Sunday, May 18, 2014

Awesome Movie Night At Home!

So Friday night me and the hubster were planning
ha that happens a lot. planning. not doing.
on going to our local drive in.
It was playing Godzilla, and we were gonna get chinese and go.

But then we heard that it really blew from some of his good friends.
And we had both had an exhausting week. 
And I was like,
Hon do you just wanna stay home?
And he was like,
yes please.

 So I decided to do something for us that would be just as fun.
And we could still pack it in and call it a night whenever we wanted.
I present to you the awesome personal home drive in!

we had already brought in our electronics from the night before. shh. use your imagination.

our awesome screen.

The kush set up.
And let me tell ya.
It was freakin bomb.
I loved the whole set up.
I could bring my baby and not have to worry about him being uncomfortable in the car.
And not bothering other people coming.
I could also snuggle up to my husband without the pain of a gear shift.

I just happened to have an inflatable couch from our last camping trip.
As well as an old box spring I'd just moved out to our garage prepared to go to the dump.
And a hand me down end table that had also been chillin in the garage for lack of space.
And lastly, an old sheet with a hole and some pet stains.
And the beauty of our redneck society was born.

See kids? Don't throw away anything.

It is an amazing set up, and I cannot wait to use it more.
Especially when the little guy gets a little older, I know we're going to have some amazing memories.
We watched The Legend of Hercules, and it was actually pretty cool.
Award winning?
Maybe not. 
But fun to watch none the less.

We were gonna make it a feature with Life of Pi but we were both tired by that point.
[Unfortunate side effect of having to wait till almost 9:30 for it to be dark enough]

What did you do this weekend? 
Have you ever felt like awesomemom by being able to throw something like this together?
Let me know what you think!!

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