Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sponsor Love! ♥

Another beautiful day,
another beautiful opportunity to meet some fabulous bloggers!
These gals are my medium ad sponsors this month,
and they definitely deserve some of your awesome attentions!

Kristin @ Tales from the Nook

"Tales From the Nook is a personal blog written by me, Kristin! At TFTN, you'll find honest, personal posts. I write about the good and the bad. I'm snarky, funny, and friendly. I strive to make Tales From the Nook a place that you'll want to come back to. "

Some of her shop items:

Yarn Covered Letters

Green Fabric Gingam Earrings

Amber @ Most What Matters

"Most What Matters is a blog about the things that matter most in life. A retreat from a busy day into a world of inspiration and real experiences to relate. Life is not always full of moments that are easy, but it is full of moments we can learn from."

Make sure to keep your peepers peeled for:

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  1. I have loved all your sponsors. They're all so unique and fun to follow!!!