Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guest Post with Ali! -- New Parent Tips

Hey y'all!
I'm out and about today, probably moving in some fashion,
and have left my blog in some capable hands of the awesome ladies
who signed up to help a sista out.
So do enjoy your break from regularly scheduled programming!


Hello all!
I'm Ali and I am the boss over at Our Happily Ever After
where I blog about my wonderful hubster and our new little lady ;)
I'm so excited to be subbing for the Mrs while she's moving
and getting to know some of you!

We just welcomed our sweet little Aurora
into the world on June 19th
and I'm telling you, it's been the best thing for us in the world!
And as a new mom,
I wanted to share some tips I've learned ;)
And pictures of the cutest baby in the world according to me of course!

1. Don't let other people's stories make you scared to have children.
Oh my freaking goodness,
people always give unsolicited advice/stories when 
you're pregnant/have a newborn.
Don't let them scare you!
Everyone's got a different story,
and no two stories are alike.
I learned to just nod and smile politely and put those things in a box
in my mind and put it far away.

2. You can let your baby cry if you need to.
You're not a terrible parent,
sometimes they just need to cry out their feelings ;)
I don't mean to do it right away,
after all they need to be loved but there will be times that you
need to just let them let it out and then they'll be much happier
(or asleep hahahaha)

3. Sleep when the baby sleeps!
I'm not the best at following this tip....
what if I don't hear her cuz I'm sleeping so soundly??
I'll always hear her if she needs me to get her hahaha
Babies let you know when you need to do something for them ;)

 She likes to sport the Rocky look when she sleeps

4. You're going to take many many pictures of them
whether you realize it now or not.
It's just a fact hahaha so get a nice phone or a nice camera
so you can caprture those moments and not have them be blurry hahaha

5. They really do grow super fast!
Rory gained 1 1/2 lbs in 2 weeks and grew 1 1/2 inches in the same time!
And they EAT like nobody's business hahaha
and POOP all the time ;)

Buy lots of them.
That is all ;)

7. Make sure you share the care of the child.
As a mom, I wanted to take care of her all the time,
be the one that made her happy and comforted her all the time.
Then reality hit,
I couldn't do it all and keep my sanity.
That's why God gave us family and spouses ;)

8. Still take time to date your spouse.
If you're able to, try to go out every now and then just the two of you
to recharge the batteries and realize that you're still a couple ;)

9. One piece of advice that both my grandma and mom gave me
that I completely agree with was:
The bay lives with YOU,
you don't live with them.
Meaning, of course, that YOU are the bosses.
NOT the baby.
We also decided that that meant that we didn't 
need to be completely silent while she sleeps.
Not that we go around banging pans together or hold crazy parties
but we talk at normal level and do the dishes and
other little things that need to get done and she's learned to sleep through
everything we do which will help her be a deep sleeper ;)

10. Love them ;)
Oh goodness I thought I knew how much I love I was able to hold,
after all I love my husband more than anything,
but when the nurses put Rory in my arms,
I lost it ;)
I was crying and laughing and never felt so complete as I did right then
with my husband and our daughter.
We were an "official" family and we couldn't love our little bug
more than we do right now ;)

I love my little princess so much and I'm excited to LATER
give her a borther or sister
but that won't happen for awhile hahaha ;)
Come and stay awhile at my place!

Good luck to ya Mrs and the Mr at your new place!!

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