Friday, May 25, 2012

Coffee {Hello, I love you ♥}

If we were having coffee today...
I cannot promise I wouldn't make some smart ass comment about your drink of choice,
because it just seems like one of those days today.
But it would be quickly followed by an apology for the constant vibration of my phone,
as my husband sends me his morning love poems.
A fond smile on my lips when I tell you that yes, he sends them every morning.

I'd tell you I'm still missing my sister.
Even though she was only here for three days,
our hug goodbye seemed poignant and tighter than usual,
her eight month pregnant belly pressing into mine,
reminding me that things would never be as easy and simple as they were right then again.
That I sat and cried afterwards,
feeling as if we'd just said an official goodbye to our childhoods.
That I was heartbroken that the brownies hadn't turned out before she had to go,
like somehow that was a really big deal.
That I haven't been able to take down the cabana fort we built together,
even though it hovers over the majority of my living room.

In brighter news, we've stuck to our budget for three weeks now.
That we can live comfortably within it.
That we've put something in our savings this week for the first time in our marriage.
How proud I am of the both of us for being able to remain committed to these life changes,
{Including the smoking habit we both kicked without too much strife}

I'd tell you that my life is good,
That we're in a good place,
that I'm hoping for good things on the horizon.
That things are going well for me in the blogging world.
I've been gaining at least one new follower a day,
isn't that exciting?
I hope to reach 100 soon, though I haven't decided what kind of celebration I'd have,
do you have any ideas?
I also have made some really good friends recently,
and I'm mulling over the idea of having a monthly 'movie club',
movies, both old and new, that we watch and post about.
I'm doing a blog swap with a good friend soon similar to it,
but maybe have a link up monthly afterwards.
What do you think?

By now I'm sure your coffee is getting cold,
and the needs of getting showered and ready for the day are really pressing on me.
But that I'm glad you stopped by again,
even if it was just for a minute, it was good to hear from you.
And that in my own way, I love you.

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  1. aw, the part about love poems from your hubby made me smile! that's super sweet. :)

    Stopping by from Alissa's coffee date link up! Happy Friday!