Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Cleaning/Chore Schedule

So I was cruising through blogs the other day,
I think I found it on facebook?
Regardless, I know that I've been beating myself up a lot about my housekeeping.
I always have. It's just never a skill I developed.
My mom is like amazing at keeping things tidy.
And I'm just the epitome of a clutter trail wherever I go.
Please tell me there's others like me out there. Let's form a group! We can go to CA meetings.
Clutterholics Anonymous.

And through a passing conversation with my mom,
as well as finding this little beauty of an inspiration,
I figured I'd try implementing something like this.
And since if I put it up on the blog, maybe I'll follow it better,
here we go!

Now I'm going to be making my own, mostly because I have to customize things.
Just the itchy fingers I've got I guess.
Besides, some of these things don't apply, and I also know I need extra.
I am hoping this will alleviate the overwhelmed feeling I get all the time,
and I can have a more continual sense of accomplishment,
and a more continually tidy house!


Check supplies [including shower] to add to list
Wash towels
Clear clutter/empty trash can
Clean toilet, sink, tub, shower stall walls, toothbrush holders, and mirror
Sweep & Swiffer

Mow front lawn


Check supplies [non food] to add to list
Do a sweep of old food to toss out
Wipe down and clean kitchen surfaces, including countertops, stove, sink, and kitchen table
Sweep & Swiffer
Empty Trash
Do any remnant dishes [pots/pans/etc]

Mow side lawn


Pick up clutter/put away clean clothes

Mow back lawn


Laundry Room:
Sweep & Swiffer
Do two loads of laundry
Put away any remnant clothes
Put away clutter

Mow garage side lawn


Living Room:
Pick up garbage
Clean up clutter

Mow driveway side lawn


Green Room:
My awkward entry way clutter catcher room
Put away coats
Clean up clutter
Organize/restock baby changing station
Empty diaper garbage

Anything that didn't get done in the week


The best day/day of rest!


One load of laundry 
One load of dishes
Put away baby clutter

All right boys and girls,
I think that I finally have it nailed down!
Now I just have to try and get it done on schedule and diligently.
I honestly think this could be is going to be the solution to my problem.
This way I won't get overwhelmed.
I know I'm doing enough each day because it's all planned out.
And I can feel that sense of accomplishment each day,
instead of feeling unhappy because there's still so much to do.

I am going to do this.
Going. To. Do. This.

Tell me, do you have any success stories with a cleaning schedule?
Do you need/have one or are you one of those super cool people who don't need it
but your house is still well kept?

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  1. What a great idea! I always feel overwhelmed everyday but having a schedule makes you feel like you are accomplishing things every single day!

    1. That's what I thought! And if I can check things off as I go it doesn't seem like a big task to do a room. I did do well Saturday, and have already finished my bathroom today. So it's working so far!