Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loves on a Thursday #6

Why yes indeed it is that time again.
Where we all bounce on over to Lish's blog,
coo over her lovely little things she shares,
and look over what I've dug up as well.

Last week I loved me some bloggers.
And I got some really lovely responses.
Truthfully, I was just happy to share a little love.
I know life gets hard sometimes, especially in the worlds
like the blogosphere where there's always some kind of competition.
Some kind of comparison,
some kind of desire to be something more than you.
And while I think self improvement is always good,
sometimes it's just great to be reminded that someone really likes you,
just the way you are right now.

I am also particularly inspired to share that bit with you,
because I'm seeing so many posts lately on that subject.
The subject of blogging for you
{You'd think that'd be obvious, but even I know it's not sometimes}
and being happy with who you and what you're doing foremost.
So I figured this week I'd share some of those posts!
Some of the posts that I've been loving on!

80/20 Rule
By the lovely Megan
This post personally really touched me. I can really relate to what she's talking about as a fellow perfectionist. I feel like I ruin things all the time just because I have a moment of weakness and show the negative emotions for a few minutes. But if I can manage an 80 percent batting average, I think I can do all right.

Getting Real > Rebelling Against The Rules
By the lovely Kate
I'm quite delighted in finding Kate over at Wake Up, Lovely. I just randomly stumbled across her blog, and she's doing a series about Getting Real in Blogging right now, and this is just one of the awesome posts. I love her style and her voice, and she really makes me want to get better about being me in all this.
Gah I find myself so envious of her, especially her design skills and overall look. I'm trying to get better!

Turn a men's polo into loose top...
By the lovely Lizzie
I could not help but share this one. It's just a beautiful little top she made there. If I was half as awesome at refashioning clothes as her I'd never shop anywhere but a thrift store. That and she looks totally killer with her baby bump. Man, some girls just have all the damn luck. God she's gorgeous.

I'm Doing It.. Or Well, Talking About Doing It.
By the lovely ap
Okay let me preface this by saying I assolutely love this woman. (Imagine this said by the Ramone from Happy Feet) She's witty, intelligent, and tells it like it is. That's a pretty potent combo. This candid talk about pregnancy and your sex life just made me grin and I've never even had kids! She writes in a really relatable way, a way that is definitely 'her', adult without being overtly crass, a balance I hope to find.

Lessons from Date Night
By the lovely Elizabeth
This chick is pretty fly. I will admit. I like reading her blog because she seems like she's in a similar place in her life as I am. Younger, married but without children. You know how it is. So I can really feel good about reading her blog and not feeling like I wish I was in another stage of my life. Speaking of, that post right thurr, is a perfect example. Date night between married peeps and it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy about ma handsome gent all over again.

Blog Speed Dating
By the lovely Nicole
This is another one that has just been plain ol' fun. I love me some link ups, and this one was something I'd never done before. Mainly because I've never been in said situation of 'speed dating', because a) I come from a small town and we don't do those things and b) I'm pretty spectacular all by myself. (i.e. spastic and loud and hard to ignore). Regardless, I had a lot of fun contributing my post to the mix, as well as reading others!

There you are, some of my favorite recent posts.
I hope they help and inspire you just as much as they did me.
Or just give ya a great laugh.
Also, one two more lovely thoughts for you to take with you while you leave.
or well one thought and a question


please tell me who doesn't love that quote.
makes me smile every time.

And a consumer question of the day:
{puts on best announcer voice}
Mrs. White would love your opinion!
She'd like to know what kind of link up
(most likely bi-weekly or monthly)
YOU think would be interesting to see or participate in?

Please leave your comment after the beep...


  1. Omigoodness, lady! Thanks for the shout-out! That was such a nice surprise.

    I'm already clicking my way over to visit these other blogs.

    PS: I think you're pretty fly, too.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention lady! How lovely of you :) I'm so glad you're enjoying the series!

  3. Hey!! =)
    I can't find your email address, so I'm trying you here.
    Thank you so much for your donation to the giveaway! I am excited to have you sponsor it!
    I still need a photo of you to include in the giveaway post.
    If you could...just shoot me an email with the attachment.
    Thank you soooo, so much!

  4. i LOVE the help and that quote! such a fabulous book and a wonderful movie :) just found your blog from ff and i'm excited to be your newest follower! i'd love for you to come visit me at :)
    have a great weekend!