Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That's What Makes You Beautiful

Before we start, that title is something relevant and convenient,
not an enjoyment for that song.
far from it. I like the intro, the beat,
but every time the chorus plays I lose it.
Because seriously, if hair flipping overwhelms you,
see a shrink.

Okay. Carrying on.

I just felt a moment where I truly wanted to do a
"feel good post".
I hate that term, since every post I do
makes Me feel good. But whatever.

I just wanted to take a moment and remind all you faithful readers,
that you should always take a time during your day to remember:
What makes you beautiful.

This post was inspired by the ever beautiful Rae.
Seriously this girl overwhelms me all the time.
Just from her pure and good hearted personality.
If you ever need someone to tell you "Hey I value you"
and "I'm thankful for your life"
Rae will be the one to step up and do that for you.
I've never been so grateful for a fellow girl in my life.
and when she writes on her blog, she definitely just makes me feel good.
Don't get me wrong, I still have that feeling of
"Man, I should be doing something glorious like she does"
I get that feeling a lot with other blogs
But at the same time, I leave there thinking 'hm, I think I'm doing pretty good too."
Simply because Rae makes sure I know it.
I'm always saying to myself (and my tweeps) just how beautiful she is.
Not because I've ever really taken the time to stalk her pictures,
but because of her heart. compassion. intelligence. spirit.
that's what makes her beautiful.

That's when I got to thinking,
What makes me beautiful?
And because I'm in a good place today, I thought up a few things:

--My generally positive outlook on life and people.
--My smile, and the fact that I'm willing to share it.
--The love I try everyday to make sure is expressed to my family and my husband.
--The effort I put in to making sure everyone is happy.
even though this can stress me out sometimes
--The laugh I can make my husband have
--The support I can offer to my mom
--The fact that I'd much rather help uplift someone than put them down.
(even if they don't always deserve it)
--The art that I can help offer to others

That's just my small list.
But here's your part:
I want you to think up your own list of what makes you beautiful.
seriously. It may sound selfish or unneeded,
But I fully believe taking a moment sometimes to remind yourself
is essential

If you do end up making one of those posts,
come back and link it up here so I can see!
I'll leave the link up for the rest of the month,
because I truly believe that more women should do this for themselves every once in a while.
and don't forget,
in some way,
I love you. :)


  1. You are right! This is totally a feel good post! I think it's so great that you can see your own strengths positive qualities. Not very many people have this confidence. And I loved your post on being a gamer wife. Too funny. Think my husband wishes he was married to you some days!

    New follower :)

  2. Awesome!!! While reading I was thinking "I'm going to do a post like this soon." And that ended up being the homework! LOL.
    I loveee posts like this. They make me feel good and inspired. I'll be linking up in the next couple days here.