Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Modern Muse Award

Hey y'all! Today we'd like to share a little something fun with you!

Do you know Kassi of Truly Lovely? She's one of my newest bloggie friends! We've joined together and decided to spread some positive support around blog land!!! To do so we created a BRAND NEW blog award of sorts.

Modern Muse Award

The Modern Muse award is for those blogs that are continually working to share inspiration throughout blog land! Be it through tutorials, how tos, featuring other bloggers, consistently commenting, etc...

Each of these fun blogs is continually showing support for other bloggers including me here at Little Homemade Housewife!!!

Today I'd like to award The Modern Muse to....

Kate of Kate Henley

Katie of Little Becky Homecky

Melissa of The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife

Katlyn of The Dreamy Meadow

THANKS for being a POSITIVE inspiration to us and your other followers/readers/friends!!!!

So, the entire point is to keep the support and POSITIVE rolling! Here's where YOU come in! First, please click over and check out the blogs we've awarded above... say Congrats and share some encouragement with them! ;) Then click here to visit Kassi's post to see who she awarded The Modern Muse award and share a little encouragement around with her awardees.

By now you will have spread encouragement and inspiration to over eight new blogs! BUT you're not finished yet....

Grab a button above and share The Modern Muse award with at least FOUR of your most supportive and encouraging bloggie buddies! To those we've awarded, we would love if you would be able to participate as well. With this award there's no need to share random facts, do weird posts, etc... Just grab a button and pass it on to someone that you feel deserves to be acknowledged for their happiness in this blog world of ours.

Let's spread a little LOVE and SUPPORT around blog land, eh peeps! :)

And go!


  1. Oooh thank you lovely! How sweet of you :)

  2. Done and done :)


  3. Great post girl! Off to congratulate your awardees! ;)