Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Macaroon Adventure!

So yesterday I had a fucking adventure.
sorry. it was pretty epic. it needed a suitable adjective.
So I decided....foolishly...that I wanted to take on french macaroons.

Here's a few facts with my knowledge of macaroons:

I've never had a macaroon. Ever. Never even seen one  in the to speak.

I absolutely know they are one of the hardest most finicky confections available to make.
Most at home bakers don't do them because of it.
And as such I'm like (of course)
"I wanna try that"

No one truly grasps the time and soul consuming creations these are until you make them.
this I learned.

So I totally went into this thinking that:
A. I'm not going to tell anyone I'm making them, in case they screw all to hell.
2. I am not going to beat myself to hell if I do screw them up.
And III. I have no idea if I'm going to even like these things.

And guess what I did?
Made absolutely beautiful macaroons.

just needs a lil fillin'. 
I am incredibly proud of these babies.
They actually turned out looking like macaroons,
and fitting the description of crisp but not crunchy, soft and with a good chew.
And honestly, now that I've tried them?
[sans filling even]
I can understand why they would be horribly addicting.
They are the most delicate little sweet flavored things in the world.
They just seem to float and melt on your tongue like bliss.

Seriously. So yummy.
Worth the effort? MMMMMMM.
Jury's still out.

And yes, I realize having really good results is super rare on the first go out.
But let me tell you, I did a good amount of research before I committed to this.
Luckily all was found through one super stellar page.
The recipe directly is found on said page, which is on Journey Kitchen!
And I was glad to click through the many helpful links listed to ease the process.
Specifically this one on oven workings,
as well as this video to help see what things should look like as they went.

Definitely do your homework first is all I got to say.
And have a couple thousand hours to kill. And a scale.
I think that's about it. Patience maybe?

Anyway, even sans filling,
I am very entirely proud of them and myself.
I deem this a raging success.


  1. you have no idea how badly i want this, and your description of them is spot on. i had one, one macaron, and then i wanted to go to france, and eat them there. so i did, and i went on a diy macaron tour...which was just me...buying them from 4 places and splitting them and savoring them with my boyfriend. it was glorious. and now i want some! thanks.

    1. I am happy to hear that my description fits the norm of what they're supposed to be! Goodness that would be amazing to be able to go to France and taste them, I bet they blow anything I could ever make out of the water. I can seriously see why they're so lovely though. I always wondered if it was more about being pretty than anything, but they're just so decadent! That would just be glorious!