Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bloggy Bookclub Week 5

Hey y'all!
It's Wednesday!
And for me, that means more of my bloggy bookclub shenanigans!
Thanks go out to miss Katlyn for her, as always, great questions!

"Do you think Christian is capable of loving Ana?"

Yeah I think he is. I think it's obvious that he does by the end of the book. [and so I hear it turns into something mushy and disgusting as the series progresses]. Just because you have emotional scarring, and sometimes even deny the desire for some kind of emotional connection or love, doesn't always mean you have control over if you do love someone. Or well, have the ability to love someone. I think there's always a choice involved in indulging and accepting said love, and that is where some people 'refuse to love', but as far as being capable? Yes.

"How do you feel about Christian's relationship with Elena? What was in your head when you found out they were business partners?"

I think the whole premise of the fact that Christian still has a relationship with Elena is interesting to me. Intriguing. I'm not sure how I'd feel about it if it were, say, my boyfriend who still had a working relationship with someone who had shaped his psyche in such a powerful way. But in the pure hypothetical standpoint, it presents an interesting thought process. To think they are still business partners, in a purely logical stand point, does sort of make sense. You go into business with someone that you can trust. Someone you know won't be swayed by difficult decisions or other people's influence. In all honest, Christian would know that she could handle that kind of discipline and decision and he wouldn't have to worry about her. If his and Elena's relationship was so intense and.. ground'd be an odd sense to interact with someone in such a ... mundane way. I'm still a slight bit conflicted as to the pluses of the familiarity and expectations one would have of knowing another so well..and the negatives of a potentially awkward past that could be brought up or reminded of in unhelpful situations.

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  1. Awesome takes on the questions, as always! :) Thank you for participating!! I always look forward to reading what you have to say!