,
why I was making something for my grandpa,
and my brother.
(He's 20 years older than me to the month. I grew up with his kids. He's been a fatherly influence on me)
It was awkward, and I didn't like it.

Then the man who I call my dad came into the picture when I was about 8.
It was a long, hard road.
You couldn't have put a more horrible match together if you tried.
We were both so similar, yet so exceedingly different,
as well as each having, respective, issues with having a dad or a daughter.
It was really bad for a good while.
So that kind of ruined father's day for me for a while.

Fast forward to now,
and not only do my dad and I have a great relationship,
but I also still very much idolize my grandpa,
and while when I've grown up my brother has become more of a brother to me,
I now have a phenomenal father in law.
So yes, there's the three dads I'm meeting with today.

So, I wanted to share some things that my dads have imparted onto me today.

My Brother Taught Me:

•If you can take something apart, most times, you can put it back together again.
•Hugs never go out of style.
•Make the best out of the situation that you're in right now.
•The best car waxing technique.
•That no matter what, I have a safe haven with him. That I can come to him whenever I just need to 'get away'.
•That something doesn't have to be conventional to be amazing.

My Grandpa Taught Me:

•Be respectful of your elders, even if sometimes they're wrong.
•True and lasting love exists, if you're not afraid to work for it.
•Marriage vows last forever, not just when things are smooth.
•If you want something, you have to work for it.
•Love never dies.
•Music is a beautiful and wonderful thing.
•Family always comes first.

My Dad Taught Me:

•Sometimes things aren't easy. But don't give up. They'll turn out.
•Always turn a light off when you're done using it.
•Being frugal isn't always a bad thing.
•It's okay sometimes to not want to love the world.
•Sometimes there really is a gem underneath all that dirt.
•Don't run a car over a garden hose or an extension cord.
•Love comes in more than one pretty package.

My Father in Law Taught Me:

•First impressions aren't always the best ones.
•That my husband will be a wonderful father.
•That my husband will always be a caring and doting husband.
•That my husband will always be a fox!
•Even though I may be difficult sometimes, our marriage stands a good chance.
•Always act with integrity and honor, regardless of what people say.
•A real depth of kindness and understanding, as well as surprising humor.

So I'd say, in conclusion,
that even though those first formulative years of father's day were kind of unhappy,
they were worth it.
Because I have a pretty stellar line up now.
And I love them all.
Very much.
Happy father's day to all my dads!


  1. This is so sweet! I haven't had the best Father's Day experiences either.. I had my brothers, but they were just my brothers. My biological father just never cared about me even when we were living with him. I have my step father but I just started liking him (haha).. And my father in law is awesome but I just don't feel as if I've been in the family for long enough to just call him pops, ya know?

    I'm so grateful that my son will have good memories of this day though! :) Thank the Lord!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Katlyn xo
    The Dreamy Meadow

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of great men to be thankful for now :) following you from the GFC blog hop!