Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dirty Secret Saturday

Aw man what self respecting woman doesn't absolutely love secrets?
I think it is bred into our DNA to somehow know {everything} we can about someone.
Even if you don't like to gossip (which I don't),
just to have that knowledge is somehow great.
Maybe this is just me.


entré dirty little secret Saturday!
Yes apparently it is a thing and I am stoked!
As I said, who doesn't like learning all these juicy little tidbits?
There's already some fabulous link ups, and I'm personally loving going around and reading about them.
So I figured I'd jump into the fray.

You ready for this? You should make sure you're ready.

Okay. Here we go.

My uterus is super cute.

I'm telling you.
But let's get down to what that means precisely, and why it's a secret of mine.

See? It's all heart shaped and adorable, right? (not my actual uterus)

You see I have what you call a bicornuate uterus.
It's often referred to as 'heart shaped'
I only found out a few years ago when I had an ultrasound done with abdominal pain.
I still don't actually know the full extent of the condition,
as there are a lot of different degrees of it.
I'm pullin for a mild one.

Why this is such a big deal to me is that my biggest wish in life,
is being a mom.
That is literally the only thing in my life I simply feel I need to accomplish.
I've wanted to have children of my own since, no joke, I was about five,
when I began to help care for my nieces and nephew.

The problem being is there can be a lot of complications with having one of these bad boys,
when it comes to conceiving as well as carrying to full term.
It scares me. Quite a lot.
I want so desperately to be able to give my husband and myself our family,
and I'm far from giving up hope yet as our journey on this particular path is just beginning.
But it's still a very scary, very big deal for me.
especially since there is so much I don't know about it yet,
and let's face it, when I have an unknown thing in my life I tend
to do the super anxiety neurotic obsession about it.

But now you know.
And as I said, isn't it adorable?
But go check out some other secrets too with the hosts and the link up goin on!

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  1. My friend also has a 'cute uterus" she just had a perfectly healthy little boy! Thanks for sharing and being so honest. I wish you all the luck!! :)