Thursday, May 29, 2014

Storenvy VS Etsy?

I'm really in just unsure how I feel one way or another on the preference of
storenvy v etsy.
You see, I, as a small time hobbiest and homemaker,
mainly the second,
don't have a lot of extra cash to spend on my hobbies.
I enjoy doing my hobbies because they require very little capital.

So this is why I originally stopped using Etsy.
I really enjoyed the idea of Etsy, and the seeming amount of traffic most shops get on it.
But the fact remained, I was having money required to sell things.
Which I think seems slightly odd, but perhaps that's just me. 
[this was some time ago, and I'm not sure just what it was being asked]

Now it appears it's $.20 and a 3.5% of what's sold.
Which, currently, doesn't seem so bad.
Maybe I did make a wrong decision when I switched.

But at the time, I just wasn't able to bring myself to pay anything for what I deemed as 
"silly tinkering"
Which quite frankly, most days I still name it such.
So I decided to go to Storenvy, where I currently have a small rundown shop.
My problem being is that it seems it doesn't generate much traffic.
Regardless of if I advertise, what I post in there,
the only times I ever gained traffic was using it as payment methods for designs.
And that was because I specifically told my buyer to go there and pay that way.

I sort of feel that if I advertised my products on Etsy, they'd gain more notice.
Perhaps this is just a grass is greener expectation?
But then again, it seems like Etsy is a much more popular site,
especially through blogger and crafter communities.

So I'm just curious,
what's your opinion?
Do you have a shop on either site?
Do you prefer either site over the other?
How do you advertise and gain revenue through your shops?
Do you use self promoting or is there some sort of site promoting opportunities I'm unaware of?
I'd really love to hear any of your opinions on the matter to help build myself an informed decision.
Thank you to any and all of you who do take a moment to shed some light.
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy going into another fantastic weekend!

I opened an Etsy shop. Decided to bite the bullet and test it out.
Once I have a little time of it under my belt, I plan on giving y'all a comparison.
Here's hopin it makes a smidge of difference.


  1. I have an Etsy shop, and I don't mind the fees, they aren't all that bad. I honestly just don't know HOW to advertise that much, so I feel like putting it on there helps. I don't have any experience with StoreEnvy...


    1. Yeah I feel like I'm missing something in advertising as well. I'm starting to investigate the teams aspect but other than that I don't seem to be hittin much. I'm hopin though!