Thursday, July 26, 2012

A small update!!

Well hey y'all!

It's been a mighty long time since I've heard from all of you!
I can honestly say I've missed each and every single one of you.

I wasn't aware just how much I loved blogging as much as I can until I've been too busy to do it!

And too TIRED!

I don't think I've been as tired as I have been these past few days.
I've been working my ass off. 
[Though of course not lucky enough to be literally]
I've been cleaning at both our apartment,
and our new house.
[GAH that's still exciting!]

The apartment, tiny as it is, is so stressful to me right now.
I feel like, when I'm there, the walls are simultaneously closing in on me,
as well as being so enormously big how EVER am I going to get this damn devil den clean?!
It's almost done. But then again, it's been almost  done for forever it seems.
The kitchen is completely done. The living room needs to have a few last things picked up.
The bedroom as well needs a few last things packed.
Then the floors need vaccuumed. The bathroom scrubbed down quick like.
And that's pretty much it. Seems easy peasy right?

I go in thinking that every day.

And then, for some unexplained reason, three or four hours later,
I'm left staring at maybe one almost done room,
and still all the other shit I haven't got to yet. What the hell?!
I am convinced that this apartment has some sort of time loop I can't detect or escape.
For serious.

The new house is much more fun.
We've been having a lot of fun sitting on our porch!
Outside whenever we want to be.
The sheer amount of space we have is exhilerating.
We're coming from a one bedroom apartment,
into a two floor, five bedroom house. It's amazing!!
*Little lovestruck sigh*

We don't have internet out there yet,
so if you've been wondering why you haven't gotten a cheery e-mail from me lately,
that's why. 
I haven't been able to get back to comments or hardly anything timely.
But I do want to thank each and every one of you fine readers,
each time you come visit me,
each time you leave a little love and support,
I see it. Each and every time. And I love you for it even more. 
I am so incredibly grateful that these fine ladies have been helping to pass the time without me,
and offer some of their amazing projects and points of view!
It must be sort of refreshing to get away from my babbling occasionally!

Perhaps it's just my point of view of loving my house,
but I'm actually almost happy to have the opportunity to not have internet for a while.
It's given my husband and I a lot of time together.
Uninterrupted quality time.
A novelty nowadays with us both working and internet junkies.
We've been reading a lot to each other, talking, spending time just relaxing together.
In each other's space, and presence, and thoughts.
Fully and without any other distractions.
It's been a harrowing experience moving, but an incredibly bonding one.
Though if you ask anyone, they'd probably say if my husband and I were any more bonded,
we'd be living in each other's skins.

We also had our first game night at our house last night.
In our game -room-.
YES! We have a game room hehehe.
so far it's a nice wood table, a couple of rolling chairs,
and a couch. But it served it's purpose well!
We spent nearly five hours just hanging out with a friend of ours,
table top style gaming.
[yeah, nerdling, I know]
But we honestly had such a great time.
We all laughed a lot, and just enjoyed ourselves.
And having the room and time to do it was amazing.

All right, now that this small update isn't so small,
I'm afraid I'll have to be going.
I know that everyone is thirsting for some pics,
but I don't have them  yet! 
I know I know, I'm sorry!
but we've been so busy trying to get all our junk out there,
I've not had time.
Suffice to say, picture a nice homey residence,
a bit of a fixer upper in some areas such as paint and yard.
A good sized garage at the end of the dirt driveway towards the back and left of the house.
A pair of retan lawn chairs on the porch,
and a large window outfacing over the driveway that looks in on a nice kitchen that's in the process of being unfolded.
On three sides, and across the busy road before the house,
are wheat fields.
Full heavy stalks waving in every tickling wind. 
The refreshing smell of clean air and the agriculture permeating the air when you step from your car.
But overall, as soon as you set foot on the uneven ground,
you feel a pervasive sense of peace.
As if the house is welcoming you home.
As if here, without the bustle of city life,
you can finally unburden your shoulders, even if you can only stay a little while.
This is one of those places where you know you could sit on the porch,
and watch the world move by before you,
and be content to do so beside the one you love.
In a word... Even with all the stress...
the concern...the anxiety...the exhaustion...



  1. I'm getting ready to move!! It's SO much work. I hope everything settles down soon :)

  2. New reader here! Just wanted to say I really love your blog :)