Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guest Post with Sarah @ All Things Blogs

Hey everyone. Today we have one of my stellar swappers here to share a bit of bloggy goodness about what she does over on her space of the blogosphere. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for having me!
Hi There!
I'm Sarah over at All Things Blogs!
Thanks for having me here today Mrs. White!
This post is about my blog, why I started my blog, keep blogging, and what I hope for my blog to become.

I started my blog because I kept looking at blogs, I felt restless like I should be doing something else.  I realized I wanted to start my own blog, I thought what I wanted was to make my blog all about other blogs and giveaways.  I was totally wrong, I wanted my blog to be a craft blog, this is why my blog is called All Things Blogs.  I actually changed my blog to a craft blog, in March of 2012, that is when I started collecting followers and my blog started coming "alive", I enjoyed building my blog up, linking up to linky parties, doing ad swaps, and guest posting.  I love guest posting on blogs and ad swapping!
Currently I do 2 sponsor spotlights a month, I do guest posts on my blog every 1st of a month.  I do a Blogger Meet and Greet Friday one Friday in each month.
I have currently 25 spots open for ad swaps, 10 open for large spots, which you can only win from giveaways at my blog or others blogs.

I keep blogging because I love to create things and write on my blog.  I am currently working on making my blog bigger and more well known, my bloggy friend taught me how to link up at linky parties, I had heard of them, but at that time I did not know how important they were for getting followers and page views!  She also taught me how to make buttons for my blog, she helped me customize my blog, she basically helped me make my blog what it is know.  I really appreciate all her help.  If my blog wasn't as successful as it is right now I probably wouldn't keep blogging.

My stats as of May is around 151 followers, around 100 page views a day, more if I linked up to more parties. Around 173 comments, my total page views since January 2012  5,867 page views, last month I got 2,139 page views. I am currently trying to get on Craft Gawker, if you have any tips on getting on Craft Gawker please email me at

I have hope for some day that I charge for ads, and that my blog is really well known, you never know it might happen, I hope that someday I will start making money from it, maybe open my own Store Envy shop.
At the time I love to have guest posters and ad swappers! I would LOVE if you would ad swap or guest post on my blog, click here.               

Thanks so much for having me Mrs. White!

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