Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blog Angel Reveal

Hey y'all!
I hope your weekend has been going well so far.
I know mine has been eventful.
But I'll let you in on all that later.

Yesterday was the due date of having our big Blog Angel Reveal!
But since of said events,
I showed up a bit late. But now am trying to get caught up!

I was a Blog Angel for Katie!

Her site, Little Becky Homecky, is really sweet and regularly updated!
Let me tell you, I'm sure that was helpful in my angel endeavors.
She focuses mainly on crafts and DIY, with a large portion of crochet work.
Offering patterns and her new series in learning it, Hookin' the Legal Way, it was definitely exciting enough to make sure I saw it everyday!

To connect with Katie, I've been making sure that I try and read whatever she's posted, and offer up comments with encouragement and thoughts. I've also tried to help promote anything she's doing, even if I wasn't always able to participate. I even followed one of her crochet patterns. :)
I've also featured her a few times here on my blog, including with the new award Kassi and I came up with for just such a purpose!

I really enjoyed being a Blog Angel. It gave me a reason and opportunity to make sure I was putting out some of the positivity that the blogging community had always given me.
I liked being able to promote and help someone like people had helped me over time. To be an esteem boosting presence (or so I hope) to a blogger that might just need that little extra in their day.

I want to thank Katlyn and Rosie for their help and dedication
in running this little experiment.
I'd definitely be down for signing up again,
and I hear sometime in July you'll be able to!


  1. Yes indeedy....from 14th July the form will be live! I will be in Spain, but Katlyn will be there looking after things.

    Thank you so much for taking part and looking after Katie so fantastically. I am really glad you want to take part again.

    Big hug,

    Rosie xx

  2. What a fabulous blog angel you were girl! It was a pleasure to team up with you for the award! :)