Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sponsor Showcase : June

Hey everyone!
I wanted to participate in somethin today
that I think is always super sweet.
Featuring your sponsors and helping them grow.
Amanda & Tricia are facilitating that today!

So I definitely wanted to hop on board!
Here we go!

Digger always writes poignantly. This post in particular demonstrates that.
I love just about anything Rae puts her hands on, but her post on distractions really hit home.
Uhm hello, Amanda, what do you have for us here? An amazingly delicious looking smoothie, that's what.
Kelley did a fabulous job on her restyle of her toms and I want some!
I always empathize when Megan posts about when things aren't perfect. Hits close to home.
Katlyn brings a short but sweet light to our real superheroes.
Jeanne made this absolutely delicious looking recipe. Plus her kid is stinkin adorable.
Baylee's post about her Grandma is definitely heartfelt.
Carlia shared some absolutely stunning pics of her time spelunking! That's just jealous inducing exciting.
Carly talks about things that her students have taught her. A beautiful post.
Alli shares another brilliant recipe, pizza is always a-ok in my house.

First off, my 100 follower giveaway starts THIS MONDAY! Some of my fine ladies are helpin me by donating to it!
Amanda is most obviously hosting this link-up ;)
Kelley is hosting a June Group Giveaway that starts up on the 20th!
Katlyn hosts an awesome bloggy book club. 50 Shades of Grey this month. First link up is the 19th :)
Carlia is doing an awesome 100 day challenge all about goals and keeping them.
Alli is a co-host of an infamous Meet and Tweet Link Up.

via dig deeper design studio

via Chasing Kite Tails Gift Shop

via Pure Trinkets

Woooh! All right then.
That took a bit of collaboration but I did it!
Make sure you go check the link up and see who else is being showcased!


  1. Off to check out the linkup now :)


  2. What a cute link up! That pillow is so adorable!

    Glad I found your blog :)

  3. Thanks so much! What a great way to feature sponsors! Off to check out other posts you love...

  4. Looks like lots of great reading material! Off to check them out! :)

  5. Thank you for linking up your sponsor showcase post! :)

  6. Excellent sponsor showcase!! Thank you so much (and for including me - that was sweet!)