Friday, June 8, 2012

Coffee Date [How Apropro]

Helllo my little petunias!
How I've missed you!
I've been doing absolute shit on my blog this week.
I know I know, I'm sorry.
You must be totally bedridden with how extremely morose this has made you.
Send me your pain and suffering bills,
I'll pay in puppies and kisses.
But moving onto coffee!

If we sat down and had coffee today,
it would be nearly inevitable that I would make some lame crack
about how a self professed lover of tea only,
is now a brand new barista!

That's right!
This little homemade housewife got herself a job.
First once since I've been married and I'm a little nervous.
Also, I don't know squat about coffee.
But I told them that, and they still hired me.
believe it was 'creating habits instead of breaking them' and said to be a good thing.

So the 26th, my tentative start date,
will begin my brave new foray into coffee making.
I hope I can do all right at it,
and the extra income every month is sure to be a godsend.
I got just the job I was hoping for,
with a lower number of hours and something I could interact with people.
So I could still spend time with my husband,
and do something I'm good at.

After some mutual squealing,
congratulatory hugs,
and a hopeful check in with you
to hear if you have something exciting as well,
we'd move into blog talk.
As we all know, we tend to.

And I'd say:
Holy guacamole batman!
I don't even understand how I did it,
but I have giveaways out the wazoo.
There are marvelous giveaways going on all over the place,
and you can find a little piece of me in a lot of em!
The ones live right now are.

500 follower giveaway with Alyx!

Big Group Giveaway with Sarah!

Sponsor Spotlight Giveaway with Jordann!

And there's even more to come!
I'll try to make sure to keep you updated.

I'd also confess that I'm tempted to change my blog layout
I can't help it. I love designing.
and so when I have nothing else to design for, I tend to redesign my own.
It's quite pretty if that helps.

I'd also share how excited I am that I'm only 5 followers away from 100!
I honestly never dreamed I'd even get that many.
I'm no 'must blog every day and advertise every single place I can have 500 followers in 3 months blogger'
Definitely not.
So to reach 100, in my own time, my own way,
it's been pretty gratifying.

Now that I'm done sharing my news,
I'd make sure that you got to tell me everything you wanted.
On top of possibly fiddling with your coffee,
trying to learn the in depth secrets of how to produce it.
I am slightly nervous of failing.
BUT! I shall give it my all until then!
Have a wonderful day everyone,
and make sure you stop by and visit Alissa to see what else people are spilling over coffee.


  1. Being a barista would freak me out. Totally intimidate me. I'm sure I wouldn't be horrible at it...but sheesh...I just look at them and I can they keep track of all that? I'll be thinking of you as you branch out into this new piece of reality. And just think about it this way...they must really think you're the cat's pajamas if they want you and you don't know anything about coffee...Like you must be super duper amazing. Or they are desperate. Let's go with my first idea...since you this is the first time we've talked and all.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. Girl congrats on the job! I wish I could give you some barista advice but that is one intimidating job. I know you'll rock it though! Can't wait to hear how you like it. Have a great week friend.