Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bloggy Bookclub Week 4

Hey y'all!
It's Wednesday!
That means more of my bloggy bookclub shenanigans!
Thanks go out to miss Katlyn for her, as always, great questions!

"Do you feel that if the author had made Ana more experienced that this novel would have been so interesting?"
Maybe. I don't fault her for being a virgin and never having attraction to a man, yada yada. It made an interesting development in the beginning of the book. BUt perhaps for the fact that it seemed the only dimension she carried? That made it grow old pretty quickly. I'm all for giving characters a shot, even characters that don't strike me as particularly interesting. I give them their fair stand. but when they don't develop? Don't transverse past a certain literary point? It's like 'all right, moving on.' Can't help it. Wonder what I started focusing on? Wondering what Mrs. Robinson looked like. I can't help it. I imagine Shirley Maclaine from 'Rumor Has It', where she was portrayed as the 'real Mrs. Robinson'. I'm still unsure if I find that hilarious or wrong.

"What was your first thought when Christian wouldn't let Ana touch him?"
Well, to be honest, at the very first, I thought it was a part of power play. You know, not being able to touch without permission sort of thing. But as it transformed a bit, I began to realize it had some more depth and curiosity to it. I'm still honestly confused about the whole thing, beyond that it has obviously stemmed from some sort of abuse, whether it was from his mother, or some kind of residual resentment as being a helpless submissive beneath Mrs. Robinson, I'm not quite sure. Either way, I thought it brought an interesting mix of speculation and intrigue about the ever mysterious Mr. Grey.

"Why do you think Christian Grey has made BDSM such a massive part of his life? Do you feel that this is a natural sexual desire?"
BDSM, like any 'life style choice', is it's own community. When you're involved in it, it's a very big aspect of your thought patterns and interest. It's just like any other hobby. Such as sailing. Why do boaters make sailing such a massive part of their life? Because they enjoy it and it's something they like doing. As for being a natural sexual desire, I think it can be. Is it natural for everyone? No. But I definitely understand the dynamics behind it, and have always found it fascinating, and yes, arousing. So if it ever seems like I'm speaking from some sort of experience, I am. Though no where near as in depth as that which is portrayed within this particular story.

SOooo sketchy am I lately!
Again, in case you haven't heard,
we're gearing up for moving.
LOTS of packing. And lots of me worrying over our landlord,
and getting our security deposit back,
and getting our utilities shut off/moved [still haven't done]
and excitement over my job [going phenomenally]
and the heat [I get so disgustingly unhappy when it's so damn hot!]
and getting my current designs finished before the move,
and a myriad of other things I can't even think of right now.
Currently one of them is heartburn! Fuckin gross.
So the fact that I got stopped long enough to post is a MIRACLE!

Also, if you're up for a laugh, see the different sides of opinions of Fifty Shades of Grey,
Through song!!

Sorry, had to share, I found it hilarious

I hope your summer is going beautifully for you so far,
and that once again I can bring a bit of humor to someone's day!


  1. Hey girl thanks for linking up again! Just thought I'd let you know that book club actually goes live on Tuesdays but you can link up whenever, haha! I hope you're having an amazing day and I can't wait to hear what you have to say for next week's questions!
    Katlyn xo

  2. HYSTERICAL video. Sharing with my gfs!

    Happy seeing beautiful!