Monday, July 16, 2012

BigBling Sponsor #2 : Annelise

Hey y'all!
it's that time again!
Time for another round of some sponsor loving.
This one comes in the form of my second BigBling Sponsor this month.
I'm sure most of you know her, she's pretty super:

Annelise of Aunie Sauce


How would you describe your blog?
Established in November of 2011, Aunie Sauce is the blog about that girl who is a bunch of "not's." Not a domesticated wife, not a mama to any adorable babies, not a cook of any fabulous recipes, and not a DIY-er who creates fabulous things. Your next question is probably, "If you don't blog about being a mom, cooking, or DIY projects, what DO you blog about? Life. Basically. I blog about my daily happenings, my personal style, love, faith, beauty and hair, poetry, and occasionally I post a vlog or two.

Why did you start blogging?
I began with a simple blog called LastLash that documented my trials with trichotillomania (google it). That branched into a nail blog, then a hair blog, and then finally when I was tired of specifics-- a general lifestyle blog. And that's when Aunie Sauce was born.

What's your favorite kind of post to do on your blog?
I love my posts where I get to vent. I really enjoy writing, and these posts take the form of being about faith, love, or just maybe a good ol' poem or two. I love to write, so when I get to reveal my inner thinking through text, that's my favorite.

What awesome link-ups or posts can we hope for this month?
I always do a monthly giveaway (it will be starting TOMORROW!) and that is always fun, because my sponsors rock. Honestly... every day is a surprise so make sure to come visit!

I personally love this girl's style.
She's fun and sweet and I love the fact that she's a 'not' blog.
I feel like that sometimes too.
I hope you go give her a visit,
and share some of that good ol sweet bloggy love!


  1. Love Annelise, her blog is awesome!


  2. I love Annelise's blog. She is a daily read of mine! Hi Annelise!