Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Dish Today! [Another Guest Post!]

Hey everyone!
Today's a busy day over here isn't it?
We have the fantastic grow.swap.share event going on,
But I'm also guest posting somewhere else!

As part of an awesome giveaway win,
I got to sponsor Makin Memories of Us
and get my very first sponsor spotlight!
I hope you go check it out,
since I'm doing a pretty awesome giveaway over there!!

Also, if you want double the chance of winning,
Sarah over at All Things Blogs
is having a phenomenal group giveaway, and I'm participating there too!
{Stay calm, I know you want to just loose your frickin mind right now}

One more thing!
June 11th there's a massive
throwdown giveaway session over at Covered in Grace!
You can win some awesome stuff over there,
lots of prizes, 3 winners.
But you gotta keep an eye out!


  1. I was sent here by Makin Memories and I can't wait to read your blog!!

  2. Sent by Makin Memories!!!