Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bloggy Bookclub Week 3

Hey girl hey.
SO! It's that time again. Boook club.
It's late, I'm excited to be done with some brand new designs,
(Which you'll see tomorrow)
so bare with me if we're ridin the hyper train for this post.

I'm happy to report that my job is going SPLENDIDLY.
I'm learning all the time, helped close the past two days.
Have tomorrow OFF
and all is kosher and peachy keen and whatever else to say just dandy!
[hey I figure book club is a time to chitter like chickens, right?]

Moving on!
Thanks a bunch, as always, to dear Katlyn for her book club host-age,
{congrats on the new kitty and the college deary!}
and also, as always, mature content may be involved!

"Why do you think this book has become so popular?"

The same reason pepsi became popular, and Hollister cologne, and every other damn thing in the universe with an advertising campaign. sex sells. Don't matter what kind of sex, if it's sex, it has an audience. Rule #34 peeps. There's also the taboo quotient of housewives reading it. But I mean, c'mon, that's been around a long time. Those little well worn paperback romance novels that were really just soft core porn all along. This book is just a little more open about it. That and our fascination with dangerous romance [i.e. vampires and etc] that we've developed. Well. It speaks for itself.

"How do you feel about Ana's subconscious and inner goddess?"

It gave her character a bit more dimension, but not by much. Mainly because the subconscious was always judgmental, and the inner goddess was always rubbing herself over something or other. I mean, I just wish that Ana had a little bit more variation to her. She's either doe eyed innocent, or fighting, or fucking. Are we, as women, really that single faceted? I should hope not. I also wonder why a woman author chose to portray a woman in such a fashion. You'd think that perhaps she'd want to show the subtleties of such a relationship to make it more relatable, but then again, maybe that would take away from the shock sex factor. *shrugs*

Thanks for joinin the okay corral again kiddies.
I hope to see you again soon,
and don't forget to go see what everyone else thought over with Katlyn!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much on the congrats!

    I love reading your posts. The always seem to crack me up one way or another! I have to agree with everything that you are saying. Housewives and soft core porn in novels has been around for years.. They just didn't want anyone to really know that they were into it, haha!

    And as for Ana... I sure hope I'm not like that in my relationship with my husband! She's just so boring and I don't understand why James didn't take a little more time to think of how she wanted Ana to be.. Doesn't she want the story to be relatable? Oh well.

    Thank you so much for joining us again! Happy 4th of July!

    Katlyn xo