Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've been Nominated -The Versatile Blogger [& Latest Designs]

Hey y'all!
Monday I was given a super sweet award from one of my guinea pigs!
Danielle from The life of an "Ordinary" Housewife nominated me for
this sweet award. Isn't she the sweetest?
Thanks a bunch babe!

So as a nominee you are imagined to do the following:

"Thank the nominating blogger and link to their site. Give 7 random facts about yourself. Nominate 15 other bloggers, link to their sites and let them know!"

So here are my seven random facts:

And my 15 nominees:

1. Jacqui of Sweet Smart Funny
2. Kirstin of Kiss, Laugh, & Dream
3. Jade of An Organized Mess
4. Elizabeth of Love is the Adventure
5. Alyx of Every Day is a New Adventure
6. Jenny of Every Day is a Holiday
7. Aimee of Twigg Studios
8. Jamie of xoxo, Jamie Brooke
9.Jade of An Organized Mess
10. Lindsay of Little Mudpies
11. Ashley of Flats to Flip Flops
12. Ginny of Chasing Sunshine
13. Kendall of Songbirds & Buttons
14. Julie Marie of The Funny Thing of it Is
15. Anna of A Sweet Southern Mess
16. Auna of La Vie En Rose

Some of these ladies are ultra familiar to me because I've been sprucing up their little corner of the bloggy world!
Check out some of the awesome designs I've worked on lately.

See it live
See it live
See it live


  1. Wow, 7 kids! That's great! I'm the oldest of 7, so I know it's definitely fun for the kids to be part of a big family. My parents seems to enjoy it too! :P

  2. I'm so glad that your designs are taking off!!!!!!! :) I might need a little something from you soon! I'll email you!

  3. You did such great work!!! :) YAYY FOR YOU!

  4. Love the new designs.
    Congrats on being nominated and also congrats on being med free!
    7! kids! Good luck with that!! ;)

  5. You did so well on my new design! Super impressed! Thanks for the nomination! :)

  6. Im looking for someone to write a guest post for my blog. Check me out if you are at all interested! Spread the word! Cheers!


  7. Congrats on being nominated and thank you so much for nominating me!! I love the new blog design!! I just finished the 50 Shades trilogy and loved every second of it! Have a great Friday!

  8. Mwaah thank you :)

    I totally agree, everything tastes better with cheese! I'm willing to go a step further and suggest that cheese should have its own food group in the food pyramid.