Thursday, July 12, 2012

Loves on a Thursday #10

Hey errybody!
How you doin?
Me? I'm doin fairly well.
I had a bit of a stressful day Wednesday,
but I ended it really nicely with some down time,
watchin A Thousand Words with my mom and hubby.

By the by, TOTES recommend it. Srsly.
It's deep. Watch it.

But moving on! Here I am to save the day with another stellar installment of...
*crowd goes wild*

I personally love diggin around and finding some new inspirations.
and with the move coming up, I'm looking forwards to doing some furniture prettyfication.
'Is that a word?'
"It came out of my mouth didn't it?"

And that is the focus of my Thursday today!
Hope you enjoy!

Goes from Top ► Bottom, Left ► Right
1. Hutch || 2. Headboard || 3. Jenna || 4. Chair || 5. Chair || 6. Pallets || 7. 'Junk' Piece || 9. Dresser

As always, thanks to Lish for havin me, and go see what beautiful things she and others are sharing today!
Loves on a Thursday


Have you noticed a certain affiliate button on my sidebar recently?
It turns out Shabby Apple was interested in me!
Joined up, and now host a little bit of space for em.
Figured I didn't mind too much givin heads up to my readers!
Maybe we'll see a giveaway in the future :)


  1. I really want to do that to a dresser that I have!

  2. I have been wanting to see that movie. I just LOVE Eddie Murphy.. but figured it was probably dumb. Good to know that it's good!!!

  3. I would have never thought to spray paint fabric furniture! Love that yellow dresser too :) Thanks for linking up, good luck with your move and all your prettyfications...totally a word!