Thursday, May 3, 2012

Loves on a Thursday #2

Happy Thursday oh lovely viewers!

As you may or may not know, Lish hosts a weekly get together of blogger friends hosting a bit of a link up for what you've found that's particular inspiring, or perhaps that you just love and want to share. I haven't been keeping up as I ought, truth be told, but I figured I had the time this morning, so I'd make sure I shared some sweet things with y'all.

I am nearly always captivated by quotes. It can be sentimental, funny, romantic, or all of the above. I think that sometimes just having a small meaningful quote to live by is better than an entire speech anyone else could give to you. I am always grateful for the wisdom of others, and hoped to impart a bit of the quotes that are personally affecting me this week.

1. Albert || 2. Grace || 3. Waiting || 4. Smile || 5. Humor || 6. Reality || 7. Resonance

Each one of these quotes somehow struck a chord within me. Somehow in some way they relate within my life. Though number 6, I have to say, just still makes me giggle. It's obviously my favorite (indicated by the nice heart there), mostly because it happened to me just yesterday. Luckily the fella didn't actually step on anything, but I had dropped a pin at my workstation, and thought it was still in the dress somewhere. And since he's such a nice gentleman, he knelt down to help me look on the carpet. Turns out, he keeps pulling pins, and he literally pulls about five or six and lays them on the counter.

I was absolutely confused, mildly amused, but definitely wary (I know doesn't rhyme!), mostly because we walk around barefoot in our house all the time. How did I avoid not stepping on any of those? As well as you know, how did I manage to drop them without noticing?! But he was definitely his perfect self saying 'Oh I was just worried about your feet honey, no big deal'. Not in the least bit upset that, well, they could have been his feet too!

Regardless, I hope that perhaps some of these made an imprint with you as well, and for even more and probably better loves, make sure to go visit Lish and link up your own post!

Loves on a Thursday

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  1. I am so behind!!! :P I love all these quotes...amazing to think that a couple words can change around your day!:) Thanks for linking up!