Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest Post feat. Baylee! -- Cheap Date Ideas

Hey y'all!
I'm out and about today, probably moving in some fashion,
and have left my blog in some capable hands of the awesome ladies
who signed up to help a sista out.
So do enjoy your break from regularly scheduled programming!


Hi there! Thanks to Mrs. White for allowing me to entertain you all for a day!
I'm excited to be here with all of you and hopefully give you some cheap summer date ideas! I know I need more. I'm a broke ass romantic so I love cheap dates. Here are some of my favorites.

My absolute favorite is wine and cheese beach dates. If you have a Trader Joe's in your area this is especially cheap. Get yourself some 2 buck chuck, a cheap thing of your favorite cheese, cut it up at home, put in a plastic baggy and there you go. Joe and I even use these cheap plastic wine glasses to class it up. There will be no judging here though if you just pull straight from the bottle. My favorite time to go is late at night.

Another version of the wine/cheese/beach date is grabbing another couple or 2. All the same as before but add catch phrase to the mix. So fun. We love doing this in the summer and the catch phrase lights up so you can still see the words. Such a blast.

This next one may seem childish.. but that's the fun. Ice cream and chalk or ice cream and movies. Bonus if you have a projector. Pull up a screen, project a movie and eat your ice cream. If you do this, I suggest making out too.... It's like a personal drive in!

Do not under estimate a coffee date. Especially a people watching coffee date. Every Saturday Joe and I go to a local bagel place, grab a bagel and a coffee and sit in the window and people watch. Sure we're creeps, but we have fun!

Hiking. Sunset strolls. All very romantic. If you have dogs, bring 'em! And you get exercise. But I try to forget that because I'm not a fan of exercise. Holding hands is a must.

Outdoor concerts!!!

If all else fails camp in your yard. Sure you're still at home but you're in the outdoors and it puts a fun spin on the ordinary. Or camp in a friend or parents yard. And if you're in the Pacific NW, just find a logging road and park it somewhere. That's my personal fave.

Thanks for having me every one! I hope you had as much fun as I did and get to try some of these dates!

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  1. Cool! My first guest post! Thanks for having me!!