Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sponsor Love June Uno

Hey my lovely party people!
So sorry I haven't been around much lately.
Been so super busy trying to get my sister's baby shower done,
as painlessly as possible.
I'll be posting up all I made her for that here soon ;)

Also, I'm going to be having a new series I'm doing,
the announcement for it is going to be on
Makin Memories Of Us
here shortly. So keep an eye out!

Since no one purchased large ad space for June,
I'm going to be doing a bigger shout out for my swaps!
{Girl's gotta have somethin to do right?}
So throughout June I'll be introducing you to my fab swappers!

Katlyn @ The Dreamy Meadow

"I write about my life and things that I'm interested in as time goes on. I guess I'm a lifestyle blogger with a twist though. Come check me out and see for yourself!"
She also has a bloggy book club I'm hoping will start up soon, and a west coast blog hop regularly!

Jeanne @ Life in Cleveland

"Hi! I'm Jeanne aka Sourire11. I was an architect, knitter, and world traveler before my life was happily hijacked by a fashion obsessed redhead and a baby so chill we call him the dude. Now I blog mainly about raising them in the city I love, Cleveland, Ohio."

Kelley @ The Grant Life

"Hi! My name is Kelley and I blog over at the Grant life. I'm a momma to two blonde haired, blue eyed babies and I run a little online store called loveables. I love diet coke, How I Met Your Mother, twitter and anything with sugar. Throw in a rainy day where I can snuggle with my babies and I'm a happy lady."

So now you know some of my wonderful swappers this month.
Check back soon and I'll be introducing more of them!
As well as updating about the delight of what's going on around here soon!
And baby things of course.

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