Sunday, May 25, 2014

Three Things

I love cruising around and seeing new things around the blogosphere.
This time it was over at Glitter and Gloss
"Three things I'm loving this week and think you should know about"
What an awesome inspiration.
So I hope she doesn't mind me snagging it and sharing some awesome too!

Leiaroux Shoesies!
I'm in absolute love with these little loves.
I'm a great fan of mocassins too, and will most likely share some of those next week,
but these little darlings I fell in love with first.
That, and the woman behind them is a real sweetheart who always loves to share.
Whether it be featuring other darlings wearing her product,
or great causes to help and get behind.
I follow them on instagram and always love seeing the feed.
I also have my very own pair coming, just got an email that they'd shipped!
SO yay!

These are the ones I'm getting little guy

The amazingly (in a nerd sense) awesome peek at the new Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor's Edition.
it's sooo beautiful....
Me and the hubs drool over this sort of stuff.
Him for pretty much a lot of games.
Me because A. It's Dragon Age and one of my favorite games,
and B. It has a genuine imitation lock pick set from the game.
And I know you don't know much about my gamely ways,
but I am pretty much always a thief.
I love rogue type characters because I have the natural urge to just rob everything.
I know, this probably says something about my psyche and upbringing,
but I don't examine it too closely.
Naturally, we'd like to play with all these awesome doo dads and buttons and goodies,
but it does bump the cost of the game up nearly $100, so jury's still out.
and probably will remain that way.
Want to see it for yourself and check out all the fantastic details?

I've decided I really would like to take up a bit of a small business venture again.
I loved blog designing, and most likely will get back into it once I brush up on my skills again.
Keep an eye out for upcoming deals and/or tester positions for that if you're interested.
But I just think having something to do that involves my hands,
actually producing something,
just sounds like it would be wonderful.
I've always loved working with fabric and design of clothes,
and would like to have some fun with it.
I'm sure it won't be anything major, 
and will start very small and unique items rather than mass produced.
But I do look forwards to having some things to play with,
and perhaps some things to offer for sale.
Baby things. Because well babies are adorable.

So what are your three things? I'd love to hear about them. 
Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!

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